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by: Ollie Ratke


Ollie Ratke
GPA 3.96

Anthony Ubelhor

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About this Document

Anthony Ubelhor
Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ollie Ratke on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 203 at University of Kentucky taught by Anthony Ubelhor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/228329/eng-203-university-of-kentucky in Foreign Language at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Group Presentations ENG 203 Business Writing Prepared by Anthony Ubelhor A Persuasive Presentation Your purpose to motivate the audience to act in a specific way I Who is your audience I What are you trying to persuade them to do A Persuasive Presentation Build goodwill with your audience by appearing to be credible and sympathetic to their needs Adapt the presentation to your audience Show them how they benefit from the idea policy service or product you are proposing Overcome any objection they might have Specify exactly what you want them to do Keep it Simple Oral presentations must be simpler than written ones Whatever the listener doesn t remember is lost Simplify what you want to say Identify idea you want your audience to take home then simplify the supporting details so they re easy to follow Simplify visuals so they can be taken at a glance Simplify your words and sentences so they re easy to understand Creating Successful Slides General Guidelines I Slides should hihliht your main points not give every detail Welldesigned slides can serve as an outline for your talk Give each slide a title that makes a pomt Make only one point with each slide Break complicated points down into several slides Signpost key ideas ie repeat key phrases to highlight main or important ideas Creating Successful Slides General Guidelines cont I Slides should be clear and uncluttered with generous margins I Be consistent Find a pleasing background color and use other colors sparingly l Plan at most one slide for every minute of your resentation plus one each for the title and conclusion Creating Successful Slides Readathy l Limit the amount of information on each slide 50 words or less per slide is a good rule of thumb Use bullets to highlight main points no more than 5 to a slide Select a typeface that is crisp and easy to read Avoid ornate script styles Use 36 point or larger type for titles and main heads Your smallest type should be no smaller than 24 point Creating Successful Slides Illustrations When using illustrations follow a quotless is more strategy Charts and tables often make useful visuals but choose simple easytoremember illustrations over complex ones Pictures animation and clip art should be used only when they are persuasive relevant and professional in appearance Organizing Your Presentation Chronological Start with the past move to the present and end by looking ahead ProblemCausesSolution Explain the problem identify its causes and suggest a solution This works best when the audience will find your solution easy to accept Excluding Alternatives Explain the problem and point out why obvious solutions won t work End by discussing a solution that will work Works best on audiences that might not like your solution Plan a Strong Opening and Close Beginnings and endings tend to be what audiences remember the clearest so make sure yours are memorable Use the introduction in particular to connect your message with the audience and their XI l l n Plan a Strong Opening and Close Startling Statement Twelve of our customers have cancelled orders in the past month The proposal went on to show that the company s distribution system was inadequate and recommended a new warehouse Plan a Strong Opening and Close Narration or Anecdote A mother was having difficulty getting her son up for school quotI m not going to school he said quotAre you sick his mother asked quotNoquot he answered quotI m sick of school They hate me They make fun of me They call me names Why should Igo quotI can give you two good reasons the mother replied quotFirst you re 42 years old and second you re the school s principal Plan a Strong Opening and Close Opening with a Question Are you going to have enough money to retire For potential clients enin with a Quotation According to TowersPerrin quotthe profits of America s Fortune 100 companies would be 25 lower if their earnings statements listed the future costs of retirees health care Delivering Your Presentation Preparation Presentations must be between 1015 minutes in length A QampA session will follow each presentation Appoint one member of your group to act as sequencer for your slides Practice in front of an audience at least once If more than one person will be speaking then practice together to adjust to each other s rhythms Plan your transitions both between points and between speakers Delivering Your Presentation Delivery Dress appropriately Relax Deal with your fear Introduce yourself and any other members of your Urou who will be I resenting Use eye contact Don t read from cards Don t put up a slide until you re ready to talk about it Leave it up until you re ready to move on Use hand gestures walk if necessary Use a conversational Style Grading Criteria 1 Preparation How well was your topic researched Does your proposal offer a practical workable solution to a realworld problem Did you adapt your solution to your audience s beliefs experiences and interests Did your visual aids involve the audience Were they appropriate Grading Criteria 2 Content Did you have a strong opening and closing Did you provide an overview of the main pomtsi Did you signpost main points in the body ofthe talk Did you use s ecific vivid supporting material and language Did you provide rebuttals to counterclaims or objections Did you provide adequate transitions between points and speakers


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