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by: Adaline Pollich


Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Electrical Engineering > EE 586 > COMMUNICATION AND SWITCHING NETWORKS
Adaline Pollich
GPA 3.81

Ching Cheung

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About this Document

Ching Cheung
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adaline Pollich on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 586 at University of Kentucky taught by Ching Cheung in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/228318/ee-586-university-of-kentucky in Electrical Engineering at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
EE 586 Communica rion and Swi rching Ne rwor39ks Fall 2008 Lec rur39e 7 Sep rember39 14 2008 modified by Cheung for EE586 11 based on KampR oriqinal Announcements D Feedback on gues r lec rur39e M in m Wm B HWZ due da re ex rended Till Friday 139 553 army D Quiz 1 average 6310 0 rLL m 2 Application Layer39 2 Some ne rwork applica rions email D voice over39 IP web D realTime video ins ran r messaging conferencmg remoIe ogin D gr39idcloud compu ring p2p me sharing 0 ne rwor k managemen r mul riuser39 network and do39agnosir39cs games 0 domain name ser39VIce 000000 B s rr39eaming s ror39ed video clips 2 Application Layer39 3 Chapter 2 Application Layer M 0 learn about protocols D conceptual by examining popular implementation applicationlevel aspects of network protocols gww application protocols HTTP W3C oz transportlayer WW serVIce models ozo clientserver paradigm co peertopeer paradigm o 60 O is E 3 o 6 q E o 6 D N 5 CMS er l39bl ll 0 programming network applications ozo socket API 2 Application Layer 4 Chap rer 2 Applica rion layer B 26 P2P applica rions D 27 Socke r programming wi rh TCP D 21 Principles of ne rwork applications 0 22 Web and HTTP D D D g 25 DNS 2 Applica lion Layer 5 CreaTing a neTwork app wri re programs Tha r oz run on differenT end sysfems oz communicaTe over neTwork oz eg web server sofTware communicaTes wiTh browser sofTware No need To wri re sof rware for ne rworkcore devices oz NeTworkcore devices do not run user applicaTions oz applications on end sysTems allows for rapid app developmenT propagaTion applica rion 39 W m applica rion W m 2 Application Layer 6 Chap rer 2 Applica rion layer B 26 P2P applica rions D 27 Socke r programming wi rh TCP D 28 Socke r programming wi rh UDP D 29 Building a Web server D 21 Principles of ne rwork applica rions D 22 Web and HTTP g 23 FTP D 24 Elec rronic Mail oto SMTP POP3 IMAP g 25 DNS 2 Applica lion Layer 7 ApplicaTion architectures The applicaTion ar39chiTecTur39e is designed by The applicaTion developer39 and dicTaTes how The applicaTion is sTr39ucTur39ed over39 The various end sysTems 1 CIienTser39ver39 2 PeerTopeer39 P2P 3 Hybrid of clienTser39ver39 and P2P modified by Cheung for EE586 18 based on KampR oriqinal Clien r server archi rec rure server ozo alwayson hos r ozo welladver rised IP address ozo server farms for scaling chenTs o communicaTe wiTh server 0 may be im ermi em ly connecTed 0 may have dynamic IP addresses 0 do n01L communicaTe direchy wiTh each oTher 60 60 60 60 2 Application Layer 9 Pure P2P architecture 0 no alwayson server 0 arbitrary end systems directly communicate peeppeer D peers are intermittently connected and change IP addresses D Selfscalable gt cost effective 0 Difficult to maintain and secure modified by Cheung for EE586 1 based on KampR oriqinal 10 Hybrid of client server and P2P Skype ozo voiceoverIP P2P application a centralized server finding address of remote party 2 clientclient connection direct not through server Instant messaging ozo chatting between two users is P2P a centralized service client presence detection location user registers its IP address with central server when it comes online user contacts central server to find IP addresses of buddies 2 Application Layer 11 App layer profocol defines 0 Types of messages Public domai n pro rocols eXChanged 0 defined in RFCs oz eg requesf response 0 allows for 9 Message Symaxi inferoperabili ry oz whaf fields in messages amp g 89 HTTP SMTP how fields are delineafed P O I D Message seman rics ropr39elary PPOTOCO 3 D eg Skype oz meaning of informafion in fields 0 Rules for when and how processes send amp respond ro messages Processes communicating Process program running D within a host within same host two processes communicate using i nterprocess communication defined by OS processes in different hosts communicate by exchanging messages processes in same host can also communicate with shared memory Client process process that initiates communication Server process process that waits to be contacted D Note applications with P2P architectures have client processes amp server processes 2 Application Layer 13 SockeTs D process sendsreceives messages rofr om i rs 50 C keI quot controlled by app developer D socke r analogous ro door39 oz sending pr39ocess shoves message ou1L door39 TCP with oz sending pr39ocess relies on buff varlables Transport infr39asTr39ucTur39e on oTher39 side of door39 which 11 d br39ings message To sockeiL comm e by as aT r39eceIVIng pr39ocess D API 1 choice of rr39anspor r pr39o rocol 2 abili ry To fix a few par39ame rer39s Io rs more on This later 2 Application Layer39 14 Addressing processes D To receive messages process mus r have I39denf fer D hos r device has unique 32bit IP address 0 Q39 does IP address of hos r suffice for iden rifying The process 2 Application Layer 15 Addressing processes D To receive messages process mus r have I39denf fer D hos r device has unique 32bi r IP address 0 Q39 does IP address of hos r on which process runs suffice for iden rifying The process so A No many processes can be running on same hos r IdemWeiquot includes bo rh IP address and por r numbers associa red wi rh process on hos r Example por r numbers oz HTTP server 80 ozo Mail server 25 To send HTTP message To gaiacsumassedu web server oz IP address 12811924512 oz Por1L number 80 more shor rly 2 Application Layer 16 WhaT TransporT service does an app need DaTa loss D some apps eg audio can ToleraTe some loss 0 oTher apps eg file Transfer TelneT require 100 reliable daTa Transfer Timing D some apps eg InTerneT Telephony inTeracTive games require low delay To be effecTive ThroughpuT D some apps eg mulTimedia require minimum amounT of ThroughpuT To be effecTive D oTher apps elasTic apps make use of whaTever ThroughpuT They geT SecuriTy D EncrypTion daTa inTegriTy 2 ApplicaTion Layer 17 Transport service requirements of common apps Application file transfer Data loss noloss Throughput elastic Time Sensitive no email Web documents noloss noloss elastic elastic no no realtime audiovideo losstolerant audio 5kbps1Mbps video10kbps5Mbps yes 100 s msec stored audiovideo losstolerant same as above yes few secs interactive games losstolerant few kbps up yes 100 s msec instant messaging noloss elastic yes texting and no twitter Internet transport protocols services D TCP service connectbnorenfea setup required between client and server processes refabe transport between sending and receiving process ow com r39os sender wo n39t overwhelm receiver conges on com ros throttle sender when network overloaded does not provide timing minimum throughput guarantees security UDP service D unreliable data transfer between sending and receiving process does not provide connection setup reliability flow control congestion control timing throughput guarantee or security Q why bother Why is there a UDP 2 Application Layer 19 Internet apps application Transport protocols Application email remote terminal access Web file transfer streaming multimedia Internet telephony Application layer protocol SMTP RFC 2821 Telnet RFC 854 HTTP RFC 2616 FTP RFC 959 HTTP eg Youtube RTP RFC 1889 SIP RTP proprietary eg Skype Underlying transport protocol TCP TCP TCP TCP TCP or UDP typically UDP 2 Application Layer 20


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