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CDO 335 Week Eight Lecture Notes

by: Rachel Roede

CDO 335 Week Eight Lecture Notes CDO 335

Rachel Roede
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
Lori Bissell

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About this Document

This is the lecture notes for week eight
Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing
Lori Bissell
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Roede on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CDO 335 at Central Michigan University taught by Lori Bissell in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Anatomy & Physiology of Speech and Hearing in Communication Disorders & Sciences at Central Michigan University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
CDO 335 Week Eight Notes De cits of the Oral Preparatory Stage Lossdecrease of sensation and awareness Weak buccal musculatures leads to pocketing of food in lateral or anterior sulci in cheeks more common is lateral Weak lingual muscles lead to poor mixture of saliva with food Lingual Stasis 0 Food remaining on tongue following the swallow Dif culty pressing bolus onto the hard palate Premature Spillage o If velum is not downdepressed food may escape into the pharynx prior to initiation of the pharyngeal swallow re ex Aspiration pneumonia is a concern for individuals with dysphagia De cits of Oral Stage 0 Motor and sensory dysfunctions Signi cant increase in oral transit time Lingual Stasis 0 Food may remain on tongue andor hard palate following transit Dif culty initiating a swallow Thermal stimulation 0 Often been introduced for these patients as a treatment protocol 0 Ef cacy still being examined 0 Stimulate faucial arches by making them very cold De cits of Pharyngeal Stage 0 Slow velar elevation leads to nasal regurgitation Reduced function of the pharyngeal constrictors lead to a slowed pharyngeal transit time of the bolus Residue left in the valleculae spaces at top of pharynx and pyriform sinuses bottom of pharynx which can lead to aspiration pharyngeal stasis lf hyoid bone and larynx do not elevate there is a loss of airway protection and an increased risk of aspiration National Dysphagia Diets There are 3 NDD Level 1 Pureed Diet 0 For people with moderate to severe dysphagia blended 0 Oral preparatory stage is impaired typically but could also be pharyngeal NDD Level 2 Mechanically Altered Diet 0 For people with mild to moderate oral andor pharyngeal dysphagia o Softer and moister food ground up meat but not pureed easily formed into bolus minced objects 0 Transition from pureed texture to more solid textures NDD Level 3 Advanced Diet 0 For people with mild oral or pharyngeal dysphagia 0 Only things not allowed are very hard sticlql crunchy foods cut up meats into pieces Liquid Modi cations 0 Thin liquids no problems nectarthick liquids honeythink liquids puddingthick liquids o No ice cream will turn into thin liquid when melted o No jello for liquid restrictions Framework of the Larynx Phona on Primary Purpose is to keep foreign material out of trachea Secondary Purpose production of voice Larynx is a protective quotvalvequot Larynx is a vertical tube sitting in a larger tube The Hyoid Bone Support structure of larynx Does not articulate with other bones Anchors the larynx from above Anchors the tongue from below Landmarks 0 Greater horns o Lesser horns o Bodycorpus Anterior part Anterior surface is convex Posterior surface is concave The Cartilages Paired and Single Epiglottis 1 Thyroid 1 Cricoid 1 Arytenoids 2 Comiculates 2 Cuneiforms 2 Epiglottis Leaflike Folds over laryngeal aditus during swallowing 0 Open space at top of larynx Articulates with thyroid cartilage via the thyroepiglottic ligament and hyoid bond via the thyroepiglottic ligament Sides joined with arytenoid cartilage via aryepiglottic folds Landmarks o Petioles Stem at very bottom Next to thyroepiglottic ligament o Valleculae Depression just behind root of tongue Where food can sit until swallowing if there Thyroid Largest cartilage of larynx Horseshoe shaped Rests on the cricoid Landmarks 0 Superior cornuahorns Superiorupward projections Attach with hyoid bone via the thyrohyoid membrane 0 Inferior cornuahorns Downward projections Attach to cricoid cartilage o Laminae The platessurfacebody of thyroid o Oblique line Found on lamina where muscles attach 0 Angle of the Thyroid Where the 2 lamina join 0 Thyroid notch Prominence known as the Adam39s Apple that you can palpate o Triticeal Cartilage Found between superior horn of thyroid and hyoid bone Not everyone has this


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