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by: Angie Parisian Sr.


Angie Parisian Sr.
GPA 3.67

Walter Ferrier

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About this Document

Walter Ferrier
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Angie Parisian Sr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MBA 609 at University of Kentucky taught by Walter Ferrier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/228309/mba-609-university-of-kentucky in Business Administration at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Name A Kolb Learning Styles Inventory The Learning Style Inventory describes the way you learn and how you deal with ideas on daytoday situations in your life Instructions Below you will be asked to complete 12 sentences Each has four 4 endings Rank the endings for each sentence according to how well you think each one ts with how you would go about learning something Using the boxes provided write a quot4quot for the sentence ending that describes you best a quot3quot in the next best a quot2quot in the next and a quot lquot for the sentence ending that seems least like the way you would learn 4 most like you 3 second most like you 2 third most like you 1 least like you Remember I like to deal with I like to watch and I like to think about I like to be doing my feelings listen ideas things 1 When Ileam l 1 l 3 ll 2 ll 4 Itrust my hunches I listen and watch I rely on logical I work hard to get and feelings carefully thinking things done 2 I learn best when F 1 l 3 2 Iquot 4 Ihave strong I am really quiet and Itend to reason this I am responsible feelings and reserved out about things 3 When I am learning rea mons IE 1 l 4 l 3 ll 2 Feeling lWatching Thinking Doing 4 I learn by Iquot 1 F 3 l 2 I 4 I am open to new I look at all sides of I analyze things I like to try things experiences the issues break them down out 5 When Ilea1n l 2 I 1 l 4 I 3 I am an intuitive I am an observing I am a logical I am an active person person person person 6 When I am learning F39 1 I 4 I 2 I 3 personal Observation Rational Trying out and relationships Perceiving theories practicing 7 I learn best from i 3 I 2 l 1 l 4 I feel personally Itake my time I like ideas and I like to see results involved in things before acting theories from my work 8 When I learn I 1 I 4 F 2 l39 3 I rely on my I rely on my I rely on my I can try things out feelings bservations ideas for myself 9 I learn best when I l 39 3 2 l 4 I am an accepting I am a reserved I am a rational I am a responsible person person person person 10 When I am learning 39 4 r 1 39 3 r 2 I get involved I like to observe I evaluate things I like to be active 11 When I learn IE 2 F 3 Iquot 1 F 4 I am receptive and I am I analyze I am pen minded careful ideas practical 12 I learn best when l 3 l 2 l 1 r 4 TOTALS CE 217 R0 733 AC 25 AB 41 i CE or Concrete Experience This stage of the learning cycle emphasizes personal involvement with people in everyday situations In this stage you would tend to rely more on your feelings than on a systematic approach to problems and situations In a learning situation you would rely more on your ability to be open minded and adaptable to change R0 or Re ective Observation In this stage of the learning cycle people understand ideas and situations from different points of view In a learning situation you would rely on patience objectivity and careful judgment but would not necessarily take any action You would rely on your own thoughts and feelings to form opinions AC or Abstract Conceptualizations In this stage lea1ning involves using logic ideas rather than feelings to understand problems or situations Typically you would rely on systematic planning and develop theories and ideas to solve problems AE or Aeuve Expenmentauon pproach resuus ofyounn uence andmgenmty AcCE AC re CE ACrCE AE quotRO AErRO r lme 01quot r r more abstract CE scale mdmates thatyour score rs more cnncrete erewrse aposmve score on me AErRO scale horizontal 11113 or x axrs r ALF 43Eand r Mammy 4 L L mm A A m r r Converger and Assxmllator represent the four dominant learmrrg styles Accomodalnr Divergen Canvugur As milator Converger Combines learning steps of Abstract Conceptualization and Active Experimentation People with this learning style are best at nding practical uses for their ideas and theories If this is your preferred learning style you have the ability to solve problems or make decisions based on nding solutions to questions or problems You would rather deal with technical tasks and problems rather than social and interpersonal issues The learning skills are important to be effective in specialist and technology careers Diverger Combines learning steps of C oncrete Experience and Re ective observation People with this learning style are best at viewing concrete situations from many different points of view Their approach to situations is to observe rather than take action If this is your style you may enjoy situations that call for generating a wide range of ideas as in a brainstorming session You probably have broad cultural interests and like to gather information This imaginative ability and sensitivity to feelings is needed for effectiveness in the arts entertainment and service careers Assimilator Combines the learning steps of Abstract Conceptualization and Re ective Observation People with this learning style are best at understanding a Wide range of information and putting it into concise logical form If this is your learning style you probably are less focused on people and more interested in abstract ideas and concepts Generally people with this learning style find it more important that a theory have logical soundness than practical value This learning style is important for effectiveness in information and science careers Accommodator Combines the learning steps of C oncrete Experience and Active Experimentation People with this learning style have the ability to learn primarily from quothands onquot experience Ifthis is your style you probably enjoy carrying out plans and involving yourself in new and challenging experiences Your tendency may be to act on quotgu quot feelings rather than on logical analysis In solving problems you may rely more heavily on people for information than on your own technical analysis This learning style is important for effectiveness in actionoriented careers such as marketing or sales


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