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by: Ollie Ratke


Ollie Ratke
GPA 3.96

Anthony Ubelhor

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About this Document

Anthony Ubelhor
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ollie Ratke on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 204 at University of Kentucky taught by Anthony Ubelhor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/228330/eng-204-university-of-kentucky in Foreign Language at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
The memo of fransmiffa does no require a lefferhead afhough you may include one if you wis Shorf reporfs fypicaly use memo formaf l 8 March 2006 To James Sammons From Paula Marshall Memos are inifiaed by fhe aufhor Firsf paragraph summarizes main poinfs Subject Lex1ngton Legends report The Lexington Legends are a successful minor league baseball team with a President and CEO that has a talent and a passion not only for business but for baseball as well The new team saw record attendance numbers in their first season back in 2001 but with their sixth season quickly approach ing attendance numbers are not looking like what they used to In this report I will explain how why and by whom the Lexington Legends program was initiated how the program works and what it costs and discuss several options for increasing attendance numbers Purpose and scope of fhe reporf Sfape fhe memo of fransmiffa fo fhe fronf ofyour reporf Sample shorf reporf using Chicago sfye Prepared by Anfhony Ubehor Continuing Success in the Minor Leagues Change fa 12poinf Type Name of reader jab iiie arganizafian cify sfafe zip code wr39ifer39 jab iiie arganizafian cify sfafe zip code The Lexington Legends Skip 1014 spaces Skip 1014 spaces Prepared by Paula Marshall University of Kentucky Lexington KY 40506 18Mar 112 2 inches Prepare d for Reparf iiie should be cenfer39ed double spaced and pasifianed 112 2 inches from fhe Top of fhe page Use bald fype in a large fanf This is 14point Na puncfuafian Daube space Dan Shumer Instructor in English University of Kentucky Lexington KY 40506 Dafe r39epar39f is released Use same formaf as level 1 heading TABLEOFCONTENTS Infro begins on page 1 1 If You Build It They Will Come 1 The Applebee s Park Experience 3 Modifying the Market 4 Indem Enhance the KidFriendly Amenities 5 subheads Advertising to the CollegeKids 6 Conclu ion 6 8 You musf have at easf fw Line UP Ugh mar In 7 head LIST OFILLUSTRATIONS 9 at any one eve rignf jusfify Figure 1 Total investment for the Legends from private funding 2 Figure 2 Minor league ballparks opened between 1999 and 2002 3 Figure 3 Average attendance since inaugural 2001 season 4 Table 1 Minor league ballpark attractions 5 Mosf word processors creafe leader dofs aufomaficaly If yours doesn f fype space do space do and a ign dofs verficaly Margins should be sef fo 1 inch all around Level heading This aufhor cenfered hers MODUCTION using bold face all caps wifh fexf one poinf size larger fhan body A Tickets for a family of four 14 Four hotdogs four sodas and some cotton candy to share 2350 A whole evening of family fun for under 40 pricelessiand actually very possible But how much family fun can you actually get for that kind of money and where would you even find such a deal Well believe it or not at a baseball field Minor league baseball has become the premier avenue for parents looking for cheap family entertainment The Lexington Legends a single Aaffiliate of the Houston Astros in Lexington Kentucky offer these prices and a whole lot more entertainment for families Not only do the Legends offer very affordable ticket and concession prices but within Applebee s Park there are children s play areas and family seating Minor league baseball controls a large chunk of the family entertainment market and the Legends need to make sure they keep up in this growing industry if they want to stay competitive Double space befween paragraphs Do no indenf firs line When the Legends first tapped into this market they found success and have continued that success since their inaugural season in 2001 The Lexington HeraldLeader reported that the team debuted with a South Atlantic League title the best record in minorleague baseball 9248 and they beat the previous league attendance record averaging 6444 fans at home1 Not only that but they had a preseason sellout in advertising and premium seats and they ped the Astros to be named Organization of the Year by Baseball Weekly Topps Baseball A 39 But with new minor league teams starting up every year it is going to ke more t record and a league title for Legends PresidentAlan Stein to kee 39 nization successful in this business Foofnofe is inserfed affer puncfuafion for in fexf cifafion In Word posifion your cursor fhen go fo InserfgtReferencegtFoofnofe The Legends front office believes that if they can just get people to the ballpark they will become fans Entering into their sixth season inApril of 2006 Stein and his associates may want to consider brainstorming some new attractions to bring to Applebee s Park to attract some new customers Stein told the Lexington HeraldLeader that it is up to the Legends staff to maintain what he calls the Applebee s Park Experience