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Computer Software Engr

by: Denis Gulgowski

Computer Software Engr EECE 3220

Denis Gulgowski
University of Memphis
GPA 3.96


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Denis Gulgowski on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EECE 3220 at University of Memphis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/228397/eece-3220-university-of-memphis in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Memphis.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Software Lifecycle A ctivitia39 System Disign Expressed in Slvucluved Ev Terrie of Test Cases Requirements Elicitation Activities a mh Fieldof er FRIEND Identify actors Identify scenarios Identify use cases Identify relationships among use cases Refine use cases Identify nonfunctional requirements Identify participating objects in spatcner Requirements Elicitation challenging activity Requires collaboration ofpeople with different backgrounds 0 User with application domain knowledge 0 Developer with implementation domain knowledge Bridging the gap between user and developer 0 Scenar39 s Example ofthe use of the sysmm in terms of a series of interactions with between the user and the system 0 Use cases Abstraction that describes a class of scenarios Page 1 Products of requirements elicitation and analysis 7 b1 em quota Loom Seclfltatmn nonfunctional SESMMWW client and developer Reqm rements el 1 a tan on iterative dynamic model usesfonmdoxsemie formal notation 2 g UML analystg object System Idmtification Development ofa system is not just done by taking a snapshot ofa scene domain Definition ofthe system boundary 9 What is insidEi whztis outside How can we identify the purpose ofa system Requirements Process Requiremenu Elicim nn D 39ini nn quhe system interms understood by the customer 0 Analysis Technical specification of the sysmm in terms understood by the developer Types of Requirements 0 Func onal requirements 0 Describe the inmmc uns between the system and its environment independent from implementation eg the watch system must display the time based on in location 0 Focus on the purpose of the system rather than how the purpose is chieved or how efficiently the purpose is achieved Typm ofRequiremenm U a i i r c t system not directly related to purpose but often specified at the same time as functional require 0 Look and reel of the user inmrfzce 0 Documentation format requirements 0 Hzrdvtmre o Perfurmanc e responsetjrueruusthe less than 1 second must be within 2 Second 0 Quality reliab ilityavailab ility o e W St he avaith m e 24 hours a day except from 2lzmr am and 3l amr3lzm Cpu speed What is usually not in the Requirements 0 System structure implementation technology Development methodology Development environment Implementation language Reusability It is desirable thatnone ofthe above are constrainedby the client Requirements Validation Criteria continued 0 Realism 0 Requirements can be implemented and delivered Traceability 0 Each sysmm function can be traced to a corresponding set or functional requirements Page 2 Types ofRequirementx o Constraln s the environment in o The implemenmtiun 1 must be Java 0 M st inmrrace to the dispatcher s ystem wrinen in 1956 0 Must use Intel CPU t Pseudo requirements imposed by the client or 39 which the system will operate Restricts the implementation ofthe system Requirementx Validation Critical step in the development proce s 0 Usually arter requirements elicitation or analysis Also done at delivery 0 Requirements validation criteria Correctness The requirements representthe client s view 0 Completeness Allpossible scenarios thr the ystem are described including exceptional behavior by the user or the system 0 Cunsismncy There are no functional or nonfunctional requiremenu that ontradict each other 0 Clarity There are no ambiguities in the requireuents T ypm of Requirementx Elicitation Greenfield Engineering 0 Development starts from scratch no prior system exisu the requiremenu are extracted from the end users and the client 0 Triggered by user needs Reengineering esign andDr rerimplementztjnn of an existing sysmm using newer mchnuln o Triggered by technology enabler Interface Engineer 39 e the services or an existing sysmm in a new environment 0 Triggered by technology enabler or new market n eds nal state event parameter tooColddesiredTemp a M N i 0 event initial state nested state timeevent 3241 04x rv iqxf39 inlet AG af dra iON 046 0 k QEICC 439th 041 h S4nlc afterZSecondssend cisAlive mach uc J a S 4 a 4 1 0445f I quot1 h lt I selftransition V 3 if 0 ff 4 quot39 event trigger triggeriess transition Searching Engaging event trigger with parameters guard condition targetAtp fisThrea taddTargetp Tracking Engaging action I yquot a Tracking 39 name entry action o entry setModeonTrack exit action o exit setModeo T rack internal transition onewTarget trackerAcqulre activity o do followTarget deferred event o seItT est deter transition tofrom composite state composite state sequential substate entry readCard exit ejectCart transition from substate WO SubyMcs You b1 GAMMA ow ewrj smash 53 jayprcss dc ca i LS Wa quotProu39 Ac 4 Acawak up f re A 41 molding vim um o i ne glue5 Q squot mop Hon 5 wou tL 453 a rapsatvzou 4r7gqm Arum 5444c join fork 1 composite stafe maintain 39 CDk s c Sn 9 s W concurrent substate f Maintenance pa m z k39 4 w Testin Testing Self devices diagnosis 4quot anagnang ognmgl quotquotquotquotquotquotquot quot W L 8 L lbw O whiny Macf 0 f keyPrass not continue aidcnk It paraitd 7quot W GOWLezoF 0L M4 cutlow Wke baitK Mes 1 th 341 w A menMIN rtao x Mew 4h 0J5 Sign CantWA pica Am caulk wle SW 4M 4M 30 barL W40 3 uw39 51414 m f p N o v s 44v wki is wmtrvo after 10 seconds I seltT est Checking Calling entry caiiCenters l U 1011 attention entry setAlarm exit clearAlarm Cc mu q commUL initial state transition nested state ringing triggeriess sendFax transmon Transmittin 9 entry pickUp exit disoonect l printFieport state aC on composite state


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