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by: Cecil Ortiz


Cecil Ortiz
GPA 3.69

Gordon Holbein

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About this Document

Gordon Holbein
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cecil Ortiz on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 301 at University of Kentucky taught by Gordon Holbein in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/228307/mgt-301-university-of-kentucky in Business, management at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Wall Street Journal 0 B7 419 companies surveyed by University of Phoenix Q Skills demanded over next 10 years 0 A 42 said to speak Chinese 0 70 said speak Spanish When asking employees if they would obtain skills 0 Chinese 20 said yes Spanish 40 said yes D 3 139 D s U1 U D D E H 391 D O I 9 O quot2 F In lt 23 U u 0 C1 0 January 6th B9 llSchools MBA gives firms sayquot I Best MBA programs giving firms say about curriculum MBA doesn t mean you re guaranteed a job Dean of Berkeley MBA llHad to become sensitive to company s needs 0 Added a new course Problem solving Companies say students don t spend enough time just thinking 0 C12 llWhy don t 0 bulls like Saudi Arabian Optimismquot Ben Bernanke llFederal Reserve Paradoxquot Fear it will tighten monetary policy Oil prices increase amount of oil increases then oil prices decrease Bad for investors 0 D1 llPoetry Painting to earn MDquot Medical Schools placing emphasis on humanities Notes Management Messy because it s paradoxical human planning organizing 8L controlling Paradox The coexistence of seeming opposites Resources Anything that can be applied to create a future return 0 Tangible amp Intangible 0 Natural Physical Financial Human Knowledge amp Relational Resources 03 History of Management 0 Stage 1 I Working relationships was with family I Work was considered a craft I To survive you had to know many crafts By force property or kinship was how you managed or had power 0 Stage 6 I Hawthorne Plant 0 ATT Western Electric 0 Brought team from case university I They theorized 0 Increase lighting increase phone production 0 But also Decrease lighting increased phones I Hawthorne Effect Paying attention to people produces positive productivity 0 Key to Success in Leadership amp Entrepreneurship 0 Big 5 Personality I ExtraVersion Tendency to be outgoing and friendly affectionate high success rate Negative Affect To be dissatisfied complain criticize find negative faults high success rate Agreeableness Tendency to get along with others sympathetic cooperativeness entrepreneurship up to a certain point Consciousness Very careful and precise high perseverance Very High Success Rate Openness to experience Curious takes risks original broad interests Very High success rate 0 Cover Letters amp Resumes I CL Explain why you are targeting specific individuals I Deal with their opportunities and challenges I Shows how you can help deal with challenges the companies might face 0 0 Ethics We have to understand the notion of a I You will have to serve some parties at the expense of others I Ethics Principles or beliefs about what is right or wrong good or bad prioritized or devalued o 4 starting points for ethical decisions Fundamental Rights Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness Equality justice or fairness Distribute the good and bad equally Social Societal Standards Follow what s common practice in culture profession etc Greatest Good What is the greatest good for greatest number of people Maxwell


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