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by: Landen Wolf
Landen Wolf
U of L
GPA 3.8

Edward McInnis

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About this Document

Edward McInnis
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Landen Wolf on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 102 at University of Louisville taught by Edward McInnis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/228334/hist-102-university-of-louisville in History at University of Louisville.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Final Review Hist 102 How did World War reshape Europe a How was it fought b How did it contribute to the Russian Revolution c Which countries participated in World War d What were the causes of World War I e What did World War change 1What new countries emerged after WW 2What countries disappeared 3 Role of self determination 4 League of Nations f What institutions and values did people question as a result of World War g How did views of human nature change h How did World War I contribute to the coming of World War What are the components of the Bolshevik ideology I How was the Russian Revolution different from earlier revolutions a What was its connection to Marxism b How was it different from earlier revolutions c Who were its leaders 1 Lenin 2Stalin 3Trotsky d What programs did the Bolsheviks leaders implement 1Collectivization 2NEP New Economic Plan 3 Modernization 4 Nationalism 50pportunities for women under Lenin 6 Socialist attitude toward early feminist IV What did the Russian Revolution change a Modernization b Elements ofa totalitarian society c How did Stalin create a totalitarian state d What elements of a modern society does a totalitarian state draw on e What was life like for women in Stalinist Russia V How did Joseph Stalin use art to create a socialist state built around nationalism a How did he use photography b How did he use himself VI Why did people embrace authoritarian leaders during the 20 h century a What ideas did they promote b Impact of World War I c What did they change d Connection to populism e The Great Depression 1 Flappers and cultural change VII What is a reactionary movement A What are the qualities of European reactionary movements B Connections between reactionary movements and mass movements C What elements of a modern society did the Nazis use to promote itself D What traditional values did they embrace ie women VWhy did World War II occur a Germany b Role of appeasement c Europe s response to aggression d Role of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles IX World War II a Who were the Axis powers b Who were the Allies c Why did the Allies win X World War II and the Holocaust A How were Germans persuaded to participate in genocide B What strategies did the government use to manipulate people C How was the rational thought process manipulated 1 For guards 2 For victims XI How did World War II change the world a Human Rights b The United Nations c Emergent super powers d The United States role in the world e The Cold War f What was the Cold War X How did the Cold War reshape Europe 1 Who was allied with the United States 2 Who was allied with the Soviet Union 3 The Iron Curtain 4 The Berlin Blockade X What strategies did the United States and its allies use to resist Soviet influence during the Cold War A Containment B The Marshall Plan C What were the long range effects of these plans XVWhat fears did the Cold War produce 1 The United States and its allies 2 The Domino Theory 3 The Soviet Union and its allies 4 Encirclement XV How did the Cold War affect revolutions and insurgencies in Latin America A The Good Neighbor Policy B Guatemala El Salvador Nicaragua Cuba Peru Chile Argentina C Challenging colonial empires versus communist conspiracies D How did many Central and Latin Americans feel about capitalism E Latin America after the Cold War F How did the end of the Cold War change America s stance toward Latin American insurgencies XVI Compare and contrast the first part of Ernesto Guevara s trip to the second part of the trip What does he experience in the mountains of Chile and Peru How does the trip change his perspective on life What is his daily life like on his journey 9 What attitude toward elected government begins to emerge during his trip What does he represent to many Latin Americans 5053957


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