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October 14 Notes

by: Danielle Klinger

October 14 Notes SESE 3701-0001

Danielle Klinger
GPA 4.0
Educational Interventions

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About this Document

This is part one of the weekly notes for October 14. The rest of the notes are on bilingual education which is also uploaded.
Educational Interventions
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Klinger on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SESE 3701-0001 at Northern Illinois University taught by in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Educational Interventions in Special Education at Northern Illinois University.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
1014 0 Scaffolding Temporary supportive structure teacher creates to assist a student or a group of students in order to accomplish a task that they couldn t complete alone 0 Student s current level of performance rises to the next level of performance 0 Must be a fading method in order to accomplish academic goal 0 Fading to take away slowly over time 0 Release the role as the instructor and let the students take responsibility 0 Don t fade too quickly because the student won t be able to perform well enough and they will fail o Scaffolding Techniques 0 Model the task g partially do the task 0 Do the task with the student 0 Give manual guidance 0 Ask leading questions 0 Repeat or rephrase content 0 Provide wait time to answer I This is usually 10 seconds 0 Provide examples and nonexamples I High quality and low quality work 0 Guidelines Implementing Scaffolding Techniques 0 Select appropriate tasks based on the student s needs I You can create individualized goals I Give a continuous assessment 0 Checking to make sure learners are where they need to be before moving on o Individualized assistance 0 Provide feedback I Be positive and constructive 0 Control the frusturation and encourage risk I Even if they might fail always encourage 0 Build toward independence and generalization 0 Essential Ingredients for Sucesseful Scaffolding 0 Start with success in mind 0 Help students achieve their success quickly 0 Help students be like everyone else 0 Keep an eye out for independence I Know when to remove scaffolding I Know when to provide more scaffolding support 0 Accomadations and Materials 0 Provide auto recordings I If saying things out loud in class provide it written out o Simplify instructions 0 Present small amounts of work 0 Block out extraneous stimuli I g Close door to block out noises that are too distracting from the hallway 0 Highlight essential information that a student will need to know later on 0 Provide additional practice work if needed 0 Create a glossary of important vocabulary o Create reading guides to help the student along 0 Accomadations Interactive Instruction 0 Use m teaching procedures 0 Provide visual and verbal materials 0 Repeat directions I Break it into smaller chunks I Simplify the language 0 Maintain the daily routines 0 Provide a copy of the lecture notes 0 Provide the student with a graphic organizer 0 Use stepbystep instruction I Task analysis 0 Write key points on the board 0 Balance the presentations and activities 0 Use mnemonic devices I Things remind students what they should be doing g working on o Emphasize daily review 0 Accomadations Student Responses Vary the response mode Provide outline of the lecture Encourage the use of graphic organizers Place students close to the teacher who are off task Use assignment books and calendars Reduce copying actiVities Use cues to denote important items Design easytohard worksheets I They start off easy and get harder the farther into it you get Allow instructional aids Display work samples Use peermediated learning Encourage note sharing Allow extra time to do work Use assignment subsitutions g adjustments


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