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by: Sedrick Shanahan


Marketplace > University of Louisville > Biology > BIOL 465 > PRINCIPLES OF PHYSIOLOGY
Sedrick Shanahan
U of L
GPA 3.92

Ronald Fell

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About this Document

Ronald Fell
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sedrick Shanahan on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 465 at University of Louisville taught by Ronald Fell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/228357/biol-465-university-of-louisville in Biology at University of Louisville.




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Date Created: 10/23/15
Juan Quiros 10310 Film Review Afrocubanismo The film on Afrocubanismo musical sTyles was a very Thorough depicTion of The hisTory of Rumba iTs inTegraTion inTo modern Cuban culTure and how iT has affecTed oTher culTures worldwide IT delves deep inTo The origins of Rumba and shows how H is more Than jusT a Type of music IT is a way of life for many Cubans and iT is Their way of inTeracTing wiTh each oTher The film sTarTs wiTh The origins of Rumba which daTes back To The 1880s The African slaves broughT To Cuba by The Spanish were freed and They seTTled inTo The Baracoa area There They sTarTed playing rhyThms on cajones Spanish for boxes in Their paTios and Thus was The birTh of Rumba The Two Types menTioned in The video were Guaguanco and Columbia Columbia was described as using The Tumbadora drum wiTh a fasTer pace Than Guaguanco The main musical group Talked abouT in The video was Los MunequiTos meaning liTTle carToonsquot in Spanish The group39s original name was Guaguanco de MaTanzas buT was soon changed by The people of Cuba This was due To Their many musical performances dealing wiTh ficTional characTers such as Dick Tracy They were porTrayed as being The example To follow in Rumba music The music They played also wenT well wiTh The dancers They used in Their songs as The main dance of Guaguanco is The roosTerhen maTing dance The film also wenT deep inTo The relaTionship of Afrocubanismo and religion The people broughT from The Yoruba region of Africa developed a religion ThaT combined ChrisTian and WesT African beliefs called SanTeria SanTeria was noT allowed by The caTholic Spanish buT The slaves kepT The TradiTion hidden and riTuals of This religion Today are accompanied wiTh Rumba music which of course also came from These and oTher slave groups IT was inTeresTing To hear The hisTory of The black slaves in Cuba Many came from The Yoruba region I menTioned buT many also came from souTheasT Nigeria and The Dahomey area Many of The These people have Their own idenTiTies buT iT was surprising To see how well The differenT eThnic groups of Cuba geT along and inTeracT wiTh each oTher Lasle The film Talks abouT The influence of Afrocubanismo on oTher musical culTures Jazz in NorTh America has been heavily influenced by Cuban music as many musicians from New Orleans came To Cuba To learn The musical sTyles of Cuba This influenced has also sTreTched To blues and gospel music Afrocubanismo also inTegraTed many of The elemenTs of oTher musical culTures inTo iTs own sTyle so The relaTionship is a duel one Overall I can say I enjoyed This film very much As a fellow Caribbean To Cubans iT was inTeresTing To see The elemenTs of Their main musical sTyle as Rumba is in essence The source of salsa music which happens To be my favoriTe Type of music Prior To The film I was ignoranT of The religious diversiTy of Cuba as well as The racial diversiTy The musical performances were easy To waTch and enjoy Los MunequiTos employed The pianos fluTes Tumbadores and chekeres very well There were even performances ThaT used The violin To harmonize The sounds of These oTher insTrumenTs I hope To one day visiT The island of Cuba and see The phenomenon of Rumba music myself


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