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Week 8 Notes

by: Nangesian Lekilit Waters

Week 8 Notes Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology)

Nangesian Lekilit Waters
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker

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About this Document

Professor lecture, powerpoint and discussion
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nangesian Lekilit Waters on Saturday October 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology) at George Washington University taught by Prof. Grinker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see Intro to Cultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/24/15
WEEK 8 Two Counter Claims 1 homosexuality did not exist 2 there39s only one sex 0 Laquer Thomas 1991 Making Sex Three MythsThree Is 0 invisibility 0 when people dont know it exists 0 homosexuals were invisible 0 they were hiding what they were doingit was shameful taboo o myth because people have been having sex for as long as it has been recorded in history 0 sex exists within history and society and culture 0 isolation 0 when those people who have sex with the same sex are isolated o internalization o myth that even in society there was shame felt or seen as immoral o homosexuals saw themselves as flawed 0 but if you look at history and writings that is not really the case criminalization o Buggery Act of 1533 Henry VIII 0 Powell v State of Georgia 1998 sodomy any sexual act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or any of another 17th century New England 0 only two en ever executed for sodomy in the 17th c john knight and William Plaine o clergy knew about it but there was little punishment 0 preachers preached so much against lust was because most people were in the minister39s eyes too permissive 0 ignored sodomy 0 only few witnesses came saying that they actually witnessed the act pur ans 0 Nicholas SensionWindsor CT Sexually active from 16401677 0 Nathaniel Pond died 1675 o sension had sexual relations with men for decades had a long term intimate relationship with his indentured servant named Nathaniel pond 0 trial showed neighbours tolerated it for 30 yrs conclusions 1 Laity v Clergy 2 people in same sex relationships were respected important members of society 3 there was a more nuanced view of human nature sension developed a reputation that led men to fear sharing bed with him but they NEVER thought he was a homosexual same sex sex was something that people wrote about in the 19305 Queer History queer history and history of homosexuality is different queer history is denaturalizing the presentchange the way of seeing ourselves present is not natural or fixed the way we do something right now is not the way it should be Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed 0 1837Lincolnage 28 slept together for 3 years 0 in letters they confessed to each other that they were anxious to perform sexually with their wives 0 was Lincoln gay 0 you couldn39t call him that because the word didn39t exists stonewall era Colin loved men but when the word quotgayquot came out he didmc want yo usr it homosexuality forst appears in Oxford Dictionary 1976 o homosexuality 1892 o homosexual 1921 0 this is because they couldnt say that a person39s sexuality could be decided in one word 0 this didn39t come out until the word heterosexual 0 it39s fair to say there was no homosexuality in ancient greece 0 men had sex with other men all the time it was classified as bad sex 0 there was appropriate and inappropriate sex 0 in ancient greece sex is something that people did to another not with each other o it was a performance of the social structure 0 this dynamic is not confined to ancient greece o if they39re the dominant one then people dont consider themselves to be having sex or commiting a homosexual act 0 even today in prisons and other areas of the world Pre18th century 2000 years woman is an inverted man uterus scrotum ovaries testicles vulva foreskin vagina is an inverted penis 0 one sex is one biological phenomenon can take two formsa woman or man 0 people can move within that spectrumman can become women or viseversa gradual transition to a two sex model 0 ancient greek notion of signs correspondences and archetypes o ideal constructions 0 objects are linked with hierarchical levels 0 objects are linked across hierarchical levels growth of science analysis distinction o the sexes must be fixed in a stable world understood by science 0 women and men39s social roles cant be fixed if they are stable 0 individual and social identities are reduced to the organ no new discoveries 0 two sex world quotdo you think the vagina is an inverted penisquot it is the clitoris and the penis that correspond 0 one sex world quotyes because they correspond to each other and illustrate essential oneness of our speciesquot DISCUSSION Oct 23rd Homosexuality Halperin quotIntroduction of Homosexualityquot o redefine sex 0 creation of sexual orientation 0 stigmatizesisolates samesex sex 0 sex becomes relationaldone with not to someone 0 creation of the terms hetero and homo sexual moved it towards the idea that two people can have sex together 0 quotsexual inversionquot term that is used now quotsexual fluidityquot o inversion included women wanted to be active in politics or men who liked cats 0 someone39s sex was not clearly defined 0 notjust about actual sexthe idea is very broad o p16 before idea of homosexuality the sex you had depended on how you felt o labeling it takes the sex you have and the sex you are and divides it o homosexuality made it two categories you had sex with someone of the same sex or different sex 0 creation of this term created a divide flattens it to two categories while there are moregets rid of the grey area 0 p25 separation 0 sexual identity to matters of gender 0 sexuality as a concept and a new way of thinking about sex 0 sexuality creates a whole different part of person that might differ from other parts of their lives gives people an identity by creating categories 0 Ancient Greece 0 homosexuality and myth o homosexual didn39t exist at this time but calling them so is a problem because the term didn39t exist Scandal in Brazil Ronaldo gets prostitutes that were men travistastransgender anatomically men but they dress as women it was a thing but the idea of having sex as long as you39re the dominant one doesn39t seen as being homosexual p38masculinity that says having sex with a trevista is olt because you39re the dominant one instance of the scandal caused it to craclt people started talking about the issue why did you have sex with a trevista when you could have women


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