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Week one notes

by: Janey Lyon

Week one notes GEOG 3330

Janey Lyon
The U
GPA 3.2
Urban Environment

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About this Document

These notes are for the first day of lecture. They cover the essentials of geography like GIS, latitudes and longitudes and descriptions of each biosphere.
Urban Environment
One Day of Notes
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This 8 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Janey Lyon on Thursday January 15, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to GEOG 3330 at University of Utah taught by Petersen in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see Urban Environment in Geography at University of Utah.

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Date Created: 01/15/15
Wednesday January 14 2015 6606 3330 VKBAN ENVIRONMENTAL GEOGRAPHY Chapter one Essentials of Geography Gough Island in the South Atlantic is a UNESCO world heritage site They recently introduced house mice that is harming the bird population What are the four corners Where Utah Colorado Arizona and New Mexico meet In 2009 some one reported that is was about 25 miles off So why is this such a big deal Place latitudes longitudes the Greenwich prime meridian and mapping all make up the essentials of geography If we allow that land mark to be so off then what is the point of all this work to map out our world LOCATION Identifies a specific address or absolute and relative place on Earth PLACE describes the characteristics at the location No two places are alike REGION Defined by uniform physical or human characteristics The West coast region is dominated by a cool wet marine climate MOVEMENT Communication migration and diffusion across the Earth s surface represent movement in our interdependent world Physical Geography vs Human Geography Meteorology Economic glaciology behavioral soils population hydrology medical oceanography political geomorphology historical biogeography marketing climatology Wednesday January 14 2015 The Lithosphere is about the rocks The Hydrosphere is about the water The Atmosphere is about the clouds and vapors The Biosphere holds this all together to create life The Earth is a system in itself because it takes in so much solar energy and then releases that heat back out In 247 BC Eratosthenes calculated the Earth s circumference within 8 of its true size While living in Alexandra Egypt he found that the suns rays went straight down to the bottom of a well He measured to be sure and there was a 72 degree shadow He then used this number to help him figure out the circumference of the Earth The Nile River is the longest in the world It has no tributaries and it never rains yet some how the river rises and falls through out the year Two men decided to kayak down the river and it took them 9 months Earth Dimensions Polar circumference 40008 Km Equatorial circumference 40075 Km Parallels of latitude an angular distance North and South of the equator measured from the center of the Earth Latitudinal Geographic zones Arctic 65 degrees to North Pole Subarctic 55 degrees North to 665 degrees North Mid Latitude 35 degrees North to 55 degrees North Subtropical 235 degrees North to 35 degrees North Longitude distance East or West measured from the center of the Earth at Greenwich prime meridian THUS CREATING AN EARTH COORDINATE GRID SYSTEM Thursday January 15 2015 ENVS 1000 GEOG 1000 EARTH ENVIRONMENTS Chapter One The Science of Geography In latin Geo Earth and Graph drawing or art A holistic method of spacial environmental analysis Geography is the study of relations among Natural Systems Geographic areas Society Cultural activit s Physical Geography Vs Human Geography cc 3939 y 39 o39g39y Psychothy 39str0n O39I Iy Fccmctmcx Chemis ry History This is the emphasis on our class The Earth is the planet the environment is the domain upon the crust Earth s major subsystems Atmosphere gasses that are attracted to our Earth They form a protective boundary between outer space and our biosphere It is about 48 Km thick Hydrosphere the domain that includes the Earth s water and abiotic life Lithosphere Earth s crust and portion of the upper mantle Landscapes mountains and volcanoes Biosphere The life that inhabits all of this In Geography there are 5 key themes location Thursday January 15 2015 human earth relationships place movement region Difference between pattern and distribution Distribution the way things a spread out among the world Pattern a consistent distribution Spacial Interaction The Changing Earth weather changes earthquakes streams landslides modify the landscape Glaciers carve out landscape The Earth System Earth Impacts dynamic changes seasons oceans tides earthquakes floods volcanic eruptions glacier national park long term changes world climates draught cycles The environmental perspective environment ecology ecosystem gt all a life support system Sustainable living to persist until the future with out harm to the biosphere natural resources Environmental impact preservation Thursday January 15 2015 sustainable development Global sustainability is very important Human environmental interactions threshold we are getting closer to the threshold because our actions cause changes in the planet that don t come back We are getting closer to walking through the door and not being able to return world population is raising every day human behavior tends to harm the earth natural hazards are a threat to human safety and can cause tragedies Human impacts poHu on aHenngthelandscape what you put in the air goes into the water just like what you put in the water ends up in the air What factors should we consider prior to attempts to return to rivers and wetlands to their original state gt Use the scientific method observation reasoning hypothesis and theory Environmentalists use BMP Best Management Practice Technology and tools Satellite Internet Computers Cartography Visual Interpretation Observations Data Thursday January 15 2015 Applying the scientific method observation hypothesis technique to test hypothesis and collect data validate the hypothesis gt test or reject the hypothesis or use an alternate hypothesis gt When hypothesis is accepted we can make a theory Environmental Hazards a hurricane s force modeling and learning to understand and predict these events and also making strategies to cope with them is our job here pictorial graphic models physical models mathematic statistic model conceptual model mental map Systems analysis Inputs gt throughputs gt Outputs Component parts variables inputs outputs How do Variables interact Systems theory any interrelated set of things and their attributes Open system vs Closed system Hva yJHII 39 loud Sviu m Thursday January 15 2015 The Earth is an open system in terms of energy and is a closed system in terms of resources Equilibrium in Earth systems Equilibrium is the state of something in balance This involves a system of feedback negative feedback threshold and feed back loop positive or negative When there is system feedback it is operating while the variables are effecting each other thus creating loop to further guide the systems Dimensions of the globe latitudes parallel to the equator running east to west Starts at 0 degrees lts angle is 49 degrees longitude north to south lines starts at 0 degrees at the Greenwich Prime Meridian Its angle is 90 degrees GMT is the world standard time at 0 degrees The lines parallel to this are called meridians The Great circle and small circles a circle of the Earth s circumference where the centers coincide Planes fly along these small circles to travel faster International Date Line 180 degree meridian on the opposite site of the prime meridian This is where the new day begins sweeping sunlight west Thursday January 15 2015 The Earth is 12756 Km around the equator making it bigger around than the prime meridian The Geoidal bulge is the cause of this phenomena


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