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by: Mittie Jast


Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Sociology > SOC 335 > SOCIOLOGY OF GENDER
Mittie Jast
GPA 3.71

Jeffrey Herron

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About this Document

Jeffrey Herron
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mittie Jast on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 335 at University of Kentucky taught by Jeffrey Herron in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/228120/soc-335-university-of-kentucky in Sociology at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
1242011 Sociology of Gender Defining Gender Defining Sociology 0 Interaction between people Auguste Comte 0 Wanted to know how society maintained equilibrium 0 Two Parts Statics amp Dynamics Levels of Analysis 0 Micro 9 individual interactions small groups interactional individual level 0 Macro 9 institutions large groups societies as a whole structural levelinstitutional 0 Culture shape us as individuals and we can in turn have an impact on culture ourselves Methodologies quantitativequalitative research 0 Quantitative numbers survey research etc o Qualitative can t be translated into figures explain the experience Theory vs Theoretical Perspective 0 Theory something that helps explain social phenomenon proved accurate through research 0 Theoretical Perspective larger collection of theories SocietySocial Structure 9 Social Institutions EX Law Marriage Family Religion Education 9 Social Groups Primary intimate amp personal irreplaceable long lasting ties Secondary classroom instrumental purposes tentative ties business like amp impersonal replaceable EX Yourfamily Soc 335 a street gang a sports team 9 Social Actors Status Role EX Sondaughter motherfather college student employee The Self and Socialization 0 Iowa v Chicago School 0 Self as Core vs Self as Process Kuhn 9 20 I statementsChicago School says that there isn t a core self defined themselves through interactions with other individuals or other groups of individuals something always changing o Socialization Into Self and Society 0 Definition of Socialization How we interact with other people how we learn to become a given member of culture or society We internalize those beliefs norms amp values we learn how the societies work for us to attain those goals 0 Social Norms normative expectations of behavior how to carry a behavior out in our society o Collective Conscience there are social ideas that exist outside of us and they have an effect on us Ways ofthinking feeling and being which are external to but coercive of the individual The voice of society that helps us map out the right and wrong 0 Primary Agents of Socialization I Family put us in pink or blue I Peers how we should express ourselves I Education I Religion I Neighborhood I Mass Media who we are amp who we should bebeauty and body National topics who we should be afraid of Gender Studies 0 Interdisciplinaryfield 0 Include but sociology psychology anthropology history women s studies AA studies men s studies 0 Emerged in the early to mid 1980s people have tried to bridge the gap between women vs men s studies 0 Scholars in each individual field were doing work on gender found that is was hard to get out everything in their own discipline Felt constraint so concentrated on gender and got together to make the gender studies field 0 Student want to know more about the field itself overlaps with many things in our life Connects with race and social class and even religion 0 Why should we care about studying gender 0 Can help us understand the opposite sex or even same sex with different backgrounds Study how things change over time how we maintain equilibrium and go through social chaos o How we see others and other institutions We exist in a gendered society how it kept it towards certain paths we can learn about ways we can explode traditional ways of gendered society 0 Why study gender via culture and 39 39 0 We can become better communicators with other individuals 0 Operates on both the macro amp micro level 0 Language and communication are the hinge of gender How we view ourselves amp the world 0 0 quotGender Vertigoquot Defining Gender and Other Terms 0 Looking beyond difference 0 There are some differences between sexes 0 Also variation within each sex I How is gender quothitched to the universe 0 Differences and similarities Problems with men and women 0 Essentializing the tendency to reduce something or someone to certain characteristics that we assume are essential to its nature and present in every member ofa category such as men and women 20 0 When we talk about gender we really don t mean men and women Sex vs Gender 0 Often incorrectly used interchangeably Sex Ascribed status Biological Characteristics refers to MaleFemale des in terms of Gender Achieved status Social Characteristics refers to MasculineFeminine def in terms of Sex 0 Designated on the basis of anatomy genitalia sex organs hormones o 23 pairs of chromosomes 0 XX XY but also XO XXX XXY XYY o All individuals have at least one X chromosome 0 Hormones influence sex differentiation 7 8 weeks 0 ntersexed formerly hermaphrodites Gender 0 defined by society and expressed by individuals as they interact with others and media in their society Wood 200923 o Overlaid onto biological characteristics 0 Socially constructed and expressed o What does this mean for defining gender I Vary a lot depending on social context 0 Varies 0 Over time 1950s women had to wear skirts to go to class 0 Across cultures New York vs Middle East 0 Over the life span babies can be naked adults can not be naked in public o In relation to the other gender dichotomy change in one gender will spark change in the other genderwomen going to work change how men help around with domestic work Sex vs Gender 0 Gender is learned 0 From infancy on society encouragesinstructs us on how to appropriately fill the gender role for our sex 0 Social meaning and expectations of sex 0 Reinforced in public and private life 0 Seen as natural normal and right 0 Our relationship with culture 0 Accept reject modify 0 Transqueer political statement how they approach gender 9 want to look at everything that affects gender amp think about new ways to express masculinity amp femininity How do we know Gender is learned 0 Margaret Mead o 3 distinct gender patterns in New Guinea I Both men and women feminine Arapesh passive more nurturing I Both men and women masculine Mundugumor independent I Women masculinemen feminine Tchambuli women called quotshots 0 Variations of gender 0 Across culture body ideals for women changeable gender and third genders guevedoches testices at 12 based upon what happens at puberty the 2 spirit within Native American Tribes have both genders 0 Over time Industrial Revolution entire family worked before then 0 Over life span childhood vs adulthood o In relation to other gender n Gender Defined o the collection of social symbolic meanings that a society constructs and confers on biological sexcommunicated through structures and practices that pervade our daily existence creating the illusion that there are two and only two sexes two and only two genders and the gender prescriptions society embraces are the natural normal ways for women and men to be Wood 200927 But Sex and Gender go togetherright o In our culture it is assumed that sex gender and sexual orientation go together 0 Malemasculineattracted to females 0 Femalefeminineattracted to males I Heteronormativity 0 Like with gender views of sexual orientation depend upon the contexts of time and culture 0 The Sambia same sex interactions is normal in that tribe 0 lKung separate males and females into different huts and spend time with elders and learn about the different rights of passage Men ingest the elder s semen because that is the masculinity form 0 Ancient Greece relationship between older man and younger man was normal and it elevated their masculinity 0 Victorian society sexual acts between friends women amp women being together Life in the Margins Defying Conventional Definitions of Sex Gender Not everyone fits neatly into our binary systems 0 Transgendered male views self as female amp vice versa 0 Transsexual undergone medical intervention to be opposite sex 0 Transvestite cross dress for pleasure social interactions does not affect their identity Sexual orientation does not automatically change when one transitions from one sex to another just changed their sex but not who they are attracted to Unique insights into the gender system


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