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Org Analysis SportLeisure

by: Malika Smith

Org Analysis SportLeisure SLS 3204

Marketplace > University of Memphis > none > SLS 3204 > Org Analysis SportLeisure
Malika Smith
University of Memphis
GPA 3.54

Nathan Martin

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About this Document

Nathan Martin
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Malika Smith on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SLS 3204 at University of Memphis taught by Nathan Martin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/228441/sls-3204-university-of-memphis in none at University of Memphis.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
College of Education The University of Memphis Health and Sport Sciences SLS 3204 Organizational Analysis in Sport and Leisure Spring 2009 Nathan T Martin PhD Usilversny of Memphis College of EdUCalIOH College of Education Norms I take 100 responsibility I seek equity of voice I am willing to talk about sensitive issues I listen for understanding I appreciate the strengths and contributions of others I bring positive energy and encouragement to the team I am a professional and my actions re ect that role SLS 3204 Organizational Analysis in Sport and Leisure Days TBD Time TBD Location Field House FH 302 Of ce FH 310 Phone 901 6782462 E mail NathanMartinmemphisedu Of ce Hours M l30pm 500pm T 200pm500pm W 130pm500pm R By Appointment F By Appointment NOTE Course materials and other pertinent information can be found at htt39pSumdrive memnhis J 1 public Course Description Analysis of the organization and administration of sport and leisure service organizations organizational structuring goals objectives and policy development planning process personnel development risk management con ict resolution as applied to sport and leisure services Prerequisites None Spring 2009 The University ofMemphis l SLS 3204 N Martin Required Materials Chelladurai P 2005 Managing organizations for sport and physical activity 2quotdEd Scottsdale AZ Holcomb Hathaway Publishers Support of Conceptual Framework This course supports the College s commitment to preparing educational leaders for diverse communities by addressing varied sport and leisure organizational issues presented by academics and students in similar yet disparate programmatic areas Through the learning and application of current research and effective practice in the area of sport and leisure organization analysis students with diverse abilities and experience levels are able to increase their knowledge of and appreciation for sport Methods of Instruction Readings lecture inclass discussion group projects individual projects and student presentations Course Objectives By the 0 Spring 2009 The University of Memphis end of this course students should be able to Discuss the historical roots of sport management Describe the current status of sport management Explain the economic signi cance of sport List numerous career opportunities in sport management Describe the differences between goods and services Distinguish among consumer professional and human services Discuss the motives for participation in sport and physical activity Analyze the distinctions among participant spectator sponsorship and donor services Describe the primary purpose of sport management Define an organization Identify and describe significant attributes of an organization Describe the ways in which organizations can be classified and the significance of such classifications for management Explain the processes associated with an open system and compare an organization to an open system Describe the inputs throughputs and outputs of an organization from a systems perspective Describe the significance of the environment for organizational survival and growth Explain three theories of the environmental in uences on organizations Discuss the general meaning of management Explain the functions of management including planning organizing leading and evaluating Discuss the distinctions among technical human and conceptual skills Explain the 10 roles of a manager and relationships among them SLS 3 204 N Martin Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 3 Explain what is meant by the universal nature of managemen Discuss the steps in the planning process Explain the signi cance of various planning process steps De ne and describe strategic management Discuss the signi cance of mission statements Explain tactical operational plans Discuss the relationship between planning and budgeting Explain how goals can be constraints Explain the signi cance of information in planning and discuss the methods used to gather information Understand the need for planning without goals or directional planning Discuss the signi cance of decision making in management Explain the programmability and signi cance of decisions Explain the rationality of decisions as related to the means and goals Discuss the differences between the economic person administration person and implicit favorite models of decision making Explain the advantages and disadvantages of member participation in decision making Describe the varying degrees of participation by members Describe the critical attributes of a problem situation that determines the appropriate level of participation by members Describe the classical principles of organizing List the tenets of a bureaucracy Discuss the relevance of bureaucracy and its tenets to sport management Describe the dysfunctional aspects of bureaucracy Explain the place of bureaucracy in a democracy and how the two complement each other Explain the need to view organizations from a systems perspective and design them to be I 39 to 39 39 Jquot Discuss the concepts of differentiation and integration