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by: Leola Gutmann I


Leola Gutmann I
U of L
GPA 3.55

Garry Brown

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About this Document

Garry Brown
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leola Gutmann I on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TA 240 at University of Louisville taught by Garry Brown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/228348/ta-240-university-of-louisville in Theater Arts at University of Louisville.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
September 29 2009 Paper based materials Masonite pressed board 7 bunch of stuff pressed and glued together 7 dense Usually we use it for ooring covering platforms Problems hard to attach to things bc it s so dense have to counter sink screws don t get it wet It will soak up moisture and start to swell Give it room to breathe 7 give it about a dime s width of space so the masonite doesn t bubble so much When painting we paint both sides to avoid the bubbling nasty Tempered vs untempered surface 7 relates to the hardness of the board Fairly exible 7 can use for facing around curves Homasote pressed plies of paper soft surface carves well too soft to top platforms by itself does have a sound deadening effect 7 may cover platform with plywood then homasote then masonite so we don t hear people walking on it can put homasote on the inside of the platform Celotex insulation treated with an oil based material so it can repel water rather insanely messy possibly chemically dangerous Upson Board paper board 7 light weight heavy grade poster board use where we need exibility is not friendly with paint or water not strong Carpet tube columns fun stuff for moldings Sonotube or Burke tube larger carpet tube treated with waxy surface on inside and outside doesn t like paint good for trees and columns usually covered with muslin so we can paint it Synthetics Woo Safety issues 7 make sure you know what you re doing with them so you don t poison yourself and your friends Know which paints and solvents you can use with these materials again for poison prevention We usually use contact adhesive for styrofoam but not all styrofoams take all kinds of adhesives Styrofoam Polystyrene Two basic differences 7 bead board loose beads less dense vs dense board Lightweight easy to work with can do a lot of things with it not very strong Petroleum based material that does not take paint well fragile Reinforce with cheesecloth 7 provides a better paint surface and keeps the styrofoam together so we can t kill it as easily Certain health risks 7 when styrofoam burns it releases noxious fumes reacts badly to certain materials DO NOT SPRAY PAINT 7 it melts does not decompose well Glue styrofoam to thickness you want then carve it Bead board releases little balls instead of solid pieces like dense styrofoam Foam rubber actually polyurethane foam bought from upholstery places Polyethelene 7 used with a vacuuform to mold shapes into the sheet with heat Big table one half with holes and a vacuum underneath that pulls the material down at On the other side put material in frame over heat lamps to soften it up then ip it over onto the mold and turn on the vacuum so it sucks it down to hold the shape Does not take paint well Ethofoam 7 ethofoam rod 7 backer rod 7 work it around it intricate shapes lightweight sometimes difficult to attach does not like paint fragile Plexiglass Lucite clear acrylic sheet 7 expensive can use with plastic welding Use paints and dyes so that light can shine through creates a lot of toxic fumes and such It is fragile it will split and break Mirrored pleXiglass can get bubbles and bulges b c it isn t a rigid surface CPVC 7 chlorinated poly vinyl chloride 7 tubing lightweight doesn t take paint well joiners cost a lot of money


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