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by: Ahmed Nienow DDS


Ahmed Nienow DDS
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ahmed Nienow DDS on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AST 191 at University of Kentucky taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/228222/ast-191-university-of-kentucky in Astronomy at University of Kentucky.




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Date Created: 10/23/15
Phases of the Moon Project e observe moon soon aiter sunset emake notes desu39ibing what you saw enotice the iollowing r m on s locauon m the sky relatweto yoursurroundlngs lls Shape anymlng you see on ll rHoW 1 Changed from me prevlous obsewatlon e Try to do this at same time and place turn in report on the class web site within two days oi doing it v do this on 4 diiierent night c all iour must be turned in by Sept 12 ior credit Planets amp moons re ect sunlight o planets and moons oi the solar system do not emit produce their own light ethey re ect light emitted by the sun eweather or temperature on the suriace oi a planet or moon depends mainly on the sunlight it receives rvery Mme heat comes form lnterlor of planet The View from the sun The View from the Earth Pha s of the Moon text sec 35 ehemisphere oi moon towards sun is bright damme e hemisphere away irom sun is dark nighttime ewe view various combinations oi day and night sides depending on position oi moon and sun ephase shape we see depends on angle between moon and sun Page 1 New Moon Earth 3 mnnn viewed frnm ah eve Ninth Pale Moon between Earth and sun Sunlig Sunlight HH39HWHIUH First Quarter Moon Full moon eMoon at 90 deg angle to sun eEami between moon and sun sunlight Sunlight HWINHI39HHH Last Quarter Moon One lunar month quotquot0011 a 90 degree angle 10 5quot enew mnnn r nighttimehanisphere Crescent 7 mestiy night side same day side rTvadmunmmumh stanswhen munnhvsiwsib e b e 7 HM muunm new muun savmsWisi O rstquarterr halfanrl half e gjhhnnsr mesuy day side same digit e full mnnn e nnly day si e o gjhhnns last quarter crescent nee mnnn this takes 2953059 days 712 3589 unav mumhs p2 yea Page 2 Tides c origin of dal forces o synchronous rotation r the moon does rotate o Roche limit their effects d t 7 distance to moon Dens y 0 mass and weight vs density how to measure density cue to composition ofinterior ofplanet 0 density and buoyancy 0 differentiation 0 interiors of the Earth and moon Earth s surface 9 upper layers of Earth ower mantle asthenosphere lithosphere crust 6 wind and water erosion O isostasy convection in asthenosphere 0 plates tectonics O volcanoes ssure eruptions ood basalts centra eruptions shield volcanoes hot spots Page 1 Eclipses o lunar vs solar eclipses 9 why no eclipses each month 0 types of solar eclipses tota annular partial Earth s Interior 0 direct measurement to 50 miles seismic waves below that 0 structure composition properties of Earth crust mantle outer core inner core 0 sources of Earth s heat 9 heat flow by convection Impact cratering 9 historical debate maria highlands craters on moon 9 creation of impact craters 0 micrometeorites on Earth and moon 0 medium sized large sized craters on Earth Craters 0 why craters have central mountains 9 why nearly always round 0 Kentucky s impact craters Versaies Jeptha Know Middlesboro age snze appearance 0 Tunguska event KT Catastrophe o 65 million years ago 9 all large life killed off 0 7 mile diameter asteroid or comet impact off coast of Yucatan 9 global climate change 9 clay layer covers face of Earth Page 2


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