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by: Adele Maggio


Adele Maggio
U of L
GPA 3.51


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Adele Maggio on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS299 at University of Louisville taught by ShudunLiu in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/228337/phys299-university-of-louisville in Physics and Astronomy at University of Louisville.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
PHYS 299 Introduction to Electricity Magnetism and Light Dr David N Brown Your Guide 47144924 2039 Today s Class Introduction 0 Look at syllabus 0 The work song Physics Review what you need to remember from Mechanics Isaac Newton s song Math Review 0 Derivatives and Integrals 0 The New Math Getting Help ys 299 HowdyDo 0 Most people consider Phys 299 harder than 298 It jumps into calculus quickly and in a big way It also deals with electrons which you can t see and electrical circuitswhich you probably haven t worked with as extensively as you have objects considered in 298 0 But for all the work there are lots of applications When I m not around Blackboard pa 1 p How Bounce Dryer Sheets work All electrical and electronic circuitgq MagLev trainsland39 less Electric guitaripiclqttp amp 639 nce in I lllll iquot mu l g A l Fiber optIc com lna iulni 39 a AND so 39 e your first guideand the V U now 539 vquotv 1 l x 3 c Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Work and Grading 0 Everyone will work hard in this class Expect it WorkWorkWORK That s what it takes 0 But your grade is for the most part based only on your demonstration of your knowledge and ability Effort while commendable plays only a small role in I your grade Nine out of ten students agreeDr B is the meanest The other one just didn t hear the question right 4 Mechanichou Need To Remember 0 Kinematic De nitions a d d1 V2 v a C 0 Newton s Laws of Motion 4 dt dt r Fnet ma 0 De nition of momentum I mg 0 De nitions of work kinetic energy and potential energy W 2 I B 1301 K lmvz AB A 3 2 o Rotational quantities S WABUB UA 9 1quot gt TrgtltR TIA Example 0 A spool of thread of radius R has circular ends with radius 2R The spool lies on a table top and the thread is pulled with a constant force in such a way that the spool spins at a constant rate but does not move left or right What is the angle between the thread and table top Does it depend on the coef cient of friction or the force Math Review Derivatives 0 Remember that a derivative represents a rate of change of a quantity as a function of a variable of interest It is de ned as a limiting process on nding a slope Volunteers nd these derivatives ilt3x2 5x6x 5 i5t 620t3 iljz i2 dx dt dy y y y y 1672 2 2e isinch 0 X indep oft isinch kwcoonc x or dx dt dt Answers added after class 7 Partial Derivatives 0 A partial derivative is just an EASIER version of a derivative It takes a derivative with respect to one variable pretending all the other variables are constants 0 And it s written with a funky form of d Examples x2y2z22x 8 83x2yz3 3x2Z3 638 2t 2 8 Math Review Integrals 0 An integral represents a sum of in nitessimals It can also be viewed as the opposite of a derivative 0 You can use integrals to nd the area under curves Volunteers evaluate Iszdxx3C Je rdt1 0 J dxblnxC 2xbdx b x 1 2 Answer added after lax 9 Line and Surface Integrals 0 Apply the same basic idea as regular integrals adding in nitessimals but now the in nitessimals are chunks of path length or surface area Also works for volume elements Getting Help 0 EEACH tutoring should be available wwwreachlouisvilleedu m THE 3591155 munL E The Physics Learning Center in NS l34l36 is a good place to sit and study and GTAs will be a l 3 available for walkin tutoring See wwwphysicslouisvilleeducontentplchtml


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