of organizational units and explain why organizations need to undertake both simultaneously Discuss the methods of integrating differentiated units Explain the applicability of Thompson s idea of insulating the technical core to sport organizations Discuss the signi cance of boundaryspanning units Discuss Parson s notions of vertical differentiation of the institutional managerial and technical subsystems Explain the role of the technical core in service organizations in boundary spanning activities Describe the ve types of network organizations and identify their purpose Explain the importance of individual motivation in managing sport delivery systems Distinguish between needbased and processbased theories of motivation Explain the hierarchy of needs proposed by Maslow 1943 SLS 3 204 N Martin 0 Describe the twofactor theory of Herzberg 1968 and explain the effects of motivators and hygiene factors 0 Explain how individuals preferences for specific rewards and perceptions of the probability of receiving the rewards result in motivated behavior Describe the concept of equity of rewards as judged by individuals Explain the concepts of justice and fairness in the workplace Develop a comprehensive framework to incorporate the various perspectives on motivation Define leadership Describe the behavioral and situational approaches to leadership Discuss the focuses of the contingency model and the path goal theory of leadership effectiveness 0 Explain the multidimensional model of leadership its components and the relationship among these components Distinguish between transactional and transformational leadership and their effects Define charismatic leadership Distinguish the performances at individual unit and organizational levels Discuss the relationship between planning and programming Define and describe a program and its components from a systems perspective Distinguish between the outputs and impacts of a program Describe the different types of programs Define program evaluation its purposes and its processes Describe the differences among various standards applied to programs Explain the concept of organizational effectiveness and the complexities associated with it Distinguish between the multidimensional and the multipleperspectives aspects of organizational effectiveness 0 Explain the differences and relationships among the goals system resource and process models of organizational effectiveness 0 Discuss the issue of the primacy of multiple perspectives of organizational effectiveness 0 Debate the utility of the prime beneficiary approach to organizational effectiveness Define and describe diversity in the workplace and marketplace Distinguish among forms of diversity Differentiate among the concepts of affirmative action valuing diversity and managing diversity Discuss the strategies of accommodation and activation in managing diversity Identify the relationships between tasks and time factors in managing diversity Assignments Exams and Grading Criteria 1 Reading Quizzes 360 Total Points 14 x 30 Points drop lowest two scores Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 4 SLS 3204 N Martin To ensure students are prepared for classroom discussions and exercises based on the text weekly quizzes will be administered online Quizzes will be timerestricted and available on the Friday before the chapter is to be covered in class the following week Quizzes will include multiplechoice and truefalse questions and must be completed online before 11am on the following Monday Because ofthe possibility of technology issues students should take quizzes well before the due deadline and email or call at least 4 hours BEFORE the deadline with problems 2 Midterm Exam 1100 Points To assess student knowledge and understanding of the information discussed in the class students will complete a midterm written exam over chapters 18 class discussions exercises presentations and guest presentations The exam will include multiplechoice truefalse short answer short essay and long essay questions The exam is closednote and closedbook and will require a scantron form 882E Skinny green type Midterm Exam Date 223 140 Individual Points To provide students with the opportunity to apply course content this project involves the analysis of an organization using the Baldrige National Quality Program s Criteria for Performance Excellence In groups of three students will identify a sportleisure organization of their choice and prepare a 1015 page project report that re ects the Baldrige Criteria Each group will present their project to the class using PowerPoint A project rubric presentation rubric and examples will be provided Due Dates 34 Organizational Profile 415 Categories 1 3 422 Categories 4 7 and quot 39 39 39 Cover Memos 4 In The News Exercise 50 Points To allow students the opportunity to apply course content to current events each student will be asked to informally discuss a current sport example that occurred in the previous three weeks in the news that illustrates a course concept Students must discuss the sport example what concept it illustrates and how the sport example illustrates the concept Fifty 50 points will be earned for an outstanding discussion 25 points for a less thanoutstanding discussion 0 points for no discussion and 10 points for discussions that waste class time are incorrect irrelevant and or unprepared FYI very few students earn 50 points on their discussion A copy of the news article must be submitted to the instructor on the day the student is asked to present For any discussion that earns fewer than 50 points makeup discussions may be voluntarily presented for 5 additional pointsper discussion Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 5 SLS 3204 N Martin If you are absent or late