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by: Carolanne Armstrong
Carolanne Armstrong
GPA 3.69

James Francis

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About this Document

James Francis
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carolanne Armstrong on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 135 at University of Kentucky taught by James Francis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/228182/cla-135-university-of-kentucky in Classical Studies at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
CLA 1357Greek amp Roman MythologyiStudy Guide for Exam 3 Thursday December 16th 1030 AM CP 153 The format for exam 3 will be very similar to that of the previous two exams the same kinds of questions will be asked The nature of the material in the third part of the course requires knowledge of names and terms and knowing what characters elements and stories belong to which larger saga 1 Know the following names and terms Agamemnon Odysseus Telemachus Romulus Aegeus Achilles Iphigenia Penelope Dido Theseus Heinrich Priam Ithaca Tumus Minos Schliemann Hecuba cyclops Cadmus Pasiphae Hisarlik Hector Aeneas Europa Daedalus Paris Polydorus Anchises Oedipus Minotaur Helen Cassandra Saturn J ocasta labyrinth Thetis Ajax Latinus sphinx Ariadne Peleus Patroclus Lavinia Antigone Knossos Menelaus Calypso Cacus Creon 2 Be able to Note you need to do allow a g terms mean associate each of the Many of is give society in connection names or terms these w to be to Shame above with either names are correct called a Culture as the Odyssey assmclli em amp Trojan alimciationr the quotRo hmr agaquot which includes nlin legends the Theban with more Culture ancient Saga th re d reoe ls legend 3 Know what quot cKmtwtions of Italy Rome tG wek myths these characteristics Wind the legend of Aeneas stories all and values followin agathos arete time aidos moira 4 Be familiar with the following stories for a fillintheblank section B the Oedipus Legend including the Seven Against Thebes Antigone and Creon D Theseus and the Minotaur D the Marriage of Peleus amp Thetis Some basic lecture information concerning the names in 1 above M also appear in the fill ins Ifyou know the names in 1 you should be able to do a fillin with no problem 5 Prepare ONE of the following essay topics for this exam The expectations for the essay are similar to those of the previous exams A Give five brief examples but write in complete sentences not bullet points illustrating Shame Culture values in the divine and human societies of the Iliad Then give one example from the Iliad and one example from the Odyssey of how Homer turns these poems into critiques of Shame Culture values B Name at least three legends or historical happenings which allowed Italy and eventually Rome to connect to the Greek mythological tradition How are originally Greek and originally Italian mythical elements combined in myths concerning Rome Explain the ways in which the story of Theseus and the Minotaur can be interpreted to refer to actual historical events 0 Since this exam occurs at the end ofthe semester during the nal exam period and since final grades are due Monday 1220 it is IMPERATIVE that you take the exam at the scheduled time Makeups will be allowed only upon the direction ofthe Academic Ombud or your college Dean CLA 135 GREEK amp ROMAN MYTHOLOGY Study Guide for Exam 2 The format for exam 2 will be very similar to that of exam 1 the same kinds of questions will be asked The nature of the material in the second part of the course however necessitates a bit more attention to detail speci cally in the number of names and terms to know and a larger number of shorter stories to know from Ovid 1 Be able to identify the following names A complete full points identi cation would include some characteristic detail that applies to no other mythological gure eg Alcmene somebodys mother is incomplete Alcmene Heracles mother is complete Give essential information complete sentences are not necessary there is a speci c god obviously associated with a given character eg Athena with Arachne make sure you know which god that person is associated with for another part of the exam Prometheus Nessus Nemesis Phaethon Epimetheus Io Salmacis Byblis Lycaon Inachus Hermaphroditus Aeneas Deucalion Argus Tiresias Virgil Pyrrha Ganymede Pygmalion Philemon Heracles Callisto Myrrha Baucis Alcmene Daphne Erisychthon Marsyas Eurystheus Hyacinth Adonis Orpheus Iphicles Cyparissus Atalanta Eurydice Deianira Narcissus Hippomenes Alcestis Niobe Echo Arachne Pandora 2 Be familiar with the following stories Hesiod s 5 Ages of Man Ovid39s 4 Ages of Man Pandora Deucalion amp Pyrrha Io Orpheus amp Eurydice Apollo amp Daphne Narcissus amp Echo Salmacis amp Hermaphroditus Philemon amp Baucis Marsyas 3 The following are essay topics for this exam Choose and prepare ONE Venus amp Adonis Atalanta Arachne Niobe the Lycian Peasants 0 Brie y outline the 5 Ages of Man in Hesiod and then present some of the themes and meanings of this myth Conclude by noting how Ovid changes this story and his purpose for doing so can be seen as a model for human life and accomplishment Using speci c examples from his mythology explain how the life struggles and death of Heracles Using 6 stories from Ovid illustrate how stories of gods in love can differ according to which god is in love How might these stories be seen to quot tquot the personality of the god in question Trace ie include several diiTerent constituent ideas or aspects and put them in a connected developmental order the signi cant developments in the conception of the soul and afterlife found in GrecoRoman mythological literature Refer to speci c sources or texts by name in your answer REMEMBER As stated in the syllabus NO makeup exams will be given except in cases of DOCUMENTED emergency speci ed in Student Rights amp Responsibilities 7NO EXCEPTIONS


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