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HIST 2340W Week One Notes

by: Morgan Routman

HIST 2340W Week One Notes HIST 2340W

Marketplace > George Washington University > History > HIST 2340W > HIST 2340W Week One Notes
Morgan Routman
GPA 3.62
US Diplomatic History
Professor Brasinzky

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About this Document

These are the notes from the first week of classes. There isn't much here, but its the beginning of the entire course.
US Diplomatic History
Professor Brasinzky
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Routman on Thursday January 15, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2340W at George Washington University taught by Professor Brasinzky in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 331 views. For similar materials see US Diplomatic History in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 01/15/15
HIST 234OW Week One 11515 829 PM o 1630 sailed to America after losing his position in Britain on account of being Puritan 0 He sailed on the ship Arabella where he gave the sermon we had to read 0 He said this meaning that the Massachusetts Bay Colony would be from the British heathen The Puritans believed that Europe was losing faith and that they needed to do God s work on an entirely different continent They also exceptional and blatantly different from Europe 0 Winthrop believed that coming to this new land would either Be their opportunity to deal truly with God Or end in the Puritans becoming Biword if they don t deal truthfully with God Lived much later and was a Minister and also the President of Yale He wrote the Book in 1783 o This is where our second excerpt came from o How does he compare with Winthrop I Still implies that America has God s blessing n The same notion that America is an example I Still believes that the US is destined to be superior to Europe a Believed that Europe was in a political decline loss of liberty etc while Winthrop believed they were in a spiritual decline El Secularized his writings far more this is because of the separation of Church and state though he still considered our institutions to be divine He speaks far more about the political aspect of America than Winthrop s religious teachings Wants to spread values through trade and commerce Wants to spread political ideals instead of religious ones 0 What do we have that they don t El El El 0 ie the concept of Manifest Destiny fundamental freedoms and liberties European countries were established through feudal systems and monarchs and relied heavily on tradition a This meant that Americans dealt with authority differently Ie voting instead of revolting 0 Ideas were more akin to liberal capitalismquot 0 Political liberty 0 Social mobility o Constitutional government 0 Capitalist models of distribution and production 0 The US often aligns itself with the opposite radicalism of the highest perceived threat 0 Weebler system where the Political system is able to lean a bit to the left or right but never quite topple and become thoroughly radicalized n The US believes in its own uniqueness because of these political institutions but is a part of a world that doesn t share these liberal capitalist ideals 0 HOW DO WE DEAL n Using Military a Trade and Commerce shows countries the natural benefits of liberal capitalism n Fostering US dependency a Different treaties n Domestic Powers a Cultural Exchange In Aims to create nations similar to America in the International System and mechanisms in the international system that can impact the world Succeeding to transform the world would only make us less unique


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