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Week of 10/19-10/23

by: Kendall Mansfield

Week of 10/19-10/23 HIST 2020

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > HIST 2020 > Week of 10 19 10 23
Kendall Mansfield
Survey of United States History Since 1877
Jennifer E. Brooks

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About this Document

notes from both movies we watched and the in-class discussion from Wednesday
Survey of United States History Since 1877
Jennifer E. Brooks
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kendall Mansfield on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2020 at Auburn University taught by Jennifer E. Brooks in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Survey of United States History Since 1877 in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Atomic Culture Documentary Atomic Caf 1982 Documentary was put together at the peak of the anti nuclear time in America during the narrative that uses archived material and historical footage Impact of the Cold War at home discussion on Wednesday in charge of Bikini Bombing around Poland Hungary Yugoslavia and Bulgaria 9 Cold War Arcadia Shopping vs Communism not militaristic but have a military ready if needed no time for panic time for re ectionquot US takes precaution for atomic bomb creates suits to protect from the radiation of the bomb 2 million spent 9 US locking door on nuclear weapons North Korea invades South Korea 9 United Nations intervenes Chinese Armies force the United Nations military troops into retreat Questions of a WWIII arise as well as questions about another atomic bombin US is fiihtin for its national security and survival Fight to win mentality instead of fighting to settle the diplomatic table with Russia Wants to use the Atomic Bomb in Russia and Manchuria has several tariets in each place that should be destroyed Destructive power withdraw the troops at the 38th parallel or evacuate the civilians because an atomic bomb will be dropped 0 Asked American citizens how they felt one lady just wanted to get the troops home and said that there didn t seem to be an end 0 Bad at home in the US Some Americans were speaking for Communism and defending it rather than the capitalist US communists don t want war 9 only communists can guarantee peace Communists and spies are making monkeys out of usquot quote from the documentary stating that the US is looking foolish because of the communists and communist spies in the US Documents in the state department were leaked and sent to the Soviets by a US citizen working in the department Owen Brewster said that the Soviets obtained the bomb from American Traitors Russian Spies that leaked the bomb to the Soviets Some Americans wanted to execute them others did not want to orphan their children 0 Julius then Ethel 0 Julius had a Rabbi present who was reading the 23 Psalm he did not speak and was given a jolt of electricity that killed him 0 Ethel given the same amount of electricity that killed her husband but she did not die officials had to use a stethoscope to see if her heart was still beating when they concluded it was they gave her 2 more jolts which caused smoke to rise from her head and then she was announced dead Should the hydrogen bomb be built 0 Question arose in o No choice but to build it US needs to produce the HBomb before the Soviets do Peaceful Guardian and protector against communism Dramatic symbol of this time period Man of the hourquot and We want Ikequot campaign slogans He cannot say that there are not any dangers American is the greatest world force therefore it is up to us to lead the world to a peaceful existencequot Most productive country Richest country Has the greatest intellectual military and economic environments Microwave food and TV are important inventions 0 internal and external HBomb exploded in the pacific Another series of explosions of the Hbomb The invention of the musket all the way to the HBomb indicate how far science has come in such a short time I Developing much faster than people are able to mentally catch up to the scientific improvements and inventions O OO Impact of the Cold War on the Home Front Looking at Popular Culture The suffocation of liberty and the debasement of culture itself fear of communism talents were thwarted creative possibilities were sti ed and the development of a more vital and various national culture was unrealized according to has a negative effect and weakens it o Extremes that helped culture were being eliminated 0 Limits creativity 0 Moves things to the middle 0 in Atomic Caf the government is producing propaganda films in the AirForce Film and US Army Training Film produced by Propaganda film made to show what happens when communists take over a town 9 newspapers are shut down dates to before WWII 0 went after Nazi sympathizers fascists during WWII German Americans I By the end of WWII they are investigating Communism o I Was a member of HUAC I Known to be a drunk I Took over civil society through threats fear and violence works to limit culture 0 lots of actors on the list who were thought to be communist or that talked to someone or was married