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Week 8 Notes World History, 1500-Present

by: Lizzy Dawahare

Week 8 Notes World History, 1500-Present HIST 1011

Marketplace > George Washington University > History > HIST 1011 > Week 8 Notes World History 1500 Present
Lizzy Dawahare
World History, 1500-Present
Professor Dane Kennedy

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About this Document

Here are my notes from the 8th week of class!
World History, 1500-Present
Professor Dane Kennedy
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizzy Dawahare on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1011 at George Washington University taught by Professor Dane Kennedy in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see World History, 1500-Present in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Monday October 19 2015 Limits of the Earlv Modern World Economv Industrial Revolution it was revolutionary because it was revolutionary The marriage of technological innovation with Origins 1 Cottage industry relatively inefficient process to produce expensive cotton 1 Factory cotton production people gather in factories to produce cotton rather than in their own homes 2 Example of inanimate power Causes the connection between the exploitation of inanimate power through the use of power how can these things be used by human beings 1 Steam engines increase efficiencies and productivity 2 Railways a Increased demand for iron and steel gt new sector of industrialization Technological innovations Humans are capable of producing far more goods far more cheaply than ever before Spread of Industrialization 1 Manchester England 1 Smoke houses of factories 2 Large city like living quarters What do you need for industry 1 Capital to begin business 1 Merchants of the slave trade 2 Spices British East India Company looting societies that they conquer 3 Sugar Tobacco Planters in the CaribbeanAmericas b Buyers and sellers 1 Consumer demand 1 People who are willing to buy things beyond necessities 2 Britain becomes the first consumer society ii Free Trade 1 The role of the state is to be a caretaker b Labor force Why not Ireland Not enough food to support a growing population need population growth for industrial growth Potato Famine Consequences of Industrialization Industrial Societies Child Labor exploitation of children and women NonIndustrial Societies Wednesday October 21 2015 Ideological Revolutions Enlightenment Social Roots all social movements originate in western Europe In response to the same forces 1 Universal characteristics 1 Secular disregard higher power 2 Universal doctrine applicable to all at all times b Refers to 17th century Newton and other scientists defining natural physical laws applying to the universe 1 18th century defined natural social laws applying to humans Term coined during the process not after God is the great clock maker runs on its own Pentheus possible to understand the laws of nature Emphasis on the power of human reason Ability of the human mind to understand and to uncover laws of nature Denis Diderot encyclopedia 18th century coffee house more literate rich healthy middle class Merchants lawyers journalists printers publishers academics professors Coffee houses not owned by patrons free and become a meeting place Liberalism deriving from the word liberty Political Liberalism John Locke 16231704 1 Rejects natural hereditary rights of king 2 Locke plays out ideological justification for this actions 1 People have certain natural rights to 1 Property 2 Liberty 3 Rebellion if rights are taken away JeanJacques Rousseau 1 Rulers have a social contract with their subjects that they rule with the consent of their subjects 1 Sovereignty derives not with divine right but rather because the sovereign has established a contract with the people 1 Legitimate sovereignty resides with the will of the people not with God Economic Liberalism Adam Smith the economy is governed by certain natural laws 1 Prices rising and falling with the change of supply and demand 2 Rejects mercantilism wealth is not finite economy can grow 3 Rejects mercantilist policies 1 Dismantlement of tariffs 2 End of trade monopolies 3 Elimination of navigation acts 4 Free enterprise Feminism variant of liberalism During the French Revolution Calls for greater educational opportunity rights of property greater professional opportunities opportunity to vote and the right to leave abusive husbands John Stuart Mill elected to parliament through the 1860s70s repeatedly submits a bill to permit women the right to vote Socialism Nationalism Terms John Locke JeanJacques Rousseau Social Contract 1762 Adam Smith Wealth of Nations 1776 Mary Wollstonecraft Vindications of the Rights of Women 1869 John Stuart Mill Subjection of Women 1869 Charles Fourier Robert Owen Johann Herder


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