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by: Miss Chase Cole


Miss Chase Cole
U of L
GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Chase Cole on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLS323 at University of Louisville taught by A.Caldwell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/228353/pols323-university-of-louisville in Political Science at University of Louisville.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Queer Politics Midterm Review Sexologisis 0 Researchers and scholars on human sexuality Save Our Children Campaign Headed by Anita Bryant in 1977 to oppose antidiscrimination law for sexual orientation Miami 0 Limited Purpose Reactive group 0 Claimed ordinance discriminated against her right to teach morality and dangerous to society 0 Repeal vote passed by nearly 70 Sexual Psychopath Laws Gays could be arrested as quotcapablequot of committing future crimes and institutionalized o Policies arising in 1930 s40 s part of policies giving rise to homophile movement Mattachine o Founded by Communist leader Harry Hay in 19501951 0 Large group of the early homophile movement 0 Beliefs 0 Need leadershipunity Respect other minorities Homosexuals as a persecuted minority Society is heterosexual values should change to allow difference OOO Restructured to a more assimilationist approach sexuality irrelevant fit society Stonewall Rebellion Rioting and rebellion for three nonconsecutive days following police raid on gay bar in NYC the Village 0 High number of minorities Af Am Hisp drag queens males and youth 0 Striking that gays fought back and gained upper hand 0 Set stage for Gay Liberation Front Phyllis MartinDel Lyon 0 Gay rights and feminist activists o Founders of the Daughters of Bilitis o Leaders of first national lesbian organization in the US 0 First gay marriage after CA legalization Special Rights Strategy 0 Strategy of opposition against gay rights movements 0 Principles gay rights are additional rights undeserved rights immoral gay as elites choice to be gay o Often used to fragment minority groups especially targeting African Americans Moral Majority Evangelical Christian lobbyist group founded by Jerry Fallwell o Founded in 1979 dissolved in 1980 s strongly opposed to homosexuality 0 Key step in the formation of the new Christian Right Don39t Ask Don39t Tell 0 Executive Order 1993 President Clinton 0 Campaigned on service for all Congress overrode Clinton banning gays order made it acceptable to be gay as long as it is not mentioned or quotopenquot 0 One of the main successes of the CR movement against homosexuality and gay rights Senate Report on the Employment of Homosexuals State Dept official s statement that most of the subversive dismissed were homosexual 0 Led to witch huntSenate report on o Concluded that homosexuals were a threat to national security 0 Eisenhower 1953 Executive Order homosexuality as grounds for removal of employment Gay Activist Alliance 0 NYC 1969 Following Stonewall dissident members of GLF 0 Aims nonviolent politically neutral group to secure human rights and freedom for all gays o Utilized the Greek letter lambda o Performed quotzapsquot to gain media attention 0 Became National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Christian Coalition 0 General purposeinstrumental opposition founded by Pat Robertson 0 Launched with failed presidential bid by Robertson 0 Saw homosexuality as sinful and immoral political effort grassroots lobbying mail fundraising etc to maintain traditional structural values Kinsey Report Sexologist Alfred Kinsey Indiana University late 1940 s and 1950 s 0 Suggested much higher rates of premarital extramarital and homosexual sex than expected 0 20 w 37 m some overt homosexual experience 0 Suggested that perhaps rates are too high for homosexuality to be abnormal Daughters of Bilitis 0 See Phyllis MartinDel Lyon 0 Founded in 1955 lesbians had different concerns than Mattachine o Socializationmeeting other lesbians somewhat nonpolitical o Mainly white middleclass women o Emphasis on research and educating the public slowly on the issues worked w Kinsey Institute Harry Hay See Mattachine Romer v Evans SCOTUS rejected Amendment 2 of Colorado s Constitution 0 Amendment 2 repealed prior lawsprohibited creation of future laws for protection of gay rights 0 Argument was that it prevented special rights 0 Court said it imposed a disability on LG BTs and that the Constitution knows no class of citizens Christine Jorgenson o 1952 first mainstream transsexual 0 Male to female former US soldier 0 Had gender reassignment surgery in Denmark then returned to the US 0 Gained celebrity like status and was generally accepted by the public Gay Liberation Front Revolutionary group following Stonewall 0 Sexual liberation requires abolishing existing social institutions 0 Formed common causes with other radical groups 0 Some broke off to for the Gay Activists Alliance


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