on the day you are selected and have not communicated with the instructor about your absencetardy ahead of time you will earn a 0 for this assignment see Attendance section below and will not be eligible for make up discussions Due Date Students will be selected to present at random be prepared 5 Exam Review Exercise 150 Points To provide students the opportunity to review for the nal exam each student will plan and execute an interactive ve to ten minute lesson to class members on a concept from the course A rubric will be provided Due Dates 48 Memo P quot 413 415 417 420 422 and 424 6 Final Exam 1100 Points Possible To assess student knowledge and understanding of the information discussed in the class students will be given the opportunity to complete a written exam over chapters ll4 class discussions exercises presentations and guest presentations The exam will include multiplechoice truefalse short answer short essay and long essay questions The exam is closed note and closedbook and will require a scantron form 882E Skinny green type Final Exam Date Mondav Mav 4 1030am 1230pm NOTE NO MAKEUP FINAL EXAMS WILL BE ALLOWED DE TERMINA TION OF FINAL GRADE NOTE This course is not a plus or minus graded course Students will receive a single letter grade for any point total that falls between the pointrange designated above For example point totals of 999 and 900 both receive a letter grade of A Course Requirements Students are required to Read the assigned text Participate in daily class discussions activities and assignments l 2 3 Complete individual and group exercises 4 Complete midterm and nal exams Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 6 SLS 3204 N Martin V39 Complete individual and group projects Submit material that is their own original work and formatted according to guidelines of the Publication Manual of American Psychological Association 51h ed 7 Proofread submitted work for proper grammar spelling and punctuation usage submitting work that is not proofread and grammatically correct will lower the grade of assignments and 8 Turn in assignments on time no late assignments will be accepted and they are due at the beginning of classsession on the assigned date 0 Attendance A signi cant amount of your learning will occur in the analysis and discussion that takes place in the classroom Consequently you are expected to attend every class Prompt and regular attendance at all class meetings is expected and is required for successful completion of this course It is expected that students who enroll in this class possess a keen interest in the field of sport management and will display an active and professional demeanor during class sessions Although attendance is not mandatory students are expected to communicate via email or phone with the instructor IN ADVANCE regarding any absence Failure to communicate with the instructor regarding absences is considered unprofessional and will result in negative ramifications for the student Since there is no penalty for missing class other than missing critical content provided in class or points from In the News assignment and since showing up after class has started is disruptive to instructor effectiveness class ow and student learning students will not be allowed to show up to class after class has started without penalty Therefore for every minute a student shows up after class has started the student will earn a 1 reduction in hisher nal grade for each minute tardy with a maximum of 5 reduced on any one day Classroom Procedures Students must consider this class in the same professional manner they would a job in the sport and leisure industry Therefore no hatshead coveringsI sunglassesa or food will be permitted in the classroom You may bring a drink but any bottles or containers must be removed from the classroom or placed in the waste basket upon leaving the class I expect this classroom to be trashfree at the end of each class session Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during class cell phones are not jewelry and should not be worn around your neck If a student is caught using their phone in class for any reason eg text messaging games heshe will earn a 5 reduction in hisher nal grade for each occurrence This is your first and Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 7 SLS 3204 N Martin nal warning If you have challenges that require you to use your phone arrange a mutually bene cial solution with the instructor ahead of time Class Etiquette This class operates under the 5 P s Be 1 Punctual 2 Prepared 3 Positive 4 Professional 5 Polite Preparation For effective learning to take place it is vital that you spend time carefully preparing for each class session by completing the suggested readings before class This will allow you to actively participate in the discussion At various times students will be expected to start discussion or answer a specific question so preparation thought and adoption of a personal position on relevant issues will allow students to contribute to as well as learn from other members of the class during these discussions Further classes will often start with a discussion about an issue from the media that ties in with the course s focus 7 so please come prepared If the thought of starting such a discussion makes you feel particularly uncomfortable please talk to me I strongly encourage you to spend some time before class discussing various positions with other members of the class Participation Class participation involves being clear on your own position and being able to defend it It also requires a certain amount of openness to alternative perspectives Participation allows you to learn from colleagues and to help them learn from you Accordingly you are expected to analyze comment upon