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by: Connie Lockman


Connie Lockman
GPA 3.98

Mei Chen

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About this Document

Mei Chen
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Connie Lockman on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CE 331 at University of Kentucky taught by Mei Chen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/228171/ce-331-university-of-kentucky in Civil Engineering at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
HW if 1 Sommm LF l m 3 M F f 1 Wm 1 CH Wu 1002 U 7quot 5 7 0 MEL6 55m m 3m 23 C 11 9 145 M v bq 8 5w 1 4 m 3 0 6b 4quot 550 31 q quot0 W5 5 mm P om U555 arm4oq 1 3 5x56 161coq 1 6 75 1910 MDquot 43C H 45 4mg lm C Lq u QSW Q A6 8 ISM 5065 1 7 AWL 17241 410 W C 1 A 5 33 g IZSTTJ 6170 7 m k m was mg Sp fd 35 mph 0 39 1 gm of FHMI 15mph UM D F SP 1 M L Q H715 m39ph N NJ ILL l mu 35s05 34351w399 W Rmmt F L aqm wm mm I fquot Fw a9 Mm 1 Wm 30 0243 lt 668 mPh NWWC 13 W3 SH W39rct rgt r v nt h Wvam WW Wu 3ch J Us f h it waOOS 3 31 h r5 LL J 03 cpw gt k QC BAD 3421 vewm LA 55 L 1 Z 7 IL y iZ bGQWn 73 1 340 A gym WWggw Mqwsz w 5amp139LquotLl ibgll ad 3 7quot WYQS bu i DOC 85 kj L jp 59 7 L39 3 C quoti Sip J L39U39 M5UUMBL Cb5U i Cin5ltZ 11 fb ql 41 LA MJ ZMZ u 45mQh W 4MP 4quot 4 4 NPR WWW i3 WW Btd dfv39d m Th brt Wre mr UJu 3 Uciv r395 70 U giz 34J6Wo 7 I 4 SOL39CwStL1 f Lv50 oemzL gt 0L50 OEN3ka 1www 90 Immusz JPNO 03 0le 4OC0394 lt WW PULP L quot 39 COlSVInCCLpacxN or 100W c up mm UN EQL39QBWJ 0 3wt245CL UD L010 5quot Fwdt uu Heed tum1d n W NC We LLMHE l 39 Ll Lpl 39 A 1 L1 J S 7 307 UD vt h y MW y 50 mm 013 V V LOUD1M 39N JV Vf h v x m Wquot Slchw V lC MtWS Z 3 Wan W Asjv n 2 U L I n x 5 A W Z Ui WAR UL LBQ QJGDNFMB v UDWULOJ 46 sawW 39 J 39 39 39 Us Edmwnm Z w y L Wht39y JLLYIBTMLL CILWLCIS Z ML hLL V a U L41 M7 S 1 1 quotr UCJ quot V a r k V sot ELIEQ Wob j r U J oovph on xc Paw05 PHV O WD v I Z V C m L m 41M rPTLETMLPMEVQ l0U2U lquotU39Ubllb FF5i39IOymoh VJJw 2 30bf mag PH F x N gt M 14 mm 3mm 4 D mum 74nm LOS E Tquot W 5 03 FPS BFFS FUN 10quotFN PH V quot15 UM Z C r UU 4 mpquot Dim U5q11gt quot i7 L035 NA 7 CC T PM VHFquot CH YY UC WW 7 v z THV f c rbfj vCL35 5 rC L VP r500 t 3500 OQOVN gtquot05501 MEN 4 4 To mm H mm LL S C f fv D quot 1 w NW W 10 23205 gtlt 5 0 N 1 5 WNW JD U5 9 l m mm dwmm VdowYVZC39OOVPh lwv qw VP A Ntl VHF quotO39CW FPS BFFS Lw Turwaer W32 k505 3 C 0 wag r 4615 mm FWM K 0515 houses mo gwduwv 3 b q V new 5 3 w 0 WW M335 vdw A M33161 UROXZXDQQIM 4 L1 l JV QW LLG WWW quot 7PAq 131710VPW S 4 3 O Fm worm Mm 439 mm 78 4755 MWquot HV W IroosasIBVO Lg W 2500 VHS 0qg gxol D HMS 39 neg ZqCOE va1 L70 D FH U906 w U M39gg 154 gal R J J My 3 VHS 43 SS 314 39Vpr D AH B FF LCJO CJ Q U 4 U Z 39 4 v 7 w 4 l 391 ZR va L05 390 q AWWUJHW P a mud d u39wuublf bewMJe H wrmm th


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