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Oct. 19 - 23

by: Haileyaliamus

Oct. 19 - 23 History 105 Fry- Roots of Contemporary Issues

GPA 3.1
History 105

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About this Document

One week of notes from History 105
History 105
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haileyaliamus on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 105 Fry- Roots of Contemporary Issues at Washington State University taught by Faunce in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see History 105 in History at Washington State University.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Oct 19th 23rd Monday October 19 2015 1110 AM Main Ideas How and why have ideas of race changed over time Social Darvx ampJim Crow Slave Trade AntiSemitism not new to Europe If Jewish in Europe you could not be a citiz little better however in 19th Century it got worse again But antisemitic parties rose up in Austria and Germany in 1880s and 1890s concentration camps f Jewish in those countries you tried to get out or fare Many Russian Jews left Some to the US Many started thinking abouta return to Palestine main location they talked 18601904 started the conversation about moving Jewish people to a prote Palestine was his number one choice Herzl was not religious After his death about 3000 Jews per year went to Palestine between 1904 Jim Crow We call it Jim Crow because it is named after a famous menstrualshow Wh as black people while telling stupid jokes stories ect The most famous acto name ofJim Crow It was in every state ofthe country notjust South Develops at end of American Civil War Part 1 Segregation separated the blacks out Specific spots and schools for I Part 2 Denying people power So things cannot change Constitution says ev states put a tax or charge on voting Literacy tests Part 3 Intimidation and violence make people afraid and make sure they wc KKK terrorize them to keep them from trying to change things Lynching ille most were hanging Pessy v Ferguson 1896 in which the Supreme Court of the US ruled that quots accommodations were constitutional Lynching go down because you don39t much and you have more control with this law KKK After WWI the KKK became extremely hostile to Jews Roman Catholics soci and immigrants Hate more people and spread out in USA Hiram W Evens became the Klan39s Wizard He makes them mainstream they IAAAAB TlAA IAMA IAM IIAIIIAIn AIFRIIquot f AIF AMIIIAIIIIB IAAAIA Iinism AntiSemitism en Began to get a Hitler continued way about Theodor Herzl acted state forJews 914 ite actors dressed up ir went by the stage lacks and whites eryone can vote but n39t change anything gal mob execution separate but equalquot have to intimidate as alists communists no longer where I Ill PA IAIFAAAIIAR AMI Inf llUUUb Ille Gilt VCly JUUIIL HIBUC LlldL IL lb IUl Idllllly leUCb dllU LlldL Llle all and children They consider themselves extreme Christians 1920 active in Colorado Oregon Kansas Oklahoma Texas Alabama Georgie Ohio New Jersey Texas Indiana Oregon and Maine all elected state officials that were openly By 1925 membership reached 4 million people These werejust full member mae born in USA Women had there own group There were also supporters members Held huge march in DC a showing who they were Self destructed in 1925 almost all members were arrested for drugs rape er teenage girl and continuously raped her for a weekend in a hotel room Shee window and died He was arrested for drugs rape and kidnapping Klan still around in small chapters Show up every once in a while handing ou Jim Crow Continued People fighting against this and Plessyv Ferguson came in and it got harder 39 After WWII Military integrated the troops President Truman did this and sup wanted to be a civil rights president Brown v Board of Education 1954 School segregation African American stL far to go to school because they were black Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks Martin Luther King JR Marches diner si working to get changes done Civil Rights Act of 1964 taking away the legal I African Americans graduating 1913 Jessie Senora Sims Walker School of Pharmacy graduated WSU Morri Act of 1862 Land grant colleges established in each state Southern s segregated Morri Act of 1890 required states to establish institutionsfor black student previously excluded Created many public historically black colleges and uni 106 total public and private a ofwhich have historically aowed students Back Greek Letter Organizations Manyformed on basis of public service and civil rights Not excluded tojust HBCUs 1906Apha PhiApha collegiate fraternityCorne U Ithaca NY 1908 Aph AphaHoward U collegiate sorority Japanese Students Japanese American Internment signed into law by US president Franklin D F 191942 Created military zones in western states in the name of national defensesec 120000JapaneseAmericans incarcerated small part of Italian and German Between 19421945WSU restricted number ofJapanese students to a totally t3 JIULCLLIIIB Idlllllle 3 Illinois Indiana in the KKK 5 had to be white soutside of these ct Leader kidnapped escaped from the It flyers to change gtported civil rights He idents had to travel tins young people gtacking tates mostly s if they were versities of all races aKappa ioosevelt on February u rity Approx I Americans of30 Vll South Africa In 1948 the allwhite National Party comes to power The started apartheid 1 quotseparationquot A harsh and intrusive security system separate and unequal ec discrimination and residential segregation No protection against search witr right to a trial Separate areas foreach of the four main racial groups whites blacks Colour Really strict about these things separate families and children if mixed race Blacks without passes were subject to imprisonment Millions were arrested Marriage between whites and blacks was outlawed The African National Congress Nelson Mandela became one ofthe organiza organizers He turned it into a nonviolent group in which apartheid laws we 1974 South Africa out of UN and 1980 apartheid a crime FW de Klerk he saw South Africa suffering and said we need to work on em 1994 first truly nonracial democratic election was held Nelson Mandela was in 1990 Afrikkaansfor lucationjob iouta warrant and no quoteds and Asians s for this ition39s principal re deliberately broken ding apartheid In 5 released from prison


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