Clean Safe Welllit Entertaining Those are the four man tras 3 The first three mantras are all part of upkeep and maintenance on the physical aspects of the Legends stadium But the last mantra entertaining is where they need to look for continuous improvemth Headings should have slighfly more whife space above fhem fhan below Them A simple way fo creafe effecfive whife space for headings is fo friple space 2 empfy spaces before fhe heading IFYOUBUIIDIT THEYWH LCONJE and double space affer fhe heading Alan Stein worked for more than ten years to bring professional baseball to Lexington After many failed attempts and countless unsigned contracts Stein finally took the reins on his lifelong dream project and decided to privately fund his baseball team He rounded up a group of 22 investors for a total investment of about 23 million including the costs of acquiring a single Ateam building the 135 million stadium and other setup costs4 He never stopped until his dream came true in April of 2001 when the Legends playedtheir first game inApplebee s Park Fi ure 1 on the next page shows the breakdown of the funding Alan Stein procured from private investors Chicago sfyle sfipulafes fhaf foofnofes be indenfed 12 inch Ill Slf39a a 5 WWIIncaquot quot7 Commas are used fo delimif ifems in foofnofes f e fwd before If appears Mark Mammyml lm Producing Winners Lexington HeraldLeader April 11 2002 wwwnewsbankcom 1 Clayton Shane Navistar Looking Back and Looking Ahead at the Legends Ace Weekly April 11 2002 httpwwwaceweeklycom 3 oney o cit 4 Ed Ford The Baseball Business The Lane Report April 2001 httpwwwkybizcom lanereportissues apri101 basebm 0p cif is used in foofnofes fo refer fhe reader fo an earlier cifafion In foofnofes aufhor names are lisfed firsfname firsf 1 I P e number cenfered af boffom ofpage Nofe fhaf fhe fexf of fhe reporf begins on page 1 Figure title Text is in sentence case with only the first letter capitalized Note periods after Figure 1 and at the endoft etitle TL w I t quot titeon L quot 39 quotiacewiih text onepolnt size larger than body How you choose to document your illustrations is up to you but remain consistent throughout thereport Figure 1 Total investment for the Legends from private funding A legend clari es the data labelsdata series snnmm a ms mimaa Piopeny mi 15 mIHInn run an t s miIHen Lion and in x iiiiiuan Pie graph effective for graphically representing percentages Some Ed Fwd This author positioned her source line below the illustration using italhcs in the same 39 point size as the body text Note the use of a footnote for her citation Privately 39 39 quot 39 39 t 39 39 According to the Lexington HeraldLeader Stein s researched showed out of 137 professional sports facilities built or scheduled JOI letion from 1990 to 2002 exactly one ofthem had been done solely 39 39 5 tein 39 lot to take on But 39 nuirlzlv quot i k of 39 I 39 Amril t 2001 quot 39 39 39 39 39 Annlehee s 4 Nam Use italics for titles of magazines Journals and books there Is no The fact that the cost ofthe stadium constituted over half ofthe total investment and that it cost Femquot 135 million 39 39 39 39 39 lea He tzdillm 39 39 after the t i 39 n I word 7 o uuiei IIIIIIUI I rea v I I gure My 01 p small r quot when it 39 39 In Figure 2 Linc Legends Applebee s Park in We 39 39 1999 and 2002 Stein was so passionate about his baseball dream for Lexington because knew it would be success fulquotquotLr 39 39Tquotquot enc counties he saw some pretty solid indicators offinancial success Plus with the privately funded stadiu LL L 39 39 nd there certainly is a lot of revenue pouring into this ballpark 5M Ioidis used in footnotes to refer the reader to the citation iriiriiedatelypreceeding 6 m L sseter We ve Got Game Determined Stein Brings Baseball Dream to Lifequot Lexlrgtan Herddr Leader April 9 2001 www newsbank corn More consecutive numbering of figures Figure 2 Minor league ballparks opened between 1999 and 2002 Alextan mm L Elev County EaHpavk PA SUV R wertvum Stadmm N Coastal Fedeval Hem sc 0313ch new 0 Lumsthe Sluggev Hem xv AutuZune Pavk TN Dell Dtamund TX EAE Pavk NV Smums Pavk TN Paley Hem CA th Two new 0 E i E a 21V Campbell s Hem PGE Pavk 6H vvvva vv GPU Enwgy Pam E x lt Applebee s Pavk lt momma co Bank EaHpavk N R tpken Stadmm M o Fvesnu Stadmm CA n 1U 2U an Act an EU m an an C051 in m ons Source Tim Reason7 Use quotMImg heads Note how much more Informative this IS than THEAPPLEBEE SPARKEXPERIENCE quotExpemnmu Located on the north end of Lexington Kentucky minutes from 164 175 and downtown Applebee s Park is where you can see the Legends play from April to August The of cial Legends website describes the 6033 seat multiuse facility as the perfect blend of anostalgic baseball stadium design with Kentuck inspired architecture 8 There are group outing areas like the Pepsi Party Deck and the Budweiser Stables Restaumnt and the rstever Maker s Mark Club Restaurant ttrauiml nu 39 39 39 A 39 nil 39 39 39 apIivate family restroom a supervised children s play area featuring a junglegym carousel merrygoround an in atable speed pitch and much more Young Legends fans can also have some in with the Legends mascot known as Big L a mus tachewearing Legends player who appears everywhere