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by: Carolyne Feeney


Marketplace > University of Kentucky > French > FR 102 > ELEMENTARY FRENCH
Carolyne Feeney
GPA 3.8

Antoine Jouanneau

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About this Document

Antoine Jouanneau
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carolyne Feeney on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FR 102 at University of Kentucky taught by Antoine Jouanneau in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/228177/fr-102-university-of-kentucky in French at University of Kentucky.




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Date Created: 10/23/15
FR 102 Final Review Present 0 Used to express something happening now Regular Endings ER R RE e is s es is s e it ons issons ons ez issez ez ent issent ent Irregular M E ai avons suis sommes as avez es tes a ont est sont Depuis present tense depuis length of time Futur and Futur proche o futur proche aller inf I m going to Je vais manger un pomme o futursimple inf ai Iwill Je mangerai une pomme For RE verbs take off the quotequot before adding endings o Irregular Futur Stems Aller ir tre ser faire fer Avoir aur savoir saur pouvoir pourr Devoir devr venir viendr recevoir recevr Vouloir verr voir verr envoyer enverr Etre en train de Venir de etre en train de inf venir de inf Use to show you are in the process of doing something Je suis en train de dormir Nous venons de manger Imparfait Occurred repeatedly in the past used towould All endings are same for all verbs Stem in same as nous form in present tense ais ions ais iez ait aient Etre irregular Passe Compose Used to tell about event competed in past 1 Use auxillary verbs conjugate most ofthe time use avoir other times use tre gender 2 Past Participle Regular Verbs er gt e If gt I re gt U Passe Compose of reflexive formed w etre PP of avoir eu PP of etre t Conditionnel If something were true In English would verb Futur stems imperfect endings ais ions ais iez ait aient Si on tait on France on parlerait francais Si imparfait conditionnel Imp ratif o Commands formed by dropping the subject from verb 0 Uses vous tu and nous Loir savoir sois aie sache soyez ayes sachez soyons ayons sachons 0 Negative object pronouns and reflexive verbs are before the verb 0 quotyquot and quotenquot follow the same placement rules as object pronouns Subjonctif 0 Used to discuss what one quotmustquot or quotmust notquot do in future faut que vaut mieux que Il est necessaire o Formed by present tense ilselles e ions es iez e ent o Subjonctifforms of Pouvoir puiss Savoir sach Venir vienn ven Dont o Verbs to use with dont Parler avoir besoin avoir envie avoir peur se servir se souvenir o Possessive Le bonnet de Greg 0 parle d en fruit Le fruit est une banane gt Le fruit dont 39e parle est une banane o Cet animal dont j ai peur est le serpent o Cet etudiant dont je connais les parents s appelle Jarran ParticipePresent o Nous form stem ant o Parler nous form parlons Parlant o Manger gt mangeant 0 En ant Pronouns 1 Is there a preposition No Direct Object Pronouns le la les Yes next question 2 What Preposition a au aux person Indirect Object Pronouns me te ui nous vous leur pour avec sans Emphatic Pronouns they don t change order moi toi uieHe nous vous euxeHes aUauxplaceideathingy partitive article or quotdequot en Order me te nous vous e Ia es ui eur y en 0 If you have the verbs aimer vouloir pouvoir the pronoun goes between verb and inf aimer pronoun inf o Passe Compose pronoun aux pp


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