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by: Mable Schaefer


Mable Schaefer
U of L
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mable Schaefer on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JA201 at University of Louisville taught by JosephGrant in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/228363/ja201-university-of-louisville in Law and Legal Studies at University of Louisville.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Exam lA IA201 CJUS P301 In America the sheriffs duties include all but which one of the following o Included Apprehending criminals caring for prisoners civil process conducting elections collecting taxes Early justices of the peace were 0 Wealthy landholders A quothue and cryquot raised by the constable would 0 Join citizens in the pursuit of criminals Which of the following was not a part of the police uniform of London s rst constables 0 Parts blue coat blue pants black hat baton truncheon rattle Which ofthe following is not one of Peel39s quotprinciplesquot ofpolicing 0 Principles see page 17 Policing America Among the recommendations of the President s Crime Commission were 0 More minority officers bettereducated officers collegeeducated as supervisory positions screening applicants more rigorously intensive preservice training Which of the following was not a duty of the constable during the Middle Ages 0 Duties collecting taxes supervising highways serving as magistrate Which of the following was not a policing legacy from the colonial period 0 Legacies local policing republicanism crime prevention In England the justice of the peace was 0 Custos pacis conservator of the peace nominated by king presided over criminal trials The three eras of COPPS according to Willard include 0 Innovation diffusion institutionalization Two reasons for the scarcity of studies into police functions and methods prior to the 1960s were 0 Police resisting outside scrutiny few felt need to challenge traditional methods The sheriff was formerly known as the o Shire reeve agent of the king In which era of COPPS is community policing described as involving quotexperimentsquot 0 Innovation The President s Crime Commission brought policing quotfull circlequot restating several of the same principles that were laid out by 0 Sir Robert Peel in 1829 Secret Service agents are authorized to all of the following except 0 Authorized Protect president officials investigate counterfeiting and financial crimes protects areas and embassies Today the top three priorities of the FBI are to protect the nation from 0 Terrorist attack foreign intelligence operation and espionage cyberbased attacldtechnological crime Nearly 60 percent of the nation39s 49 state law enforcement agencies whose primary duties include highway patrol require their traffic patrol officers to 0 Record motorists race or ethnicity during traffic stops The Department of Justice is headed by 0 The Attorney General The Management directorate of the DHS ensures that employees 0 Funding human resources facilitiesequipment performance measurements The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center 0 gt80 federal agencies state local and international graduates approx 25000year Glynco GA Which organization is not a part of the US Department of Justice 0 Parts FBI ATF DEA USMS Who participates in the uniform crime reporting system 0 FBUstate and local police The FBI s laboratory investigates crimes for 0 State police and local agencies The Transportation Security Administration 0 Transportation systems 43000 workers The CIA s powers were expanded by the MCA by 0 George W Bush A good example of policemedia relations is the performance of 0 Police Chief Moose during Beltway Snipers case in Maryland Which of the following best describes the characteristics of a supportive firstline supervisor o Protecting officers from unfair management strong work teams motivation by inspiration All of the following elements compose the communication process except 0 Encoding transmission medium reception decoding feedback In comparing accredited and nonaccredited police agencies accredited police agencies 0 More traininghigher education require drug testing more often operate for drug lawschild abuse The coroner39s inquest closely resembles a o Autopsy William Parker39s greatest success as police chief typical of the new professionalism came in 0 Administrative reorganization US Marshals have no jurisdiction over crimes involving 0 State law The CIA39s powers were expanded in October 2006 when President George W Bush signed the 0 Military Commissions Act Word Bank Constable Coroner justice of the peace Modus operandi PCC Wickersham Comm 3 COPP Eras Department of Justice DHS F LETC NCIC Accreditation Chain of command Compstat Mintzberg model Unity of Command Span of control


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