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Week 4 Lecture Notes

by: Joycelyn R. Hutton Jr.

Week 4 Lecture Notes 425

Joycelyn R. Hutton Jr.
GPA 3.0
Lust, Love and Relationships
J. Fanelli

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About this Document

Week 4's notes are here to help you do well.
Lust, Love and Relationships
J. Fanelli
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joycelyn R. Hutton Jr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 425 at Syracuse University taught by J. Fanelli in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Lust, Love and Relationships in Child and Family Studies at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Hutton Joycelyn 22 September 2015 CFS 425 Week 4 Notes Getting the Love You Want 1 Components of Attraction a j Reciprocity Balance Reward Liking Proximity Familiarity Similarity homogamy Matching Social exchange Equhy 2 Homogamy versus complementarity a b C Homogamy bears more weight overall Functional complementarity i Roles are assumed because one individual likes to do something more than the other sort of an informal contract Emotional psychological quotyou may be the person I want to become i We tend to like others who exhibit desirable qualities that we wish we had ii Mate selection is made with accuracy because partners carry psychic functions for each other 3 An intergenerational connection Hutton Joycelyn 22 September 2015 CFS 425 a Individuals carry with them the unresolved emotional reactivity to their parents leaving them vulnerable to repeat identical patterns in every new relationship they enter 4 Fatal attractions a When something about a new partner that is appealing and attractive gradually becomes one of the most obnoxious irritating things about that partner b Light side versus dark side attraction versus disillusionment i Sensitive versus moody ii Selfassured versus need to control iii Easy going versus lack of life goals iv Cute versus clueless v Shy versus a lone wolf vi Trying to better himherself versus focus on money vii selfconfidence versus narcissism 5 The art and the skill of LoveMaking a Both an expressed feeling and activity 6 Biochemical theory quotLove is a natural high a Brain scans show that when you look at a picture of someone you love the parts of the brain that light up are the same as those activated when eating chocolate taking cocaine or gambling Major reward centers of the brain b Neuroscience has unlocked the secrets of the brain allowing us to begin ID love s physiology 7 Imprinting Hutton Joycelyn 22 September 2015 CFS 425 a Evolution genetics psychological experiences and even smells can trigger a romantic reaction to another person 8 Attraction a The brain is revved up by the neurochemicals dopamine and norepinephrine all natural amphetamines These produce feelings of euphoria and elation This stage can last 23 years then starts to wane b History channel via YouTube science of love 9 What is your type a Explorer dopamine system i Risk taking creative spontaneous energetic ii Obama A Jollie b Director Testosterone i Direct decisive competitive ambitious c Builder serotonin i Calm social popular conventional managerial d Negotiator estrogen i Flexible see the big picture imaginative intuitive compassionate 10 What are the principle theories on love a Love is intimacy go back and see b Sternberg s triangular theory of Love i Intimacy feelings of warmth understanding communication support and sha ng Hutton Joycelyn 22 September 2015 CFS 425 ii Passion emotional arousal and sexual desire iii Decision commitment the decision to stay in a relationship and to work to maintain it c Consummate love all three d ntimacy liking e Companionate love commitment Intimacy f Infatuated love passion g Empty love commitment h Romantic love intimacy passion i Fatuous love commitment passion 11 Styles of love Lee s six kinds of relationships a Characteristic versus style b Eros i Emphasize the tactile the sensual the immediate they are attracted to beauty Their love burns brightly but soon flickers and dies ii Emphasizes passion eroticism and sexual energy c Ludus i Love is a game to play rather than to become deeply in love Love tends to be superficial ii Enjoys playing the field and seek many sexual conquests iii Encounters are often casual care free and quotcarequot less d Storge i The love between companions Hutton Joycelyn 22 September 2015 CFS 425 e Agape i Selfless love quotMy lover s need are more important than my own ii The agape love style is a selfless all giving love f Pragma i Are logical in their approach toward looking for someone who meets their needs ii Individuals favoring the pragma style of love select romantic partners based on rational practical criteria g Mania i Lovers are insecure in love and obsessively cling to their partners ii Nights are marked by sleeplessness and days by pain and anxiety The slightest sign of affection brings ecstasy only for a short while Satisfactions last but a moment before they must be renewed 12 Understanding Adult relationship dynamics a We all need some positive feedback early in life or we will spend the rest of our lives demanding it or bemoaning its lack from others b The capacity to love originates in childhood c Seek to understand attachment theory


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