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by: Adaline Pollich


Adaline Pollich
GPA 3.81

Laurence Hassebrook

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About this Document

Laurence Hassebrook
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adaline Pollich on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 630 at University of Kentucky taught by Laurence Hassebrook in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/228313/ee-630-university-of-kentucky in Electrical Engineering at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
COMPOSITE PATTERN AM DEMODULATION USING BANDPASS FILTERING AND ENVELOPE DETECTION Updated 91605 LGH Assume you have NP modulated patterns for a M y row by N column pattern image Let NP 4 NX1024 My 768 Let 1 and kNP 92 For other frequencies let knnl kNPNP for 1112 NP Ifwe let the PMP patterns be 271k 7 SPMPnxy cos Fmply27ln fp and the Canier patterns be 271k x Swlxyy COS then the modulated pattern is Sn xay Sam xay11 SPMPn x7y Hymn mg m View mu m Deskkan WWW HEID asuawaawmemglag Figure 1 Sample of 2quotd modulated pattern The individual modulated patterns are combined by NP SCPx7y AP BPZSnx7y nil Where A P and BF are chose to map the values from 0 to 255 B we Em View men Yaals Deskkau WW 1 Help DE H l MQQWMEWEWE I l 5n 1m 1m 25a 3m Figure 2 Sample Composite Pattern ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION Perform a 2D Discrete Fourier Transform hint use fft2 in MATLAB on the composite pattern and point out the NP different channel signals in the DFT domain Plot real imaginary and magnitude spectra as an image You can suppress the dc term by letting Scpuv0 MVINX I ijl ux 7j27wy SCPl V SCPx7yeXPTXTyJ SEW n D llk e Figure 3 2Dimensional FFT of CP The dc is zeroed out and the origin is shifted to the center of the image Perform a 1D DFT Hint use fft and perform on each row on each row and plot real imaginary and magnitude of resulting matrix Indicate where the channels are based on the magnitude image erl 7 2 Sepiugtyl Escpixgtylexp JNM XEI x HFigurM El File m View mm mm Desklav wmaw a Help DSES MQQS ViDl l li an mm 155 mm 255 am Figure 4 Partial DFT of the CP Note the cosine ampl tude is preserved in the vertical space direction DEMODULATION OF Nth CHANNEL Bandpass lter that channel For simplicity use a rectangular lter given by u 7 u IV HBPJu rest A rect 7 39 B BX x Q i39 FigureS He sat View mm mm Deskkav wmg Met unawaaweiem ua 5m 1m 15m 20a 25a SW D Figure 5 All four BandPass lters shown in 1D format where BXZ is half way between adjacent channels Hint negative frequencies wrap around so for IFO is dc then if klt0 the computer index is kneWNXk The intermediate result is GCPnugty SOP ugtyHBPn Inverse DFT hint use ifft back to the space domain such that 1 erl 2 gmhayEEGcmimyieXP j Insevt m1 Deskkav i W P D lMQGKWZDl l l Figure 7 Bandpass ltered channel and square such that fey Jay 82 Jay Then DPT back to frequency domain and lonass lter With a rectangular lter hint use irect centered about the origin The lter is given by u BLR Where 3pr is equal to twice the Value of the rst carrier frequency k1 The response is HLPurect Rm my Fm mylHiJul Square root the resulting envelope in the space domain to get the PMP estimate Fmnxyl erPM W SHE at m m m M 925mg WWW D l l MQ 397 EDEHEEI m 1m 151 2m 251 am Figure 8 Demodulated channel DEMODULATION OF ALL CHANNELS Perform these steps for all Np channels and show results PHASE RETRIEVAL With alle demodulated images the phase is retrieved by rm x ysin27rn 71Np nl 9xy arctan 25PM xycos27rn 71Np Plot the phase image magma 3916 BE File Edit VVEW Insevt Tani Deskkap WWde Heip 39y DSHSWWQWMEDEHEE j igure NE at View mu w Deskkdp wmaw HeiD nwusi maeismieml ian m 1m 1m 2m 231 mu Figure 9 Left is phase By using a negative sine on one of the atan2yx parameters the phase is shifted properly


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