from games to birthday parties Kids can even join the Lexington Legends Kids Club to receive discounts on Legends merchandise and win free prizes Wit L 39 39 for children A h I quot and 0an inn mice for the parents the Legends really hit it off with the central Kentucky families averaging an attendance of 7 Tim Reason Diamonds in the Rough CFO April 1 2002 httpwwwcfocomprintable articlech 30040047f70ptions E Lexin ton Le ends What Do You Need to Know about Professional Baseball in Lexington http g y www1exingtonlegendscomhistorydefaultasp7idl attendanee artheLegends games smee mm Figure 3 Average attendance since inaugural znm eeaeen mam anZEIEIZ manna 4thzuu4 5thzuu5 Season Year Soumz Ballpark Dtgtzsr that pmk agam The fans they attracted m mm have yewnup The mltes they attmeted may he as n mm m puhhe Mm YHVGTHEMAIHGLT te nd m the mar When the Legends started up m Lexmgten they smmhled ante a mtha39 large m Lenngten Accurdmg ta an arude m Reeyeanon Management mmur 1mgue hasehan games have ha a hume mn th mute bemuse arthe luw east at gmng tn the games the are and fun enynenments fur v mm ngzs htth Wwb kawzkhcom d M children comfort and convenience education and community and food11 If the Legends are looking to increase their attendance to the record highs from their inaugural season they may want to choose one of these five areas to focus their attention on and make that particular area more appealmg to famlhes39 Level 2 heading This aufhar39 leftaligned her39 2nd level heading using bold face fier case wifh fexf same size as body Enhance the KidFriendlyAmenities While Applebee s Park does boast a children s play area with a jungle gym and merrygo round fun for the kids doesn t go much further than that They might get a chance to see Big L the Legends mascot maybe once during the game And there is a chance they will get to participate in one of the few betweeninning games on the field but other than that there isn t much for children to do This is why the Legends need to focus their attention on creating a more fun environment for children Table 1 below shows some minor league parks around the country and their unique attractions Each team has found a way to make their park stand out whether it is with family attractions food stadium details mascots or cheap tickets The Legends can use information like this as research to make Applebee s Park stand out to children and families Tables are numbered separ39afely from figures buf Table 1 Minor league ballpark attractions folow similar canvenfians Team Reading Charleston Savannah Dayton Beloit Phillies River Dogs Sand Gnats Dragons Snappers Attraction Pool Pavilion Six different signature Manual Roo nan the Retirement Village Fan Appreciation hot dogs and other foods scoreboard Pennle Day Description 1000 square Turk dogs the River es the Roo nan lives on the roof at Fi h Celebrating their foot heated Dog mustard BBQ historic sadium Third Field where he collects foul 25th season with swimming pool sauce coleslaw and an authentic balls that land on the roof several promotions 31 picnic tables okra the Jailhouse Dog and oldfashion autographs an tosses down to the involving the each with their sauerkraut and the Elvis baseball kids The Retirement Village number 2 5 One own closed sandwich peanut butter atmosphere People are a senior citizen dance game will offer 25 circuit TV a bananas andhoney The troupe that imitates The Village cent seats and Fan catered buffet Food Network39s Rachel Peop e The go Dancers are a Appreciation Day and private Ray lmed a segment group of9 and 10yearolds that will offer free h perform with the club39s mascots on admission the dugouts Bene ts Attraction for More revenue off food Attracts the Entertainment for everyone young Offering deals to 39 and promotion from the young and old children teenagers and older new and existing families group TV network Americans parents and grandparents customers to get and of ce them to the parties ballpark Source w w 1 1 7 quot ram and V V r nm To better accommodate children at the games the Legends may want to consider an addition that would attract children as well as their parents such as the Reading Eagle Pool Pavilion at the Reading Phillies GPU Stadium in Reading Pennsylvania The twolevel 1000 squarefoot heated swimming pool has water cannons and waterfalls and was created as part of a threetiered deck picnic area off right field Now that is something that would attract more people to Applebee s Park in the summertime But the Legends don t need to spend millions of dollars on a three story swimming pool to attract families with children Kids love to be treated like adults and feel grownup The Legends can play Kelli Anderson N0t So Minor Attractions Recreajion Management March 4 2002 http WWWrecmanagementc0m200203fe04phpSceneil of off this desire by creating some smaller childrensize concession areas where the kids can go up with money from their parents and buy their own hot dogs and drinks This will make the children feel special like they are just as important as the grownups These areas can also sell the kid s items from the regular concession menu that Applebee s Park already offers The Legends could also feature some new items around the jungle