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Weather and Climate

by: Marlene Renner Sr.

Weather and Climate ESCI 1010

Marlene Renner Sr.
University of Memphis
GPA 3.55

Jose Pujol

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About this Document

Jose Pujol
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marlene Renner Sr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESCI 1010 at University of Memphis taught by Jose Pujol in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/228452/esci-1010-university-of-memphis in Earth Sciences at University of Memphis.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Gretchen Kalhust ESCI 1010 22811 Exam changed to 321 Chapter 5 Atmospheric Moisture Hydrologic cycle the movement of water between and within the atmosphere and earth fig 51 Evaporation amp Condensation fig 52 Liquid water molecules are bonded together amp when bonds break they form water vapor through evaporation Opposite is true for condensation Saturation Sublimation solid to vapor without going through liquid Deposition the opposite of sublimation Humidity amount of water vapor in the air Indices index Ways to indicate how much water vapor is in the air 1 Vapor pressure the part of the total atmospheric pressure due to water vapor a Saturation vapor pressure fig 54 the maximum amount of vapor pressure in the atmosphere i As temp increases amount of saturation vapor pressure increases ii Saturation vapor pressure approx doubles for every 10 degree increase in temp 2 Absolute humidity the density of water vapor expressed as the number of grams of water vapor contained in a cubic meter of air mass per volume 3 Specific humidity the mass of water vapor existing in a given mass of air very useful index but not uses often outside of the lab 3 Saturation specific humidity the maximum amount of humidity that can exist at a specific temperature P Relative humidity not absolute relates the amount of water vapor in the airto the maximum possible at the current temp fig 55 fig 56 a Relative humidity will change throughout the course of the day even if the amount of moisture in the air is unchanged because of its dependence on temperature 5 Dew point temperature the temp at which saturation occurs or simply the dew point expressed as a temperature a As air is cooled more water vapor is pulled from the air b When the air temp amp the dew point are equal the air is saturated amp the relative humidity is 100 c Frost point when saturation occurs below 0 degrees Celsius Distribution of water vapor fig 58 Methods of achieving saturation Three ways 1 Adding water vapor to the air 2 Mixing cold air with warm moist air 3 Lowering the temp to the dew point Fig 59 0 Precipitation fog 0 Steam fog 0 Water bodies are slow to change temp warm air above water body mixes with cold air of lake and causes steam fog o Contrails from jet engines Effects of Curvature and Solution fig 511 Larger radius smaller curvature unless there is extra moisture in the airatmosphere very small water droplets will evaporate 84 condensation will not occur l39 39 39 in an devoid of aerosols condensation of water droplets form by theuchance collision amp bonding of water vapor molecules under supersaturated conditions Heterogeneous nucleation the formation of water droplets onto hygroscopic particles Condensation nuclei the particles onto which water droplets form aerosols ce Nuclei o Supercooled water water having a temp below the melting point of ice but existing in a liquid state 0 4 degrees C Measuring Humidity 0 Sling psychrometer o Hygrothermograph


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