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How Ethical Managers Deal with Ethical Stress

by: Leah Burkett

How Ethical Managers Deal with Ethical Stress PAD 3003-01

Marketplace > Florida State University > PAD 3003-01 > How Ethical Managers Deal with Ethical Stress
Leah Burkett
Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang

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About this Document

Public Administration in American Society
Jiasheng Zhang
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leah Burkett on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PAD 3003-01 at Florida State University taught by Jiasheng Zhang in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 58 views.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
aw Ethical Managers Deal with Ethical Stress External Ethical Stress and Work Climate 1 Promote outside my work until ask work unit members for special treatment 2 There is undue political pressure on my work unit The level of political pressure may be considered undue in some cases particularly when managers have little discretion and must make decisions systematically based on highly veri able standards of law economics performance measurement and trusteeship a welldeveloped sense of duty or a set of consequences dominated by a strategic plan Spurs efforts by external actors to gain bene ts such as favors information or more favorable decisions Create uncertainty for nancial managers by increasing the amount of external in uence they face or by exacerbating external ethical pressure Budgetary Process involvement Those involved in the budget process are primary targets because they have something that external actors want 0 Political In uence Balancing competing values or interests may create more ethical stress than calculating the relative merits of competing proposals based on a single value Supervisor s encouragement of ethical behavior Supervisors are expected to set the ethical tone for their employees communicating and enforcing expectation Coworkers ethical behavior Coworkers demonstrate high standards for personal integrity coping should be enhanced Feedback adequacy Job performance for multiple sources including the supervisor Feedback timeliness is related to its utility in helping nancial managers perform theirjobs Professionalism Help to increase an individual s knowledge and experience and provide continuing education and support mechanisms Mitigating Factors CONT Mentoring Mentors provide assistance in numerous ways such as giving advice on ethical issues Expedence Individuals with more job experience may resist external pressure better because of lessons learned from experience Educa on Education s impact may come form complementing and generalizing in experience thus heightening the lessons learned through work experience Ethics training Savings Orientation Such a longterm orientation is expected to serve as a foundation in guiding respondents in decisionmaking and enhance an individual s ability to deal with external ethical pressure on a daytoday basis Mitigating Factors CONT Job Routineness Rigidity and control are embodied in routine and may limit the exercise of discretion thus reducing ethical pressure May not characterize high level government positions with signi cant decisionmaking responsibilities Job Formality That an individual relies on formal rules in making decision Secur y Insulate the organization and the employee from liability and the ravages of an overly litigious society Invisibility Result in the invisibility of individual employees to external observers who cannot pinpoint particular employees roles Research Methods Data for this study were collected using a mailback survey sent in early June 2001 Of the 2227 cases in the sample only 1917 surveys were mailed because of incomplete addresses All nancial managers and CFOs RCFOs Results Summary of ndings Exacerbating factor Fiscal stress exacerbated external ethical stress or all categories of respondents Involvement in the budget process and the supervisors emphasis on political factors in employee evaluations exacerbated the problem in some but not all cases Mitigating factor No single mitigating factor had the same impact for every respondent group The supervisor s encouragement of ethical behavior all nancial managers coworker ethical behavior all nancial managers feedback adequacy all nancial managers and RCFOs feedback timeliness CFOs and education CFOs Conclusion Sl there a bright line that emerges in this research one that can suggest when external ethical stress had becomes too string or overwhelming Low levels of stress exited among nancial managers when supervisors and peers encourages ethical Behavior Fiscal stress Should sensitize everyone Fiscal stress and budgeting are a potent combination threatening ethical behavior Supervisors matter Supervisors who emphasize political responsiveness in employee evaluation can threaten employee ethical behavior What you should know Exacerbating factors focus on the mechanism Mitigating Factors forces on the mechanism How does scal stress and supervisors matter in the process Why Evidence Research question should be very clear Evidence l theory EXAMPLE Ethical problems why do we have these ethical problems Explain why this corresponds to the theory Practice Analysis What is the nding Where did you nd this How did you nd this Why


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