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Notes from Oct. 19-23

by: Josephine maclean

Notes from Oct. 19-23 Adv 319

Josephine maclean
GPA 3.5
Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum

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About this Document

Psychology of advertising
Dr. Close-Schienbaum
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josephine maclean on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Adv 319 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Close-Schienbaum in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Psychology of advertising in Advertising at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Psychology of Advertising In Class Lecture Oct 19th Buyer s remorse Review for exam gt judgment gt no decisions goodness badness decision gt you make a decision less emotion based usually especially high effort Obj s see Oct 13th lecture obj Car high effort Cappy s for lunch low effort look for this on the test Eenteetuel end Preeeee eHue enel effeete eieieri making ereeeeeee EQHWW E IF ffeetitrely beee eeee effeetive fereeeetin Biases in Judgment oz confirmation oz selfpositivity prime oz negativity oz mood gt hard bc self reproting oz prior brand evaluations gt past expiriences Ex food poisoning car washes shell uhaul Decisions 00g 339 Evoked set consideration set brands you think of 57 gt these are the brands you consider oz What is important to the choice gt goals gt explicit mostly change affect criteria gt Time gt no pressure gt Framing oz Construele Level theory gt dec now or about something in future different attitude process when you plan to buy something today versus in 6 months Deciding what offerings to choose Thought based decisions brands product attributes gains and losses Feelings based decisions appraisals and feelings affective forecasting Compensatory lmplicit checklist Non Compensatory Neg info gt immediate rejection cut off level go in w minimum standards Compensatory TORA NonCompensatory Processed Multiattribute Conjunctive v Disjunctive by brand Attribute Additive difference 0 Lexicographic 0 Eliminate by aspects TORA assumes consumer has a reason for every action is a compensatory model Psychology of Advertising In Class Lecture Oct 21st Visitors and PostDecision Processes Speakers today Dr Helen Colby gt high risk and healthcare adv Reps from Digitas Objectives same as last lecture 1 post decision dissonance and regret 2 consumer learning from experience 3 ways consumers judge satisfaction and dissatisfaction w decision 4 various strategies and levels of complexity for disposal of something including consumer and marketing strategies both for AUD Satisfaction is subjective Surfball model gt reliability other factors ppl generally rely on Digitas LBi Wants You none of this will be on the test feel free to skip they won a lot of awards about being the best place to work they have 8 different departments they are young fun colorful accounts include maytag taco bell millerLite puma etc they like big data and taking people s info to see them as individuals holistic customer view Post Decision Process presented by Dr Colby Post Purchase Regret Outcome regret happens bc how the purchase turned out Process regret happens bc you are upset about how you made the decision Ex Healthcare Have flu take meds negative side effects gt outcome regret Ex Car purchase not satisfied bc you didn t take enough time to consider didn t look at other options gt process regret Cognitive Dissonance 2 contradictory ideas once Psychology self Ex I am a careful decision maker I made a hasty choice It is easier to change the 2nd statements to justify than to change ideas about self Can also happen when you find out something you didn t know before Eg Walmart you liked then you find out about their treatment of employees Happens often with celebrity endorsements causes you to adjust Confirmation Bias only see what we want to see Ex political beliefs Pay more attention seek out what we want what agrees with us positive events negative events We look for reasons to confirm our prior held beliefs Outcome metrics gt increase in satisfaction is not usually measured but important bc it predicts going back to that brand Usually measure market share etc Giving consumer ability to change mind makes you forecast that you think you ll have a better outsome Poster study one group told you can change later gt less satisfied one group told this is only choice gt greater satisfaction w choice increased confirmation bias Any Qs helencolbvandersonuclaedu Psychology of Advertising Lecture 14 Oct 23 Post Decision Processes Unit 10 After effects psy of Aqu Usage Disp Bad reviews gt yelp social media 81 complainpraise by consumers Ex GM recalls ignition switch Twitter responses Customer service outsourcing is bad crisis management reactive v proactive Objectives All the exact same as the last lecture this week what helps people helps business Virtual Shopping Cart abandonment Regret can be good gt I should have bought more gotten one for my mom etc Metrics of satisfaction subjective and positive feeling after a met goal Small happy customer base is better than having a large unsatisfied customer base Customer satisfaction gt most important thing Aquisition v retention costs Ex she loves SW airlines hates hotels that charge for newspapers as an opt in system Post dec dissonance and regret loss of confidence in AUD anxiety when MAO high more than one alt is attractive regret unfavorable comparison consumer anticipation Ways to prevent you from feeling bad Nordstrom checkout gt yellow is the new black oh that dress is so in confirmation to make the sale Can t do this online The process of anchoring and adjustment weaneumer etivetim Prier I VI REHEEEdl El iefg Hypetheeie eiiipeeure lie eneedingi gintegretien Beings serieretien e iiiienee E39Ui i ef39 evidence emliigiiit39iir J T 39 1 intermatien 39 139 note on consumer motivation giving a co a second chance sometimes note on consumer familiarity can cause myopia when they think they already know everything When you know a lot about something you are less likely to change your positionbelief Ambiguity is BAD Factors in order of importance 1 motivation 2 prior knowledge ability 3 ambiguous info lack of opportunity 4 processing biases a confirmation b overconfidence c strategies Top dog when product is market leader and you have high top of mind v underdog when you have lower market share and need to change people s minds to get them to switch to you Satisfaction Dissatisfaction Dimensions gt Utilitarian Hedonic Levels of sat dis gt higher expectations can be bad because they are harder to meet


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