gym and merrygoround area like maybe a small baseball diamond with some wiffle balls and plastic bats so the kids can run the bases and play the game like their hero s on the field The location of the children s area at Applebee s Park is already perfect because the parent s can watch their children and watch the game at the same time But to make the parents even more at ease the Legends may consider putting someone to there watch over the children s area not as a babysitter but just to make sure no one gets hurt or lost from their parents With these two ideas the Legends would be appealing to the children themselves as well as their parents se a period affer a firsf or secondlevel heading only if if is a complefe Advertising to the College Kids senfence Thirdlevel headings have periods even when fhey are no complefe senfences While adding amenities to appeal to families and children is a great way to increase attendance at the Legends games new advertising tactics may also be considered to reach another market lLinor league baseball games are fun for families but they can also be a great spot for dates boysgirls nights or weekend nights out The Legends already market to this college ageyoung adult market with Thirsty Thursday College Nights and Quarter Hot Dog Nights but those promotions aren t seen until people are already at the games They need to work on getting consumers in this market to the game Alan Stein knew what he was doing when he pursued his dream business in Lexington and even when he secured the location of the stadium he couldn t have asked for a better one Lexington Kentucky is a college town housing the University of Kentucky This is the biggest market you could ask for with more than 25000 students from the ages of 182512 The Legends need to reach this market by advertising around campus in the student center and especially in The Kentucky Kernel the school newspaper Reaching a college market would lead to so many more Legends fans UK students love sports especially basketball so they are looking for a summer team to cheer on The Legends can appeal to their interests by advertising their low ticket prices and the promotional nights mentioned earlier If the Legends could get these college kids interested in their team before they knew it they would be renting out the Pepsi Party Deck and Budweiser Stables for fraternities and sororities nights out Just imagine the revenue off of beer and hot dogs alone Conclusions repeaf polnfs made In fhe reporf Some companies ask for Conclusions and No documenfafion is given here since if has Recommendafions af fhe beginning of fhe reporf CONCLUSION been given earlier The Lexington Legends are a very successful minor league baseball team with a President and CEO that has a talent and passion not only for business but baseball as well He grew up in Lexington so his intentions to bring summer family entertainment to the bluegrass could not be more pure The new team saw record attendance numbers in their first season back in 2001 but with their sixth season quickly approaching and attendance numbers not looking like what they used to the Legends may be able to use a few additions and changes to their business plan 1 University of Kentucky 39 39 M A quot nLLp www TV statshtml In reaching a new market of college ageyoung adults and appealing more to families and children the Legends will have a great shot at seeing their attendance numbers rise They are already so great at having at least one promotional deal every game to appeal to all different kinds of custom ers now they just need to get all these customers to the ballpark With low ticket and concession prices nonstop entertainment and a genuine American baseball atmosphere the Legends staff could not be more right in believing that they just need to get people out to the game to make them a fan I also know that because it happened to me From my experience and with these few pro posed changes baseball in the bluegrass is here to stay The Bibliography appears on new page Chicago style also allows you to title this page References if you are only listing sources cited directly in the text Use same format as level heading BIBLIOGRAPHY Break long URLs only at dashes or Andersoni Kelli Not So lLinor Attractions Recreation Management http wwwrecmanage 7 BallparkDigest Total Atten e by Team httpWWWballparkwatehcom Echan Michael Cool Things to See d the Sally League MinorLeague Baseball News 1 O O a N O O N O U 395 O J a quot5 it U1 0 a D hLLpWwwminuu U Ford Ed The Baseball Business The Lane Repormwkybizcomlanereportissues rilOlbaseballbiz html Periods are used to delimit items in Bibliography Lasse Tom We ve Got Game Determined Stein Brings Baseball Dream to Life Lexington Entries should be alphabetized single spaced and with a 12 inch hanging indent See your grammar handbook for complete citation information In the Bibliography author names are listed lastname first with a comma between the last and first names List all printed and online sources cited in your report Chicago style allows the listing of sources you used for background but did not cite However this practice is discouraged in business report writing


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