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by: Mittie Jast


Mittie Jast
GPA 3.71

Debra Kershaw

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About this Document

Debra Kershaw
Class Notes
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This 42 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mittie Jast on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101 at University of Kentucky taught by Debra Kershaw in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/228124/soc-101-university-of-kentucky in Sociology at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
6 is of Sodaliation AN v 39 quot39 7 v7 7 39nh mhhummmMmmuhmmd mumnmnny mmwmmmm Wrgmp if ljwumaglnehowwaapmrhm 2 We mm cunt3 auctions 3Wedevelopasalfconcapt 1 R9135 TABNaquot 1quot 7quot v1quot At rst children take on the role of only r Eveminenw 24 g 39 W inrested In howwe FEE DDS ElePD J EN OF PE FBQWALHY sigmund Pram w g wmm Je mj J 2333 ngmrmmmg a 39Lcasimkma w jj 6 m r6mg H prubjamg ljmgjdt g m xxpwm m if 39igha w mm an 1 3 mm mm m 1111 91mg Eraa mcg mga I x the social group mm which 39 inambommnuniunomandvalua that restrain our biologic drive TION393NTos 39 man quot quot elm 7 Mammommmmm 7 of society mummaunaommm 7 7 ur family etvsebchildren onto am 2 Our 3 Our 4 Our 2 m ofme directed In lam Indium ofsodaliaation In ltth 2 di Wmm n is 7 mmmmllnhd 7 Iwa 6 a yuanon g w39 7 V 397 39 gt 7 7 7 viimammarth match a new Iquot we no N mmquot r39 f7 Z r vpeoplianmmof39 Imamquot when mundatohlcontmld of cials unmeth 39y O TAL JwJsjwwummmg The 0313 ingrjw mmmea 393ij wmam m w Q are an 3 359ij 1mg f i Where3 comm w mm 1mm LBJ t a O manage ifdm J w h lbs g i39 me o 1110 9 am say 1369 wm iwi m gg mmm idn Ky mm m m Um lings wkimgg I 7 V 7 v i an 7 j 7 7 H W t q 7 gt i 4 T Ifquot V39 I quot1 U rquot g I w x mu 77 gg gt r a 39 39 a 1 Childhood 2 V 3 Young Adulthood 3 r mm The Middle Years 5 quot quot7quot 5 The Older Your FYourlifecoumdl us bysodallocatlon indJ tailgun Is powerful but the self Is 1 O 7quot Vnr Each ofusisacuvelyinvomd In the social construction ofthese 39 r e oretica 39 Perspectives in Sociology Doing Sociological Rese IS in Early Socwlogy Research Methods Sociology in North Ethics in Sociological Amerlca Rese rch Social Location French Revolutions encouraged new thought Scientists began to V It grew out of apply t e t upheaval during the real world problems Industrial Revolution His im for sociology was to reform society and make it a better place to live 0 lie SCIence quotsociologyquot Comte believed we the study of society called his new its fundamental laws at so 5 evolve from lower to hlgher 5 Spencer coined the hrase quot intervene in the evolution of society The fittest members 39 produce an advanced society 9939 e e Wee 39 he c asses would end only when the ted The result would be a v rong conflIct classless society weentlri e h t ose w o MarXIsm Is NOT gm propertykagge communism who are exploited m of social roles and the level of individuality in a ividuality increases with the specialization of Easing individu 39 increasing 39 39 num outside the iamily he physical quots are Importance of social interactions in groups as shaping the Individual personality His ideas have had a very important influence on modern sociological thought The key factor is the degree to which people are tied to udied suicide their social group rates and discovered social factors that contribute to suicide Those with weaker ties are most likely to commit suicide Wieber found that Protesttant beliefs led to the growth of capitalism on was the key39 Religion was the central factor in the 39 W rises of capitalism the belief that working hard would please God ial roles and the level of individuality ndl Idualltyrlncreases with the of tasks al ncreasing int rl idu erdependence 3 needs are sa ed from out d e the family V 39llf portance of socia teractions in groups as shaping the 7 Y ind id ual person 7 His ideas have had a very important influence on modern sociological thought 139th ew women who did attain degrees were often ignored Harriet Martineau had to hide her early research for fear that she would be seen as quotmasculinequot in Chicago e ed the house for those who needed he poor sick and aged e first African American to orate at Harvard as also an important social activist well as a researcher and teacher He helped found the rn alists and level large scale patterns of society Symbolic lnteractionists focus on the levelsocial interactions in small scale patterns iolog39ists use three ain theories m Symbolic lnteractionism plarnation of wo or more 7 ts are related to one another Conflict Theory Functional Analysis ea is that society is a whole unit Interrelated parts that work 1 ganism if society is to function 39 moot y its parts must work together in harmony When all parts fulfill their functions society in in a quot quot state 39at society is composed of groups 51 In fierce competition for scarce es eople in positions of authority try to enforce ich in turn creates resentment and resistance The result is a constant struggle dpeofle use symbols to establish eve op views of the world an cate B rbehaviors depend on the way we define ourselves and others Symbolic lnteractionists study facetoface interactions and relationshlps 3mm 39 ing the literature 7 57Choosing a research method 6 Collecting the data 7 Analyzing the results 8 a to select a the target you study The sample should reflect the of interest Ideally construct a where everyone in your population has the same chance of being included in your study gRROU NDIN 39 d ask neutral questions of the people who d to the questions must decide whether to use closed ref ded questions followed by a list of possible answers or open ended questions which allow people to answer in their own words when researchers observe people who do not know gt rwhat s they are being happenlng studied Dbewent Analysis 49 experiments you randomly e subjects into two groups Th experimental group those exposed to the something that causes a change e those not exposed to the independent variable 6 39Coilecting the data 7 Analyzing the results 8 Sharing the results e re our va ues s ou a not affect our research w il others believe we remain e should we shou a He conscious of our values and how they might impact our searc Research participants mPer50nal should not be harmed beliefs about what is good or worthwhile you prefer to use if you were a Why derm g the macro microlevel ches in sociology which one do you nk better explains social life Why


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