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Week 6 Lecture Notes

by: Joycelyn R. Hutton Jr.

Week 6 Lecture Notes 479

Joycelyn R. Hutton Jr.
GPA 3.0
Power, Conflict, Violence, and the Family
A. Krishnakumar

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About this Document

Week 6 Notes for CFS 479 which are very detail oriented with questions that may appear on the test.
Power, Conflict, Violence, and the Family
A. Krishnakumar
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joycelyn R. Hutton Jr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 479 at Syracuse University taught by A. Krishnakumar in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Power, Conflict, Violence, and the Family in Child and Family Studies at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Hutton Joycelyn 7 October 2015 CFS 479 Week 6 Notes Continued Honor Killings Continued 1 a b C d Honor Crime infringement of personal liberties for honor Forced marriages expulsion for place of residence and community Rejection by family Disfiguration throwing acid bride burning Emotional social or physically coercive acts in nature 2 Honor killings a Honor women are the vessels of family reputation and honor Socially sanctioned justification for murder Rooted in status cultural mores and institutions For misuse of female sexuality flirting divorce premarital sex Women involved in the policing of women s behavior too No documentation of male victims only if he is the reason a women becomes a candidate for honor killing i If a woman associated with him outside of marriage premarital relationships rapekidnapping Movies Not without my daughter Cultural commonalities in places that practice honor killings deeply patriarchal cultures i Language religion gender stratification system 3 Honor killings characteristics of the victim a b Likely to be young unmarried low SES women in rural regions Early marriages and low levels of formal education Hutton Joycelyn 7 October 2015 CFS 479 c Many victims were married women 50 of victims are under 25 years old 4 Characteristics of the perpetrator a Youngest brother or a male cousin b May take the blame for the family bc i Lesser punishment for younger people ii Higher income potential of older males iii Brother husband father Lebanon iv May have multiple perpetrators v Perpetrators tend to be from family of the involved woman although in the case of extramarital affairsmale s family c Many respondents in studies indicated that i Family honor killing should be cleansed through honor killing and not doing anything would encourage dishonorable behavior ii May be unavoidable in a moment of fury iii Inevitable when individuals feel that they cannot live through the social humiliation and exclusion iv Others state that a peaceful resolution should be arrived at d Suggested interventions on levels of legal state service public awareness external motivators i Need to change the rhetoric stop calling it honor crime when it is a murder ii Need for a concentrated effort through proactive community discourses partnerships and coalitions Consequences of IPV for victims Hutton Joycelyn 7 October 2015 CFS 479 1 Rates of IPV and IPV during pregnancy a 129 pregnant women b 4059 of IPV victims will be abuse during pregnancy c gt80 of pregnant IPV was part of prior abuse 20 of women experience first abuse during pregnancy d Sexual coercion and psychological abuse may increase e IPV is the 2ncl leading cause of perinatal trauma 22 of all pregnancy trauma cases 2 IPV during pregnancy findings a Types of abuse as written on anecdotal records in hospital charts i Domestic assault kicked in abdomen ii Physically sexually assaulted iii Stabbed in abdomen iv Shot in abdomen b Demographic characteristics risk factors i Less than or equal to HS diploma 2xs more likely ii Medicaid recipient 2xs more likely iii Associated with being of lower SES c Health characteristics of IPV victims i 4x more likely to use alcohol ii 2x tobacco iii 5x drugs d Women report IPV gt30x more likely to experience prenatal trauma e Women reporting IPV 4x the risk for placental abruption Hutton Joycelyn 7 October 2015 CFS 479 f Implications for health care providers iv V Can ID women at risk and provide assessment and or intervention Should screen all patients for IPV Offer referrals to patients experiencing IPV Integrate importance of screening into medical school Collaborate w community resources 3 IPV can have serious outcomes for mothers and children Hutton Joycelyn 5 October 2015 CFS 479 Week 6 Notes Domestic Violence in Cross Cultural Settings 1 Describe culture as the reason for domestic violence in nonwestern cultures a Violence against women in the US isn t as bad as it is for women in other countries b Gender subordination is the norm in certain nonwestern cultures c Culture is the quotreasonquot for DV 2 Feminism versus multiculturalism respectively a Gender inequality primary factor determine DV b Accepting that cultures are inherently different and the idea that outsiders cannot objectively evaluate the cultural practices of others c Cultural relativism believing that right and wrong is subjective and varies across cultures d Universalism a conceptidea has universal application and applicability of concepts ideas e DV may be perfectly appropriate to engage in for certain communities of people and these communities are too ignorant too primitive too backward to know any better f If you put all the blame on culture then it obscures the role of social structural economic and political forces that affect women s lives 3 By focusing on culture alone we do not see the other forces a WE see what WE want to see Hutton Joycelyn 5 October 2015 CFS 479 i Page 44 quotthe issues affecting immigrant or third world women that receive the greatest attention are those that appear most easily identifiable as concerns to priviledged women in the West b Obscures structural forces that shape cultural practices c Cultural practices that deny women economic and political agency eg emerging religious fundamentalism d Assume that cultures are static and not changing i PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS RESISTING AND OR SHAPING THIE ROWN CULTURE ii Entire cultures have diversity within them and we all experience our culture differently iii Third world women can be feminists too e Focus on culture takes attention off of what is going on in the US i US never talked about as a violator of women s rights f Numerically DV in the US is as significant of a social problem as honor crimes in other countries eg dowry deaths g Don t see DV as cultural primitiveness backwardness but we do see dowry deaths as such h Part of this is because whites are seen as free from culture only apply to minorities not priviledged groups i Minority cultures are more patriarchal than western liberal cultures wrong j Women are victims of culture death by culture k See western women as liberated and those that in third world countries are living in sites of aberrant violence Hutton Joycelyn 5 October 2015 CFS 479 West actions of deviant individual men and not part of our culture m Video YouTube Panorama Britain s killings of honour 4 Why do you think there is an increased interest in honor killing a AntiMuslim sentiment in the US b Belief that we need to save others some of our political leaders spoke about the war being an opportunity to liberate those women i Makes our cause look more legitimate if we make other cultures look backward 5 Honor killings violence against women a Honor women are vessels of family reputation b Socially sanctioned justification for murder c Rooted in social status cultural mores and institutions d For misuse of female sexuality flirting divorce premarital sex 6 Where do honor killings mainly occur a Mainly occur in Middle East and north Africa parts of South Asia but also evident in Europe and north America as these communities integrate 7 Why a Rigid gender stats laws and customs that reinforce the subordinate position of women


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