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Week 9 notes

by: Laura Notetaker

Week 9 notes mgmt 3311

Laura Notetaker
GPA 3.77
Introduction to human resource management
Dr. Laura Guerrero

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About this Document

These are the notes for week 9
Introduction to human resource management
Dr. Laura Guerrero
Class Notes
human resources
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura Notetaker on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to mgmt 3311 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. Laura Guerrero in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Introduction to human resource management in Business at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Week 9 notes Designing the Training Program Setting learning objectives Training development learning or instructional objectives should specify in measurable terms what the trainee should be able to do after successfully completing the training program Constraints include financial and time Creating motivational learning environment Learning requires both ability and motivation Making learning meaningful Learners are more motivated to learn something that has meaning for them Make skills transfer obvious and easy Make it easy to transfer new skills and behaviors from the training site to the job site Reinforce learning Make sure the learner gets plenty of feedback Ensure transfer of learning to the job Prior training get trainee and supervisor input in designing the program During training provide trainee with training experiences and conditions that resemble the actual work environment Other training design issues they review relevant alternative training methodologies and choose likely methods for their program They decide how they will organize the various training content components choose how to evaluate the program develop overall summary plan for the program and obtain management s approval to move ahead Job training Training a person to learn a job while working on it Apprenticeship training A structured process by which people become skilled workers through a combination of classroom instruction an onthejob training Informal learning Including performing theirjobs while interacting every day with their colleagues Job instruction training Listing each job s basic tasks along with key points in order to provide stepby step training for employees Lectures Is a quick and simple way to present knowledge to large groups of trainees as when the sales force needs to learn a new product s features Programmed learning A systematic method for teaching job skills involving presenting questions or facts allowing the person to respond and giving the learner immediate feedback on the accuracy of his answers Behavior modeling A training technique in which trainees are first shown good management techniques in a film are asked to play roles in a simulated situation and are then given feedback and praise by the supervisors Electronic performance support systems Set of computerized tools and displays that automate training documentation and phone support integrate this automation into applications and provide support that s faster cheaper and more effective than traditional methods Week 9 notes Lifelong learning provides employees with continuing learning experiences over their tenure with the firm with the aims of enduring they have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to do theirjobs and to expand their occupational horizons Literacy training Is to have supervisors teach basic skills by giving employees writing and speaking exercises Team training focused on technical interpersonal and team management issues Videoconferencing involves delivering programs over broadband the internet and satellite Simulated learning virtual reality put the trainee in an artificial threedimensional environment that simulates events and situations experienced on the job Vestibule training trainees learn on the actual or simulated equipment but are trained off the job It is necessary when it s too costly or dangerous to train employees on the job Virtual classroom uses collaboration software to enable multiple remote learners using PCs or laptops to participate in live audio and visual discussions communicate via written text and PowerPoints slides Mobile learning Delivering learning content on the learner s demand via mobile devices like cell phones laptops and tablets Audiovisualbased training include DVDs films PowerPoint and audiotapes To evaluate training you need to evaluate Reaction Learning Behavior Results Managerial on the job training Coachingunderstudy Trainee works directly with a senior management or with the person he or she is to replace the latter is responsible for the trainee s coaching Off the job training Case study method a development method in which the manager is presented with a written description of an organizational problem to diagnose and solve Management games A development technique in which teams of managers compete by making computerized decisions regarding realistic but simulated situations Outside seminars companies and universities offer Webbased and traditional classroom management development seminars and conferences Week 9 notes University related programs Universities provide executive education and continuing education programs in leadership supervision and the like Role playing Training technique in which trainees act out parts in a realistic management situations Corporate universities a companybased method for exposing prospective managers to realistic exercises to develop improved management skills Executive coaches an outside consultant who questions the executive s associates in order to identify the executive s strengths and weaknesses and then counsels the executive so he can capitalize on those strengths and overcome the weaknesses Chapter 9 Steps in performance appraisal Setting work standards Assessing employee s actual performance vs standards Providing feedback to employee Steps in performance management Set company s strategic goals Assign goals to departments teams and individuals Continuously assess goal attainment Report goal attainment to management and to teams and to individuals Take corrective action as required in real time Proscons Appraisal by immediate supervisor supervisor is usually in the best position to observe and evaluate the subordinate s performance and is responsible for that person s performance Peer appraisals they have an immediate positive impact on improving perception of open communication task motivation social loafing group viability cohesion and satisfaction Rating committees consists of the employee s immediate supervisor and three four other supervisors Selfratings the basic problem is that people usually people rate themselves higher than what their supervisors will rate them Week 9 notes Appraisal by subordinates this suggests that upward feedback improves manager s performance 360degree feedback collects information all around the employee There are small improvements What should be assessed goals basic job dimensions competencies goals the manager asses to what extent the employee is attaining his numerical goals Job dimensions should include criteria such as the instructor is well prepared Competencies generally skills knowledge andor personal behaviors


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