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The American Heritage

by: Jerel Douglas IV

The American Heritage HISP 101

Jerel Douglas IV
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jerel Douglas IV on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HISP 101 at University of Mary Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see /class/228385/hisp-101-university-of-mary-washington in History at University of Mary Washington.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
LOCATING INFORMATION ON HISTORIC BUILDINGS 1 Subject headings in the catalog Historic buildingsSouthern states Historic buildingsVirginia Historic buildingsname of state Historic buildingsVirginiaFredericksburg Historic buildingsVirginianame of county Fredericksburg VA Fredericksburg VABuildings name of city two letter abbreviation for state 11 Useful reference sources A Newspaper and Periodical Indexes Hodge Robert Allen REFB AI21 F etc Hodge a Fredericksburg resident has compiled many indexes to early Fredericksburg newspapers The MWC Library has both the indexes and extensive runs of the newspapers on microfilm Swem Earl Gregg Virginia Historical Index Roanoke VA Stone Co 19341936 2 vols REFB F221 S93 An index to information in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography William and Mary College Quarterly T yler s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine Virginia Historical Register and Literary Advertiser Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary Hening s Statutes at Large and Calendar of Virginia State Papers The MWC Library has these publications Virginia Gazette Index I 736 780 by Lester J Cappon and Stella Duff 1950 2 vols REFB A121 An index to the Williamsburg Virginia Virginia Gazette B Mutual Assurance Society Policies Mutual Assurance Society Virginia Mutual Assurance Policies Microform 23 reels and index to reels Policies issued 17961867 MFILM F226 M87 Over 30000 architectural descriptions of buildings based upon assessments of the Mutual Assurance Society The Society was originally conceived as a blanket organization to provide indemnity across the entire state which in 1796 included what is now West Virginia In reality however rural policies were never numerous and were almost always written for properties whose owners had urban land holdings as well The policies provide such information as the dimensions of a building number of stories materials of the walls and roof amount deducted for decay and information on the number and character of adj acent structures For indexes to the Mutual Assurance Policies see Mutual Assurance Policies Index to Reels REFB F226 M87 Index Mutual Assurance Insurance Policies Fredericksburg VA I 796 1862 Index to micro lm reels REFB F226 M871 Index Mutual Assurance Insurance Policies of F almouth and Stafford Counties Index to micro lm reels REFB F226 M872 Index Mutual Assurance Insurance Policies of King George Westmoreland and Spotsylvania County Index to microfilm reels REFB F226 M873 Index Mutual Assurance Insurance Policies of Port Royal and Caroline County Index to microfilm reels REFB F226 M874 Index Mary Washington College Historic Preservation Dept Index to Mutual Assurance Society Policies The Historic Preservation Department has a computer index to the policies which has elds for name of policy holder city county and location of property date of policy policy location information reel volume and policy number the value of the policy name of property and the building types insured C WPA of Virginia Historical Inventory Projects Works Progress Administration of Virginia Historical Inventory Caroline County Spotsylvania County Stafford County 3 reels MFILM F232 C2 W67 Works Progress Administration of Virginia Historical Inventory King George County 1 reel M FILM F232 K5 W67 The writeups for these two sets are part of the Virginia WPA Historical Inventory Project sponsored by the Virginia Conservation Commission under the direction of its Division of History For indexes to these WPA Historical Inventory Projects see Hodge Robert A An Index to the Stafford County Virginia W P A Reports REFB F232 S72 H6 Hodge Robert A An Index to the Caroline King George Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties Virginia W P A Reports REFB F232 C28 H6 WHAT STYLE IS IT A Bibliography for Historic Preservation liUse il subject headings include Architecture and various subdivisions Architecture Domestic and various subdivisions ArchitectureStudy and Teaching ArchitectureUnited States Historic buildings and various subdivisions Historic buildingsConservation and restoration Historic buildingsUnited States and various subdivisions 11 Useful sources include A Dictionaries Directories and Encyclopedias Curl James Stevens Encyclopaedia of Architectural Terms 1993 REFB NA31 C87 1993 Directory Historical Agencies in North America 1990 REFB E172 D5 1990 Organized by state this volume lists 9375 agencies Useful for nding information on historic buildings around the country Harris Cyril M Illustrated Dictionary of Historic Architecture 1977 REFB NA31 H56 1983 Includes 5000 de nitions of terms and 2100 line drawings Hunt William Dudley Encyclopedia of American Architecture 1980 REFB NA705iH86 Offers some 200 articles on major elements in American architecture Landmark Yellow Pages Where to FindAll the Names Addresses Facts and Figures You Need 1980 REFB E159 L28 1980 A successor to The Brown Book the rst few pages of this handbook are devoted to architectural styles Lounsbury Carl R An Illustrated Glossary of Early Southern Architecture and Landscape 1994 NA7207 C85 1994 De nes and analyzes the various and sometimes changing meanings and usages of the South39s building and landscape vocabulary B Handbooks and Guides Blumenson John J iG Identifying American Architecture A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms 1600 1945 2nd ed rev and enli 1981 NA705 B55 1981 This brief guide provides photographic illustrations of buildings and architectural details to


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