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by: Alice Harber


Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Environmental > FOR 602 > RENEW NATURAL RESOURCES IN GLOBAL PERSP
Alice Harber
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alice Harber on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FOR 602 at University of Kentucky taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/228179/for-602-university-of-kentucky in Environmental at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
FOR 602 Fall 2009 Dr Songlin Fei Invasion of Exotic Species 19 amp 11 September Assignments Sept 9 In the first class I will introduce the conce exotic invasion Please w Ma the UK Library s Online FullText EJournals link 1 Kokko H and A LopezSepulcre 2006 From individual dispersal to species ranges perspectives for a changing world Science 3131178979l 2 Torchin ME KD Lafferty AP Dobson VJ McKenzie and AM Kuris 2003 Introduced species and their missing parasites Nature 421628630 3 Callaway RM and ET Aschehoug 2000 Invasive plants versus their new and old neighbors a mechanism for exotic invasion Science 2902052l523 t of invasive secies and ossible mechanisms of all available through Sept 11 Our goal during the second class is to address the different Views of the invasive species issue from different groups The class will be divided into two groups and assigned to two panels for debate one representing the nursery industry and general public who sell and plant invasive species and the other re resentin conservation oranizations who oppose and eradicate invasive 39 e g shouldn39t we just allow the 39survival of the fittest to proceed which will then be asked of the other panel to set the stage for the debate Part1c1pat10n 1n the debate is expected of all class members and it is assumed that each individual will spend sufficient time on the web or in the library collecting information and sources to assist them in defending their positions Here are some papers you can start with all available through the UK Library s Online FullText E Journals link m 13 D O D m l Pejchar L and HA Mooney 2009 Invasive secies ecos stem services and human wellbei 39 quot A e v J 1 2 Callaway RM and J L Maron the past 20 years Trends in Ecology amp Evolution 217369374 3 Strayer DL VT Eviner JM Jeschke and ML Pace 2006 Understanding the long term effects of species invasions Trends in Ecology amp Evolution 211164565l 4 Chornesky EA et al 2005 Science priorities for reducing the threat of invasive species to sustainable forestry BioScience 554335349 Your assignment is to write a 3 page essay double spaced and not counting lit cited about your own View of invasive species Grading Your grade for this portion of FOR 602 will be based 50 on class discussion and 50 on the essay FOR 602 Barton Section October 26 28quot and 30 2009 Restoration Ecolog from a Global Perspective Reading Assignments please read prior to the Oct 26 class Richardson CJ and NA Hussain 2006 Restoring the Garden ofEden An Ecological Assessment ofthe Marshes ofIraq BioScience 566 477489 Lamb D PD Erskine and JA Parrotta 2005 Restoration of Degraded Tropical Forest Landscapes Science 31016281632 If you have trouble nding the articles email me barton umedu andI will send you the pdfs Be prepared to discuss these on October 26m Homework Assignments due at beginning of the October 28 quot class Find a third article on a restoration project that has taken or is taking place outside of the United States examples Lake Dongting Reclamation China Amazon Reforestation Brazil Mine Land Restoration Australia Elephant Habitat Restoration Africa etc After reading create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following questions use a format of your liking State the Problems Provide the history Whatwho is affected Etc Etc Etc Etc Etc Etc What is Driving the Restoration T amp E species Human health Water Quality Etc essentially somebody thing is nancially supporting the work there is usually one underlying theme that helps get these projects offthe ground What was the Approach What was done to restoreimprove conditions How What were the Results Success Failures there are always failures in these efforts What I Would do Differently Not what Barton would do differently but what you would do that the authors either overlooked or made a bone headed move in initiating from the beginning The Human Element Restoration effOIts are often impeded by cultural barriers too close to civilization loss ofjobs potential environmental consequences ie ooding smoke land use change etc Were compromises made in the restoration design to accommodate the human factor Reference Please provide a reference ofthe article Each student will present hisher presentation to the class on the 281h or 30m Grades for the presentation will be determined style content and presentation by all class members and instructors


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