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Week 5 Notes

by: jca69

Week 5 Notes ARTH 103

GPA 3.6
History of Art - Early to Late Modern
Mr. Joseph Gregory

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About this Document

This is the last set of notes before the midterm! Look out for the study guide!
History of Art - Early to Late Modern
Mr. Joseph Gregory
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by jca69 on Saturday October 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 103 at Drexel University taught by Mr. Joseph Gregory in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see History of Art - Early to Late Modern in Art History at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 10/24/15
102015 II III IV ARTH 103001 Justin Allison More Impressionism i Water Lilies Claude Monet ii The Grands Boulevards PierreAuguste Renoir 1875 iii Nude in Sunlight Renoir 1876 PostImpressionism 1 New art styles that develop from many impressionists and their contemporaries as they become more interested in new techniques ii Symbolism Not referring to symbols as in Renaissance art but rather to post impressionist art that is highly expressive and nonlinear iii Main PostImpressionists a Paul Cezanne b Georges Seraut c Paul Gauguin d Vincent van Gogh Paul Cezanne i Father of Modern Art ii Quoted saying It s as though the landscape were thinking itself inside of me iii Not interested in portraying literal space iv The Blue Vase 188587 v Still Life With Plate of Cherries 188587 vi Still Life With Apples and Oranges 18951900 vii Mont SaintVictoire Seen From Les Lauves 190206 Georges Seurat 1 Farm Women At Work 1882 ii Bathing at Asnieres 188384 iii Eventually develops Pointillism based on the Theory of Divisionism states that every color is a combination of red yellow and blue iv Pointillism uses optical mixing to create color v Seated Model 1887 a Pointillism piece vi Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 1886 102215 II III ARTH 103001 Justin Allison a Perhaps Seurat s most famous pointillism piece or painting in general b Subtle criticism of the bourgeois class example Bourgeois woman given similar body structure as her pet monkey Paul Gauguin 1 ii iii iv V Strongly against industrialization Interested in going back to a fundamental and even primitive society Often looked for traditional cultures as subjects Used color to portray mood rather than to show things as they are Profoundly religious Relevant Gauguin works 1 ii iii iv vi Vision After the Sermon Jacob Wrestling With The Angel 1888 The Yellow Christ 1889 Christ on the Mount of Olives 1889 a A selfportrait of himself as Christ Day of the Gods 1894 a Tahiti but not meant to be an accurate representation of the culture b Meant to be mythic And Why Are You Jealous 1892 Where Do We Come From What Are We Where Are We Going 1897 a Metaphysical questions not scientific questions b Probably his most famous work Vincent van Gogh 1 ii iii iv Dutch Obsessed with Manet Originally a preacher with such an aggressive personality that his minister s license wasn t renewed Very passionate to the point that few people could stand him even his friend and contemporary Paul Gauguin decided to leave him after a while Early work was mostly of peasantlife and didn t use much color but after he went to Paris and became in uenced by the Impressionists his work became full of vibrant colors IV ARTH 103001 Justin Allison Relevant Van Gogh works 1 ii iii iV Vi Still Life With Open Bible 1885 a Van Gogh new the Bible inside and out Peasant Digging 1885 Potato Eaters 1885 a His early masterpiece b Represents the most successful of his work before his contact with Impressionism Interior of a Restaurant 1887 a One of his first pieces to be heaVily in uenced by Impressionism The Sower 1888 a Symbolically sowing the seed of the God b In uenced by Japanese woodcuts Night Cafe 1888 a Physically represents lamplight in a way that was unheard of then but has become common now


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