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by: Leola Gutmann I


Leola Gutmann I
U of L
GPA 3.55

Garry Brown

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About this Document

Garry Brown
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leola Gutmann I on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TA 240 at University of Louisville taught by Garry Brown in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/228348/ta-240-university-of-louisville in Theater Arts at University of Louisville.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
November 10 2009 A few more things about bracing scenery As many contact points as possible 7 wall ground etc Having contact points with other pieces will help keep the scenery stable and supported Booking ats together hinge the ats together so they can open and close the ats will support one another How do we hide the seams between the individual units If we built them properly it will be relatively ok However we still need to cover the seams Use a Dutchman which is anything that hides the line between the pieces In the olden days the Dutchman was a strip of fabric glued and painted onto the seam Strip 36 wide with feathered edges In real life it s mud We can use soft Dutchmans or we can use drapes or wallpaper Back to moving scenery 7 woo Rolling scenery Once there are wheels on a platform it becomes a wagon We use casters Caster wheel mounted to a plate Crazy amount of materials we can use for the wheel Steel wheels work well for moving heavy things but they are noisy and mess up wooden oors Can use hard plastics and synthetics for the wheels 7 cheap but may not carry the weight that we need them to carry Rubber wheels carry the weight we want and are very quiet but they are also expensive Big vs little wheels Caster is measured by the diameter of the wheel but doesn t include the mounting plate Big wheels take up space easier to move more able to get over obstacles we have to build the scenery to hide the wheels Smart or dumb wheels Smart wheel can tumknow as a swivel caster dumb wheels 7 know as straight casters can t Downsides of a swivel caster wheel has to turn all the way around to go backwards it will move in all directions 7 will need an extra person to guide it Straight Casters are cheaper Tricaster or zero throw caster essentially a double swivel caster reduces the amount effort necessary to get the wheel going in the right direction turn and roll easily expensive Casters serve as contact points 7 put enough legs on it caster on a leg Swivel casters have to be inset Wheels as far as possible on the edge Individual units vs large units Slip stage Jaek khrfe Tumtable or revolve Sllp stage wagorr large seetrorrs of the set so slrpstage techmquel they ear roll or and off through eharmels burldup the stage so you don39t damage the oor Jack Kmfel Wool Operates on aprvot porrrt How do we do the prvotporrrt and arrehor rt onstage397 strarght easters Use 7 Both slrp stage andraek knle take up a lot of wmg spaee E El Tum table or revolve How do you move rtv Motor and belt drrve turntablel ur revulve Push rt Keep m mrrrd the werght of the umt and what kmd of easters you are gorrrg to use EI EI Stxalght or swrvel casters7 Ifyou rurr easters perperrdreular to the radrus you ear use stxalght easters espeerally lthe tum table rs Norse rssues eorrdrtrorr ofthe stage or the oor ewrll reduee the rrorse level How fastls rt gorrrg to tum7 Espeerally rmportarrtrfyou are usrrrg a motor Be sure your prvot porrrt rs seeure every rmportarrtl How do we keep thrrrgs from movlng7 Best thrrrg rs to be able to loekthmgs rrrto the stage oor Bloek the easters m e not reall Lockmg easters 7 don39t really work Can use a fun lockJng system usrrrg prreumatres and hydraulres one other type ofcaster that rs really eool AIR c STERN u Use alarge rubber bladder mourrtedto aplate arrdeormeetedto an arr souree e orree arr starts orrrg m an arr eushrorr rs ereated andrt oats aeross 39 level unobstrueted surface F n w l w d w lr ur an supply How do we move walls around7 Drffereht ways tu attaeh wheels tu ats tu rhewe Make them rolll Easle t ah outhgger e aolol wheels s way ls to ere tot e underslde of Lhejacks auol eohheet the Jacks together Wheels are hot duectly under the loaol we are rhowh ethe wheels don39t set under see the walls Usually add a blaek 5km behlnd the mix at and before the whee s Dumgger mack Don39t forget to aolol werghts to the Jack Can also use aupjack Llftlaekell ltup andthe wheels are otfthe ground Push the lever down and the wheels F ml tr vw r th l m h wof the program ll auolNorth l V 1t m l rtbeeorhes unstable


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