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by: Josefina Flatley


Josefina Flatley
GPA 3.87

Louis Brock

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About this Document

Louis Brock
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josefina Flatley on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EM 302 at University of Kentucky taught by Louis Brock in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/228125/em-302-university-of-kentucky in Engineering Mechanics at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Torsion ofcircular shafts Sh ear Stress in Torsion 1 FBDMethod ofSections 2 Section Properties a b 3 Figure out where Max stress wouldhappen a T Inc se b c Find T in each section Solid Shaft J raamp4 7 Tube rease T increa r Increase I increase increase T decrease ltRadm2Rama I 71mm r 7 mm 391 rr39immmy u 4 Solve for I using equation 4 g and figure out max Torque 5 Draw StressShear Diagram Normal Stress due to bending in a beam 1 Cross Section a Centroid i Draw diagram with distances take Y from relative datum ii Fill in below chart Piece Yunits Areaunits2 INAunits Dinches Yy bh31 2Irectanglel Use table for Moment ofinertia equations EYA iii Solve for quot usin 7 y g EA b Inertia i Solve using equation I 21 NAl aaflNAn aa 2 FleXure Formula a For what yourfinding stress at using 7 3 Find resultant force a DrawyourArea for forceLinearlines b Usingequation FR 0714 MYmp but I Shear Stress in a beam 1 Cross Section a Centroid i Draw diagram with distances take Y from relative datum ii Fill inbelow chart I Piece I Yunits I Areaunits2 I INAunits I Dinches Yy I I I I bh312frectanglel EYA 111 Solve for y us1ng 7 141 mm 1 mm m m EA avian m or m mm1 11111 b Inertia i Solve using equation lZI NAl aaf1NAn aa 11111111511191 WWW r I W m 1W a 1 1m 2 Apply Shear Formula 9 QB a Using the equation 1X 39 mquotWMWW Wquot i v iven IILN Z ii QxY39A39 39 1 Y39YAry 2 A39 Areabeyong 1 30 iii I Moment oflnertia iv tx thickness ofsection at X State of Stress under combined loading 1 FBDMethod ofSections 9 internal reactions atpoint a MFBFXr b ZMFO MBiniFv 2 Consider stresses atpointcross section Draw 3d2d view at the point b Axial Stress 0quot 75 Area Ajlfy ywill be radius for circles d Shear Stress 1X 0 ifpoint is at top orbottom bc A39 0 c BendingStress 7M i Use Equation 757Ni 17M r 7 ii GM usuallygt 6N Draw stress diagram and calculate stress at the point e 3 Volume Element 9 Stress State a raw Cube with XYZ Axis label stress on cube will be equal and opposite on effected axis


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