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by: Helga Torp Sr.


Helga Torp Sr.
GPA 3.87

John Cain

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About this Document

John Cain
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Helga Torp Sr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STA 291 at University of Kentucky taught by John Cain in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/228271/sta-291-university-of-kentucky in Statistics at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
zmrr2t2r numenca amach manpmnn gums numenca amach mam Emma Mg m mm x up HAW 1 ZSUM mm XN 25UM 7a aw Medan 3n mama39s ubservalmnr a E a 9 m4 quotWM2 25mgx25 Meme mwdpmmbeiwaen 2n and 3a smauea ubservauun man 75 uquot mmmAuny Mndl mylr x Manle u mmnmmm 80 50 Age Distribution 2000 4D 60 TA 291 rLecturE 7 17 40 28 00 20 S Frequency Some measurements Critical Reading Mathematics and Writing Score Critical Reading Mathematics Writing 800 99 99 99 790 99 99 99 780 99 99 770 99 99 99 760 99 98 99 750 98 98 99 740 98 97 98 730 97 97 98 720 96 96 97 710 96 95 97 700 95 93 96 690 94 92 95 680 93 91 94 670 92 89 93 660 90 88 92 650 89 86 90 640 87 83 89 630 85 81 87 620 83 79 85 610 82 76 83 600 79 74 81 590 77 71 79 580 74 68 76 570 71 66 73 560 68 63 71 550 65 6O 68 540 62 56 64 530 58 53 62 520 55 5O 58 510 51 47 54 500 48 43 51 490 44 4O 47 480 41 36 44 470 37 33 40 460 34 3O 37 7 5 Q3 1 0 3 0 50 Medlan 670 25 01 3 90 0 Min 160 Wat His kx mm mm rr mv Em 999 sum u mum HIV Q ra Wquot W i I I I I I m 39 m em M 39 alias 2m 9m Ir m Inch Manta Thaih I Ihr lm mum huhy Z x 4 ml Thevananceninubsewalmnsws he by m Wm H quluW mu mm m u M


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