to someone who was communism o Refuse to cooperate and give names of friends or people they knew that were communism to put someone on a list so that they are excluded for something 0 Once on the black list you wont be hired and your films wont be produced career suicide I companies did this with union organizers so everyone would know if the person would cause problems List of people in US Government who were communism Produce a fear of communism in government that resulted in the drives the production of films is the violence produced in Hollywood actually there or is Hollywood creating it A growing fear of nuclear armaments Films magazines etc made Soviets always the enemy Hysteria and increased awareness of nuclear threat To change views on America s global goal Something that is commoditized and sold 0 Films 0 Magazines 0 Music 0 Some parts of theater Has to do with the average person 0 Not the opera or orchestra Does not require a high level of education to understand it Andy Griffith Leave it to Beaver Bonanza 0 Themes that go along with what is happening in the world 0 Re ect proAmerican View 0 Used to distract from the Cold War and everything going on in the Government O I Youth oriented themes I Mostly sex and partying I Beach Boys Elvis Beatles start that way but grow out of it Johnny Cash 0 starts out popular culture but shifts into political themes people you could consider normal had to fit a specific mold to be considered part of the norm popular culture 0 Opera 0 Most theater events 0 Orchestra Woman who is speaking poorly of America and highly of Communism Physically portrayed as the opposite of the ideal woman of the cartoon made about a bunch of swamp creatures POGO possum portraying and making fun of Joe McCarthy and the Government supposed to represent Senator Joe McCarthy 0 If you have the power gun you can take charge 0 Portrayed as a Bobcat whose credentials are read to join but he doesn t want it read to the club wants to change the name F Become mainstream to be perceived as back then it was not good or popular at all 0 Girls cut their hair short 0 Gender nonconformity 0 Same sex marriage If they are produced by the same companies sold in the same stores an example is Barbie dolls it is very much about the Gender 00 strong for men and women but more so women 0 I What defines marriage and what it is I never portrayed in commercials as anything other than heterosexual and rarely interracial backlash for portraying same sex marriage Same sex marriage is working to be legal in all 50 states o North and South Dakota Nebraska Texas Missouri Arkansas Louisiana Michigan Kentucky Tennessee Georgia Ohio and Mississippi Significant event for the Civil Rights Movement 9 next week s topic Emmett Till moved from Chicago to Mississippi 0 Mississippi was the most southern place on earth in People who lived here felt that the black people brought problems and challenges for the white citizens 0 White people felt was the key to fixing these chaHenges I White people wanted segregation to prevent the growing population of black people from taking over 0 Many white people convinced themselves that black people were happy with segregation and that it was a good solution to the challenges they faced The black people had no recourse against the whites Many black people disappeared randomly In the 75 years proceeding Emmett Till s murder over 500 black people were lynched in the state of Mississippi White women had an irrational fear of Black Men 0 Black men could barely look at a white woman without the fear of being lynched it was a known fact that black men did not touch white women Hundreds of thousands of people ed Mississippi for Chicago Chicago offered freedom and was known as the Land of Promisequot He was born in to His father died when he was only 4 Developed a stutter as a result of having polio as a child His cousin described him as a natural born leaderquot When he had just turned 14 years old his Uncle who was 64 invited him and his cousin to live with him in Mississippi in o I Rock and roll was popular in Chicago I The schools were no longer segregated in the area of Chicago he was living in Emmett s mother warned him about how different Mississippi was than Chicago and that he needed to be very careful 0 She told him stories of things that had happened and often exaggerated them so that he would truly understand how dangerous it could be to live there A story she told him was about how to black men who were members of the NAACP had been lynched for registering black men to be able to vote Before Emmett boarded the Illinois Central Train to Mississippi on August 19 1955 his mother gave him his father s signet ring she had received when he died Emmett gave her his watch to remind her of him while he was ione Emmett s uncle lived on the outskirts of Money Mississippi 0 Money was a one street town with 5 or 6 shops The most popular shop was o It was owned by Roy Bryant and his wife Carolyn who had two children 0 They lived in close quarters behind the store The store was one of the most popular spots for Emmett and other workers to go to get a drink and a snack after working all day One Wednesday