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Ch 11 - 12 notes

by: Abbi Stark

Ch 11 - 12 notes 4131W

Abbi Stark
U of M
History of Graphic Design
Barbara Martinson

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About this Document

Notes from Chapters 11 and 12 of the History of Graphic Design textbook
History of Graphic Design
Barbara Martinson
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abbi Stark on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 4131W at University of Minnesota taught by Barbara Martinson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see History of Graphic Design in Graphic Design at University of Minnesota.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Ch 11 Art Nouveau Increased trade and communication between Asian and European countries approaches to space color drawing conventions and subject matter that were radically unlike Western traditions Influence of Ukiyoe Ukiyoe pictures of the floating world 0 art movement of Japan s Tokugawa Q fearful of impact of Christian Missionaries O shogun military governor with more power than emperor Q excluded foreigners national seclusion 0 Dutch and Chinese traders sailing to the Nagasaki seaport During this period of national isolation Japanese art acquired a singular national character with few external influences Emaki traditional picture scrolls 196 woodblock print Hishikawa Moronobu wide respected as first master of ukiyoe print Okumura Masanobu finest artists to move from hand coloring single color woodcuts to two color printing Suzuki Harunobu introduced full color prints from numerous blocks each printed in a different color Kitagawa Utamaro portraying beautiful women supreme poet of Japanese print warm yellow and tan backgrounds lighter toned skin jailed for three days depicting wifeconcubines of toyotomi hideyoshi died at 53 Katsushika Hokusai most renowned and prolific ukiyoe artist 35 thousand book store 19 first published 197 Book illustration major form of popular art Yellowbacks cheap novelettes named for their color Hokusai 270 titles including several books of his art black and white and in 3 colors Japanese book illustrators developed a superb feeling fot the kinetic rhythm of a book using scale density texture and dramatic action to achieve a dynamic sequence of images Single leaf polychrome prints considered summit of ukiyoe art Hokusai produced numerous 0 Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji took Japanese landscape print to a high level of expression Ando Hiorshige last great master of Japanese woodcut 198 inspired European impressionists Japonisme late nineteenth century Western mania for all things Japanese Art nouveau an international decorative style that thrived 18901910 0 architecture furniture and product design fashion and graphics posters packages advertisements teapots dishes spoons chairs door frames staircases factories subway entrances houses 0 identifying visual quality is organic plantlike line 0 term from Paris Samuel Bing gallery Salon de I Art Nouveau Nikolaus Pevsner s Pioneers of Modern Design which first appeared in 1936 was one of the first books to give art nouveau a significant position in development 0 floral inspiration 0 bridge between Victorian clutter and modernism 0 Transition from Victorian to art nouveau was gradual Eugene Grasset Jules Cheret Paris 0 booming poster industry 0 Arts and Crafts movement creating new respect for applied arts Cheret father of modern poster 0 poster commission for a family of clowns 201 La biche au bois first monochromatic design poster from Cheret s shop evolved away from Victorian complexity 0 black line with primary colors 0 washes of color 0 father of women s liberation new role model for women in late victorian era 202 returned to painting Grasset first illustratordesigner to reval Cheret in publich popularity medieval art mis with asian art furtniture stained glass textires books Histoire des quatre fils Aymon willowy maidens Fance English art nouveau primarily concerned with graphic design and illustration rather than architectural and product designs gothic art victorian painting Liberty and Company store 205 Aubrey Beardsley enfant terrible of art nouvau striking pen line vibrant black and white work shockingly exoti imagery cult figure black spot black form art director of yellow book invalid for last two years Charles Ricketts Aubrey s leading rival among English graphic designers Charles Shannon wood engraver 207 The Sphinkx Celtic design flat Greek design were in inspirations Further development of French art nouveau George Auriol Henri de Toulouse Lautrec Theophile Alexandre Steinlen broke new ground in poster design 209 Steinlen prolific illustrator radical political views socialist Alphonse Mucha le style moderne 211 women project archetypal sense of unreality Gismonda Combinaisons ornementales Emmanuel Orazi Sarah Bernhardt Grasset Mucha LA Maison Moderne 213 Art nouveau comes to America Louis Rhead illustrator Grasset posters magazine covers William Bradley major practitioner of art nouveau inspired graphic design and illustration Rhead vibrant 214 Inland Printer Chapbook Ethel Reed first AMerican woman to achieve national prominence as a graphic designer and illustrator poster designer Edward Penfield art director of for Harper and Brothers publications 218 Innovation in Belgium and the Netherlands Cercle Des XX Group of Twenty progressive art Gauguin Van Gogh Van de Velde architect painter designer educator painting innovator of art nouveau interesting in furthering arts and crafts didn t like machines 220 Walter Gropius formation of Bauhaus Privet leemont inspired by Mucha s women Nieuwe Kunst Dutch East Indies 222 batik contemporary design medium Netherlands lush organic designs of Javanese batik Chris Lebau Jan Toorop distinctive Dutch national style Javanese wajan shadow puppets German Jugendstil movement youth style jugend magazine each week cover designer dif masthead Otto Eckman Peter Behrens Designers in Germany scotland and austria moved from floral to geometric objective geometric ordering of space 226 The Italian pictorial tradition ltalian posters sensuous exuberance and elegance Adolfo Hohenstein father of poster design in Italy Leopoldo Metlicovitz Giovanni Mataloni Dudovich Franz LAskoff Leonetto Caillo 228 vanished in World War 1 229 Chapter 12 The Genesis of Twentieth Century Design Frank Lloyd Wright and the Glasgow School rectilinear thosophy entity true purpose space is essential The House Beautiful The Studio Charles Rennie Mackintosh J Herbert McNair Margaret France MAcdonald The Four symbolic imagery stylized form 233 rising vertical lines Talwin morris Vienna Secession younger members resigned 225 Secession artists preferred vigorous linear art and line drawing 237 Alfred Roller significant innovations in graphic design with masterly control of complex line tone and form 239 Peter Behrens and the New Objectivity german artist architect designer chart course for design first industrial designer typography was important The Berhold Foundry Akzidenz Grotesk Standard in us 242 Bauhaus Preliminary Course 245 Ven de Velde primacy of individual artistic expression Sachlichkeit pragmatic emphasis on technology manufacturing processes and function logo typeface consistent layout of elements standardized formats consistent use of graphic device gave AEG graphics a unified image 247 electric household products streetlamps many materials arc lamps 249 Edward Johnston design exclusive patented typeface for the Underground sans serif 251


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