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by: Adaline Pollich


Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Electrical Engineering > EE 599 > TOPS IN EE NANOELECTRONIC DEVICES
Adaline Pollich
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adaline Pollich on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EE 599 at University of Kentucky taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/228323/ee-599-university-of-kentucky in Electrical Engineering at University of Kentucky.




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Date Created: 10/23/15
RealTime Linux RTLinux Intro RT RT RT Linux RTos Thread Thread 39 quot Thread 3 Hardware CPU Memory Disks eic Linux with RT extensions RTOS w Linux RTLinux Programs RTLinux programs run as kernel modules o No virtual memory protection in kernel space o Many library routines not available o RT threads cannot call many kernel functions Boot to RTLinux kernel Multilab machines have multiple kernels Press shift key before LILO prompt Select EE599RTLINUX at LILO prompt uname r tells active kernel release name aster uname r 2418 rtl32 prel Module Basics Modules can be installed without rebooting o Each module has ltgt Initialization Routine ltgtCleanup Routine ltgt Other code Simple Module helloc define KERNEL define MODULE include ltlinuXmodversionshgt include ltlinuXmodulehgt int initmodulevoid printkquotHello worldnquot return 0 void cleanupmodulevoid printkquotGoodbye worldnquot Compiling and Using Kernel Modules aster 900 Wall c helloc helloc In function initmodule39 helloc9 warning implicit declaration of function printk39 aster sudo lsbininsmod helloo Hello World aster bM Od Module Size Used by hello 368 O unused vfat 9200 O unused msdos 4720 O unused fat 29024 O vfat msdos tulip 37392 1 aster sudo lsbinrmmod hello Goodbye world Always remove your modules when done RealTime Modules Declarations include ltrtlhgt include lttimehgt include ltrtlschedhgt pthreadt tasks2 void hellothrvoid arg void worldthrvoid arg RTLinux Modules lnit amp Cleanup int initmodulevoid pthreadcreateamptasks0 NULL hellothr NULL pthreadcreateamptasksl NULL worldthr NULL return 0 void cleanupmodulevoid pthreadcanceltasks0 pthreadjointasks0 NULL pthreadcanceltasksl pthreadjointasksl NULL RTLinux Modules RT Threads void hellothrvoid arg pthread makeperiodicnp pthr dself gethrtime 500000000 whilel pthreadwaitnp rtlprintfquothellonquot return 0 worldthr is similar RTLinux Modules Compilation aster catMakeme include homesdieteree599rtlinuXrtlmk rthelloc rthelloc asterlnake gcc DKERNEIL Wall Wstrict prototypes Wno trigraphs fno strict aliasing fno common pipe mpreferred stack boundary2 marchk6 DMODULE g DRTL DLOOSEKERNELNAMES 02 Iual d7csguestdieteree599rtlinuxlinuxinclude Iaalual d7csguestdieteree599rtlinux 32 prelinclude Iaalual d7csguestdieteree599rtlinux 32 prelincludecompat Iaalual d7csguestdieteree599rtlinux 32 prelincludeposix c o rthelloc rthelloc homesdieteree599rtlinuxscripts should be in PATH aster rtlinux start rthelloc aster rtlinux stop rthello Other Useful RTLinux Features o Waiting a set amount of time int nanosleepreq remain int clocknanosleepclk flags req remain HFOS int rtfcreatefifo size int rtfdestroyfifo int rtfgetfifo buf count int rtfputfifo buf count More Info on RTLinux o Manual pages white papers example code o Useful Links section of EE 599 web page


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