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by: Ahmed Nienow DDS


Ahmed Nienow DDS
GPA 3.77

Gary Ferland

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About this Document

Gary Ferland
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ahmed Nienow DDS on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AST 191 at University of Kentucky taught by Gary Ferland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/228221/ast-191-university-of-kentucky in Astronomy at University of Kentucky.




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Date Created: 10/23/15
Venus 9 thick atmosphere of CO2 greenhouse effect 9 Earthlike in most other respects two continents with volcanoes ots of ocean oors but no plate tectonics backwards slow rotation no magnetic eld 9 origin of Earth s primitive and secondary atmospheres Q Permian Triassic mass extinction Mars 6 small cold atmosphere of C01 o cratered southern hemisphere smooth northern o 2 types ofwater now 7 ash oods rivers irom Earthelike climate during Middle Period c Sup erroxide soi1 o Terral orming o Mars meteorite Fermi Paradox 9 100 million Earth like planets in galaxy 0 simple life probably starts on most W 0 evolution to advanced life inevitable W 9 should be vastly advanced civilizations across galaxy 0 where are they Page 1 Meteorites O Carbonaceous chondrites 9 Irons o Stones 0 Origin 9 Finding them on Earth Falls vs nds Antarctica amp Sahara Desert Mars life 0 Earthlike climate during middle period 0 if life is inevitable then started on Mars too ife on Earth started as soon as solid surface formed 6 Mars meteorites show evidence of fossil simple life exposure to water But other interpretations possible 0 Superoxide soil would kill surface life simple life could exist underground Jovian Planets 9 Large mostly liquid hydrogen worlds with s o terrestrial core surrounded by massive primitive atmosphere the liquid H much larger than ten39estrial planets since e of most abundant molecule 0 we see clouds in atmosphere of water methane ammonia Moons of Jovian Planets 0 Mercurysized and smaller mostly made of water and rocks 0 formed with Jovian planets dozens ofthem O heating by tidal stretching important for some 0 Europa liquid water deep inside 0 Titan dense nitrogen atmosphere methane oceans o Pluto largest comet in solar system Page 2 The solar system 0 masses in solar system terrestria Jovian planets 9 scale model 9 Bode Titius Rule 0 regularities of orbital motion neary circular in same plane counter clockwise v39ewed from north rotation axis perpendicular to plane oforbit Kepler s laws 0 first law shapes are ellipses but most planets are close to circle 6 second law speed of planet along orbit fas fastest when closest to sun appication to comets 0 third law bigger the orbital radius the longer the perio radius and period are related to mass of central body measure mass of anything with satellites orbiting it Seasons 0 relationship to distance to sun 0 true cause of seasons 0 solstice equinox Page 1 Gravity 9 holds solar system together responsible for shapes of planets 9 force depends on mass and separation gives us our weight 9 mass weight 0 forces using gravity to measure a planet s mass 0 motion with no forces Q Shapes of astronomical planets asteroids Orbits 6 moon falls around Earth 0 orbital velocity escape velocity 0 why orbits last for billions of years 9 velocity of spacecraft approaching a planet Timekeeping 0 day week month year 0 precession its affects on calendar 0 seasons cause of and change with precession TimekeeBing O ecliptic Zodiac 0 astrology Page 2


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