question discuss and build upon others contributions Good participation is not repeating facts monopolizing class time or ignoring the contributions of others Effective participation will be valued I expect you to 0 Invest time and effort in understanding organizational analysis principles related to sport 0 Take responsibility for your own learning by attending all class sessions and completing assigned tasks and readings 0 Notify the instructor if circumstances prevent the completion of any assigned readings or tasks or attendance at a particular lecture Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 8 SLS 3204 N Martin 0 Communicate any difficulties that might impair learning or academic performance 0 Follow the guidelines provided for the submission of written work 0 Ensure that you are a member of the class email list that you check your email daily for the duration of the course and that you make any requested responses within stated guidelines and provide constructive feedback to the instructor or his GA Carmen Robinson crbnson2memphisedu regarding the content and delivery of the class material You can expect that I will 0 Provide a course outline that clearly states the objectives of the course 0 Provide a weekly breakdown of the course content reading requirements and any tasks 0 Provide a program of study that is challenging intellectually stimulating and allows for practical experiences 0 Provide a clear indication of the forms of course assignment assessment and submission dates for written work 0 Attempt to create a climate that enhances student learning and achievement and is conducive to the open sharing of ideas 0 Provide constructive feedback on written work within 10 days of submission and 0 Hold office hours or arrange appointments to provide opportunities for the discussion of areas of interest or difficulty HSS Position Statements Please Read Promoting a Positive Learning Environment The Department of Health and Sport Sciences recognizes its responsibility to promote a safe and diversitysensitive learning environment that respects the rights dignity and well being of students faculty and staff Diversity means the fair representation of all groups of individuals the inclusion of contrasting perspectives and voices together with the appreciation and valuing of different cultural and socioeconomic group practices Moreover we aspire to foster a climate of mutual respect and empathy among and between students faculty and staff by nurturing an atmosphere that is free from discrimination harassment exploitation or intimidation Departmental courses will strive to provide an opportunity for all students to openly discuss issues of diversity including but not limited to age disability ethnicity gender race religious beliefs and sexual orientation Spring 2009 The University of Memphis 9 SLS 3204 N Martin Special Needs Any student who has special needs for assistance andor accommodation and who is registered with the Office of Student Disability Services should meet with the instructor during the first week of classes Plagiarism Plagiarism includes but is not limited to the use by paraphrase or direct quotation of the published or unpublished work of another person without full or clear acknowledgment It also includes the unacknowledged use of materials prepared by another person or agency in the selling of term papers of other academic materials Your written work may be submitted to Tumitincom or a similar electronic detection method for an evaluation of the originality of your ideas and proper use and attribution of sources As part of this process you may be required to submit electronic as well as hard copies of your written work or be given other instructions to follow By taking this course you agree that all assignments may undergo this review process and that the assignment may be included as a source document in Turnitincom s restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism in such documents Any assignment not 39 quot J 39 to the r A given by the instructor may be penalized or may not be accepted at all Please refer to the University s Code of Student Conduct for actions that may result from student academic misconduct Awarding a Grade of Incomplete A grade of I Incomplete may be assigned by the Instructor of any course in which the student is unable to complete the work due to EXTRAORDINARY events beyond the individual s control The I may not be used to extend the term for students who complete the course with an unsatisfactory grade Unless the student completes the requirements for removal of the I within 45 days for undergraduate courses or 90 days for graduate courses from the end of the semester or Summer term in which it was received the I will be changed to an F regardless of whether or not the student is enrolled Harassment The Department of Health and Sport Sciences believes it is important to respond to insensitive and inappropriate behavior in a spirit of collegiality mutual respect and professionalism If you believe that you have been the target of discrimination by another student faculty member or staff member due to age disability ethnicity gender race religious beliefs sexual orientation or cultural group membership you can choose to pursue one or more of the following avenues The most direct approach if you feel comfortable doing so is to speak directly to the person whose behavior you consider to be inappropriate You may speak to the instructor and HSS faculty member the Department Chair 6784165 or the University39s Affirmative Action Officer 6782713 You may contact the Assistant Dean of Students 6782298 in the Office of Student Judicial Affairs Spring 2009 The University of Memphis l 0 SLS 3204 N Martin


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