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Lecture Week Five

by: Ashley Ramirez

Lecture Week Five HIS 317L

Ashley Ramirez
The Black Power Movement
Leonard N Moore

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About this Document

Lecture of the core groups of civil rights, Freedom Summer, and the Watts Riots
The Black Power Movement
Leonard N Moore
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Ramirez on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 317L at University of Texas at Austin taught by Leonard N Moore in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see The Black Power Movement in History at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
929 Lecture 0 Civil Rights Organizations Big Four 0 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People I NAACP I 1909 0 Congress of Racial Equality I CORE I 1940s I Freedom rides and sitins 0 Southern Christian Leadership Conference I SCLC I 1955 I Primarily Dr King s org 0 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee I SNCC I 19 I Primarily made of college students I Like King s but for students I Because student s need their own org 0 Freedom Summer 1964 o 1500 college kids decide to spend the summer in Mississippi I All of the kids are from the Northeast and Northwest I Arranged by SNCC 0 Goals I Encourage black Mississippians to vote 0 Blacks have to overcome psychological barrier to convince them to vote 0 Harder said than done 0 Coming from Chicago to the south to change something that is set in stonequot 0 Seemed impossible to Mississippians I Convince them to vote 0 Needed to convince them that they do qualify to vote 0 That they are allowed to vote I Set up freedom schools 0 They want to create this in three months what schools do in nine 0 Largely the most comprehensive learning experience for the kids that go to these schools 0 Seven ideals 0 School is agent of social change 0 Realized that the students needed to know their own history 0 The curriculum should be linked to the student experience 101 Lecture 0 Questions should be open ended I Multiple choice is for lower order thinkers 0 Developing academic skills was critical I No substitution for academic skills 0 Wanted them to establish a direct line from the classroom to community I Wanted classroom to deal with community concerns 0 Freedom summer 0 O o Selma O O 0 Freedom school Voter registration I Wanted to convince people to register Freedom election I It was a belief by whites that blacks didn t want to vote I Freedom election was a mock election in Mississippi 0 Designed to show white government that blacks wanted to vote Tragedy during freedom summer I 3 civil rights workers murdered o 1 black 2 white I People wanted to get whites involved because it would make international news I Believed this would help lead to the Civil Rights Act Federal government passes Civil Rights Act in 1964 I Goals 0 Outlaw segregation 0 Voting Rights Act Difference between segregation and integration I Fight to outlaw segregation 0 Any race should have the same rights I Fight for integration 0 Inclusion o Indirectly demeans blackness institution Movement by STLC and SNCC Launch campaign to investigate protest to get media attention I 50s and 60s is when nightly news shows begin Trigger violent white response Get media attention Trigger general movement by nation due to embarrassment o Selma Clip O O O Iohnson addressed the nation as a nation There cause is our causeand we shall over comequot Dr King says they have a right to march Wallace said no and didn t allow help Iohnson did provided protection 0 Voting Rights Act is passed in 1965 O O 0 America is embarrassed on a World stage Outlaws literacy tests and other rules that prohibit blacks from voting Selma is important because the majority of that county was black I Blacks paying taxes but unable to vote I Taxation without representationquot 0 Watt s Riot in south LA 1965 O O Nation of Islam paid attention to the northern states I South LA wasn t on their list Watts had 45 days of riots I Compared to Ferguson campus carry rally Riots important to pioneer race riots forward I Up to 1965 race riots were about whites going into black neighborhoods I People are from Texas in California majority in LA Watts have been complaining for years I 30 people died I 900 injured I But property value is more important I Never want to mistake racial progress with a business situation Seven issues that triggered the riots I Inaccessible health care 0 Affordable Care Act giving access to poor people instead of being inclusive I Inadequate public transportation 0 Bus stops were political o Blacks were to use buses more 0 But whites noticing convenience began to use them too I Overcrowding in housing projects 0 Congested 0 Too many people in a small area I Employment inequality 0 White with high school diploma makes as much as black with a Bachelor degree I Inequality in education 0 Integrated schools in theory 0 Black schools underfunded I Crime I Drug addiction 0 White media didn t cover black issues and so whites are wondering where the riots came from I So it catches white America off guard 0 After riots nation and movement shift attention from south to urban areas 0 Dr King s nonviolence doesn t work in major cities 0 By 1965 southern peace is over and attention shifts


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