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by: Abby Klinker

week1 ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition

Abby Klinker
GPA 2.5
ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition

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About this Document

This is the first week on notes for Ansi 221. Including: History of Nutrition, Composition of Plants vrs. Animals, Nutrient Classes, Water, Carbohydrates.
ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition
Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abby Klinker on Friday January 16, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANSC 221: Animal health and Nutrition at Purdue University taught by Forsyth in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 98 views.

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Date Created: 01/16/15
First week Notes Ansi 221 Animal Nutrition first recorded nutritional experiment Danial The father of nutrition Lavoisier Prout 3 Principles saccharinum albuminous 0in lind scurvy naval doctor credit for vitamin C He didn39t understand his observations Beaumont army doctor Chemical digestion for stomach wound never closed Babcock oow experiment of feeding dairy cows single source of food discovery of vitamins lead to golden age of nutrition consumption of plants and animals all plants that we use for feeds get energy from sun and nutrients from soil animals get their food from plants or other animals How similar is the composition of plants and animals Are animals what they eat what biotic system does not ultimately derive its energy from the sun Hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean where the energy source is chemical sulfur derived from earths core heat Animals Vrs Plants mostly protein contain slight trace of carbohydrates CHO store energy as fat lots of mineral Ca P low level protein composed mostly CHO carbohydrates do not store energy as fat little minerals P K Plant exceptions Oil seeds lots of protein store energy as fat conclusion plant and animal composition are different therefore we must balance diets by adding to the plant material they eat the extra nutrients they need to balance the diet nutrition Nutrition deals with the nutrients needed their metabolism feeds that supply them and feeding systems to provide them Nutrient Chemical that aids in the support of life and is essential for the normal function growth and reproduction of the animal 6 classes of nutrients water Garb fats proteins vitamins minerals analysis of nutrients Water Awater carbs Crude fiber NFE fats ether extract proteim a crude protein mineralamp ash vitamins quot too small to weigh water a most crucial nutrient o What water loss is fatal to animals 3 important properties of water to animals are 0 High dielectric constant 0 high polarity of molecule 0 water dissolves many things 0 high specific heat 0 takes a lot of heat to change temp much 0 helps maintain proper body heat 0 high latent heat of vaporization 0 takes a lot of energy to change water from liquid into vapor 0 results in I lots of heat is removed when sweat evaporates I moisture laden air is exhaled 3 source of water a drinking water a water in feed a metabolic water 0 CGH1206 GCOZ6HZO O impt to I hibernating animals I water conserving animals o yield as water Glucose 60 Protein 42 Fat 100 function of water movement of nutrients and metabolic constant body temp media for Chemical reactions takes part in Chemical reactions special roles special roles of water function for animals synovial fluid lubricant oerebrospinal fluid cushion sound transmission in ear light transmission in eye Approx water consumption species liters day beef 2666 dairy 38110 horse 3045 swine 1119 sheep 415 Chiclens 2 4 turkey 46 factors affecting water reqmt 0 species 0 rate and 0 environmental temp composition of gain 0 protein saltdry 0 health matter intake 0 lactation 0 age 0 activity effects of water restriction food intake lower and production hemoconcentration inc heart rate inc temp inc respiration rate death practical aspect make good clean water liberally available at all times Except certain conditions before or after heavy exercises Carbohydrates carbs are made of these elements carbon hydrogen oxygen carbs are made of molecules Sugars Saccharides function of Carbohydrates energy monosaccharides Pentoses5Carbon Hexoses6 Carbon arabinose glucose xylose fructose ribose galactose mannose


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