Emmett and his friends jumped in the car and headed for the store when they got there 0 Roy was out of town and only Carolyn was working 0 They went in 2 by 2 Emmett purchased 2 cents worth of bubble gum and when he was walking out the door he whistled at Carolyn this made her angry and she ran out back 0 Emmett and his friends quickly jumped in the car and drove away Early in the morning of the following Sunday and Roy went to Mose s house with a gun and a ashlight and took Emmett from the house with him 0 Mose begged them to just give him a whipping and not to kill him but they threatened him and said if he said anything he wouldn t make it to see his 65th birthday 0 one of Emmett s friends who was a sharecropper could hear them beating him in the shed behind Milam s house The next day one of the black women who worked for Milam saw who also worked for Milam cleaning out the back of Mr Milam s truck 0 The truck bed was filled with blood Collins told her what had happened and even had one of Till s shoes still in the back of the truck Emmett s body was found in the when son of the sheriff saw his leg poking out of the water He found a boat to ride out and get the body out of the water when he pulled the body up there was Till was beaten so bad the only way they were able to identify him was from his father s signet ring he had received from his mother when he left Chicago around 2 weeks before he was found Emmett s mother contacted her local newspaper and when she was informed she began to cry and realized she was alone The last time she saw her son was when he left Chicago 2 weeks before he was killed When his casket arrived in Chicago she demanded that she be able to see him 0 The man who was in charge told her that he couldn t open the casket because he had signed a contract saying that he wouldn t 0 So she argued that because she had not signed anything she would open it instead of him When She saw Emmett his body was already deteriorating his tongue was gone nose was broken in many places and there was a hole in his chest from where he had been shot Mamie wanted everyone to see him and know what happened to him so she had a glass covering put on the casket and had a viewing for people to come and view him It looked like nearly all of Chicago showed up in total viewed his body When people saw him many of them fainted and everyone was touched by the event Emmett s death was a touchstone for the generation stunned by what had happened they did not think this was going on 0 They related this type of event as something that would happen during the civil war times The news story of Emmett Till s death became an international event 0 It siread as far as Copenhagen and Tokyo Every Lawyer in the county joined the defense team to help them In Tallahatchie many men would make jokes about his death 0 someone said its just like them to swim across the river with a gin fan around their neckquot Two Tight Collins disappeared Most black people took up the mentality to live with the mentality of hide what you know and even what you think you knowquot out of fear of being killed in September 3 weeks after Till s body was found the trial and case against Br ant and Milam began The judge appointed an h from the men s hometown most of which were friends with the defendants The Sheriff made sure that the and said if they would keep to themselves and keep their mouths out of our business it would be easier for everyonequot It was considered a good storyquot because it had the elements of sex murder and mystery 0 She was told by the defense that it was not her son to which she replied that she knew it was 0 The claimed that she had gotten together with the NAACP and dug a random body up to cause trouble and that Emmett was still alive and in Detroit with his grandfather of what he had heard and witnessed on the morning of Emmett s death even though it would put his life in danger 0 When he was called up he could barely be heard because he was so afraid he only talked a little louder than a whisper 0 After he testified he was smuggled to Chicago and never went back to live in Mississippi 0 When he reached Chicago he had to be hospitalized due to a nervous breakdown Emmett s Uncle Mose was the greatest witness against the defense 0 He was able to point out the two men Milam and Bryant who took Emmett from his house on that early Sunday morning The trial lasted a total of The jury had the courage to free these two men who had brutally killed a boy for whistling at a white woman When the trial was over the jury went to deliberate and reach a verdict They had reached a verdict and were back in the courtroom to present it in One person one the jury said it only took them so long because they stopped to get refreshments before comin back out to deliver the verdict W Milam and Roy Bryant were h 0 Not long after they were acquitted and could not be tried again the two men sold the true story of what had happened 100 days after the verdict was reached she refused to give up her seat in the front of a segregated bus result of Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus


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