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by: Vidal Goyette


Vidal Goyette
GPA 3.99

Tingwen Wu

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About this Document

Tingwen Wu
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vidal Goyette on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 610 at University of Kentucky taught by Tingwen Wu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/228232/me-610-university-of-kentucky in Mechanical Engineering at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
ME mo Hw de We ijzm fljcheg OWIA mode ma a 150v the Mom PTFey e a T o N W 0 Ifquot a dosed QVlJS 10 Ofem QM 2 We a HUFQ 0 aw 1va mm 0k Carmet F C055d 6 14 9 OFQH to anostvlIem 17Y 5Turz E0 30 Fm KC cher 0sz httpwwwphys unswedu aujw uteacousticshtml httpwwwphys unswedu aujw utesvcarinetshtml We Coxecf Ofem ifn39fe Com be M424 Fm home wmrro M Q mm waxdem ch srde wath 13ch ABM 22n 7 j 93 E A t zx I amchok temIMtim mi Fake r Wkem In quot WGWV WWdefk re I the 30mm le be Graig qumm39 m g mmw P I V1qu 7159 y l 39 Mh o I quot sky frng gtX a r WU B m Via Mk mamml I G Dzrrvz the dt em cx W u39m n ne 95 77 ove n X WVtme Solu m We t anm n Tnk TV 1 mfg 1 WM rs e WW fhrrfawrm7 V What NIH barren fo X 0M TAB 77C 0 7 ml f mz X Fe 39 iquot W WIN 0 111 8 Via39l Tnk x 3 l 361 L r L3 L Dewva xg LT39H Yh39 a Q aIAA39C m Fuy e gram CuY X LfoutT Dy1AA S OI ut39im G golV KT FTV J TAB Gv 11C wll wkci 7 TM 7 W If AV N xxxMi 7 quot7w 7 WM I fth 7 M what mu Mme to x w TAR at A Mm AL lf 4r 115 we Ma Jche 6 gmvmtmI Tmfread t Ef w fwwem m Ye Jeme the mum Wash 5 OK We reJuczd WaV E tzm the POWZ960 eqcff KC Am do to ne 0 WWW Do We SC have the game 1 V rquot F MX QoC 60C t mh r z MEMO HW 1 ngw that the Solutfv n kxkYX i 5 050 m We gull Ive 10Ym of 6X C31xc 7 R V o V W1 PYUVZ 30314XSMW1 0m X 3 V1W1 x o 3 2 T m venve Cm wm go 30905 h 1 dX 4 Ex o ln Why Dm 91 Cm W7 93991 Zero 04 VIA 9 00 5 When You chk a stvrmg cm at guitar do yw gnaw 6 m re ll1K7 2 U the somtrm Fnrm qmvatin h FVN m Ue To Mklmh 6 Increafmz thf fem fm m A 5Hng wr give fan a highL Dthh erg Sound Ex mn 7 075 01 I C5 81 WHXA EMX I Xo X W L xiv 0 WWW 01 5W7quot Ts rlze giving the sbvrnat 6m rmtmf disrmumwi39 yoga 0 an 7mm Velac 1300 Use the abovc IC I 17 W Dm Q FIBt amp Lay chmt f6 Show Dm W X What 0 m or How mam termgoY W042 do 7044 24 39tquot git a 0011va vemlt 739 WoulJ Wcommm Lu1 42 MATLAE ta ch the Tuffj mfrm 22 f Plb39C 6X y CnShLJntPnaR5Jurnx M a W M M 907 01TowT l WWW T is the FEVYD39J 0g fke Irrt MoJe Nit lm 39HM gotu c m 139 a Mfwfmrrm 7 Many mqu ovk We ff wpde I Whig the Commamt Wodel w ne vatth WOLF 3 Use Sefwmthm r Vanahles to hm Ml We mode 0W4 yank 4V 1W S E the U FCXQL Well Sign U 0 a w x 0 2amp1 Cf Use getarat ry f VOWTRHQS to Solve the 9 ANC LM W Watm 07 31 g Wkquot T tem39wn mm QC r TOxlk0 IC39 WWW 0ltXltu xo L


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