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by: Vergie Connelly DVM


Vergie Connelly DVM
U of L
GPA 3.77

Garry Brown

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About this Document

Garry Brown
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vergie Connelly DVM on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TA 240 at University of Louisville taught by Garry Brown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/228348/ta-240-university-of-louisville in Theater Arts at University of Louisville.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
October 15 2009 Soft scenery Unframed scenery Covered in fabric Classic wing and drop scenery Series of backdrops across the stage Style was more presentational each ally created by backdrop First drop called Nl playing on the apron to allow time for scene changes Whoo Making our own backdrops Get muslin ten feet wide and up to 60 yards long Which way do you sew the seams Horizontal seams mostly but you can use vertical seams every now and then Sew horizontally to keep it smooth 7 ideally it pulls everything down smoothly Vertical seams have less stress but they can pucker Line top of drop with jute webbing that has grommets in it 7 jute webbing reinforces top of the drop Put the grommets in after the jute webbing For drops putting a grommet every foot is fine for a scrim usually 6 9 apart Tie the drops on with tie line Mark the drop so you know what it is and what size it is Mark the center line 7 there is always a grommet on the center line Weight the bottom 7 finish it by adding a pocket With a backdrop 7 use pipe With masking curtains 7 use chain This helps pull the drops at Need a lining in this pocket for reinforce it A true cyclorama is a backdrop that hangs across the back of the stage and has a wraps around 7 comes downstage a lil bit If you are gonna paint the drop it adds more steps to making the drop Lay the drop out Used to have a paint frame 7 attach a drop to a large frame vertically 7 drops down into the oor 7 can raise and lower to paint sections Can t see the whole thing at once while you re working on it Lay the drop on the oor 7 clean the oor lay plastic down lay drop down staple the drop down every 6 8 Prepare the fabric size the muslin 7 use a starch solution or watered down white latex 7 make sure you get it all Prime it 7 go over it with a coat of paint Painter s elevation 7 scale drawing of the paint job Grid the job Cartoon it 7 use charcoal on a stick then ink it Paint 7 dries stiff can become an issue when you store it 7 paint cracks when it s folded for a long time Hard nishing a drop 7 take drop and sandwich top between boards and clamp it together and attach it to the pipe 7 after job is done remove batten hook then roll the drop up Use gaff tape for cut drops Teasers 7 arm


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