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Chapter 20 part 2

by: Delia Navarro

Chapter 20 part 2 Bio 2313

Delia Navarro
GPA 3.65
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Zaineb A Al-Dahwi

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About this Document

notes from October 21
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Zaineb A Al-Dahwi
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Delia Navarro on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 2313 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Zaineb A Al-Dahwi in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Human Anatomy and Physiology II in Biology at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
October 21 2015 When tissues become in amed lymphatic capillaries develop openings that permit uptake of even larger particles such debris pathogens and cancer cells A special set of lymphatic capillaries called transport absorbed fat from the small intestine to the blood stream Lacteals are called lacteals because of the milky white lymph that drains through them fatty lymph called chye Chyle drains from the nger like villi of the intestinal mucosa From lymphatic capillaries lymph goes to collecting lymphatic vessels Collecting lymphatic vessels have the same 3 tunicas as veins but have thinner walls and more internal valves to prevent lymph back ow In general lymphatics in skin travel along super cial veins Deep lymphatic vessels of the trunk and digestive viscera travel in arteries Lymphatic trunks largest lymphatic vessels unit to form drain fairly in large areas in the body There are 3 major trunks named after regions they drain lymph 1 Lumbar trunk bronchomediastinal subclavian 2 Jugular trunks 3 Intestinal trunk Lymph eventually delivered too one of two large ducts in thoracic region right lymphatic and thoracic duct 1 Right lymphatic duct drains lymph from the right upper limbs and the right side of the head and thorax 2 Thoracic region left duct receives lymph from the rest of the body collects lymph from the 2 large lumbar trunks that drain the lower limbs and from the intestinal trunk that drains digestive organs lymph enters venous circulation and into superior vena cava and back into the heat to maintain blood volume Lymph transport The lymphatic system lacks an organ that acts as a pump Lymphatic vessels are low pressure conduits and the same mechanisms that promote venous return in blood act here Milking action of active skeletal muscles pressure changes in the thorax during breathing and values prevent back ow Lymphatic vessels are unusually bundled together in connective tissue sheaths along with blood vessels


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