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Lecture 12-14 | Chapter 9-10

by: Mia Michael

Lecture 12-14 | Chapter 9-10 Lecture

Mia Michael
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells

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About this Document

These are the notes from the lecture and from a few tutoring sessions I attended afterwards! I did not draw all of the figures but I did give the names so that you can look them up in the book! Bio...
Fund of Life Science Bio Cells
Class Notes
Biology, how life works, Science, university of toledo, cell division, Cell Signaling, cell form and function
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mia Michael on Saturday October 24, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Lecture at University of Toledo taught by Steven,R in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Fund of Life Science Bio Cells in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.

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Reviews for Lecture 12-14 | Chapter 9-10


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Date Created: 10/24/15
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receptor that binds to the signaling molecule The signal binds to a receptor which is then activated 9 GTP The cell responds by activating an enzyme or turning on transcription of a gene inside the cell response The response is terminated so that new signals can be received Distinguish between the four different signaling methods Y ifo mm 1 run quot9 l Endocrine signaling travel distant cells usually Vla Circulatory system j f j 2 Paracrine signaling Affect nearby cells short distance takes place in 39 neurons 3 Autocrine signaling affects the cells that made them This is positive C feedback because it signals itself 4 gigtacrine signaling must be touching each other in order to work No 1 usron Two types of receptors 1 Membrane outside the cell Example insulin polar 2 IntracellulaF inside the cell Example estrogen nonpolar Review Fig 98 3 WI shit 39139quot 3 11quot V6 J Photosqnmcsxs 3 both in wxammarsam we Mg o x LCCX 3 an ban I 39 may 1WW 1M x W gt 1 P n kew iohy wxe 09 R abonamh Qh 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WDCAXCU Lummu S u soeum vted ELM Ukmd omecmx memm 3309 v vaxdeg gwugwym Qovndoxmn LUV QpWhRMLU MBUO 3k vac ND 0 en mmon omens x0 we base Ammc m OW WDn U O On b mm Now On c Cw J m m o n m Hemkcwgmmomo m NW C WP WOOVQ Tum N Y r mom of em dwxqu m an Unmnwoueu E WWUWWWF o b nmm 0300mm ny 39Qlt Wwa mn q quotmumng Mam em mm cum metasmug lt3 Wa emmxj MQ YO SJYCASB3 We S DYPU6 bf Nmm ceui No My Down b c mo buck hquot hex pomW81 ECM chgnms mm We 9 Ov H W mommy m Show AH 06 E39Cm swamp emve 310K Wm q en 39Emewmems W mm mammcm DH WCO CQHS brown m cwva on CNN owed We K3 0660 N OOg n 0 ReamN my 31va Y mmmw m m KM Wm 30m A WWW m 39 COUUQ O gm 0 SCUQ M S 9 OX mow gem cage m F803 U L a LXV CV C 3 CWO CU C megx OC 39 Sewc xes 4m mum omsoo pxc em Cbun lquotquot T How 66 KJYMCQUQWM 9V0 Umm t NY MGQQ 0m 00 EUK anyone Oerom xgmg 089 em pvxmuwy VOV K MQYOQUCU 0w 39 m mumceumw Q 0n amp 0Qamp SW18 0mg mnmmum m Cmth Cmd Qouw 0 BSD QB CQ 39DVSOn 39Fbw mum evem mm mm mm M m wxmonf a rO mm W W vmvommw may OMS m 39DNF x m mth omd C l mme VQKDMC 0mm I SQQYQQCUWOW quot USTYWJMP DNA m VO m0 ew lt8ka IJYQKKWESW gQQQwamm 0 new BM 1 i m WOKCwxmex pmcw M39sm 95mm m mg QW 9339 va U htou C 3 Ex v m LCKUOYS SUU W O numem mCQnW om WA 0x Emwnmnkw Lumh cmst Q W P V 9 QYOGUU39W g QWUW WM memexe Bu C Q away maxngonx have 0N3 bxQMOSOW CA WWW mowmw of DNA mwmw C39wwwx mpo rmm wown quotm hNR39 a Oh wncw vemxcomm 3mm 4 BY Qm en Sepmomon mmmm beams m a ommm m 02 395 W Q UUSWWCA QOmLmO 1 NOTQM mess V OYXYW A WWQ P53 83 YHE mem o me lbw10093 w EH N WON mm wa we 31ANlt1 ewmm m Rpm mm 3 m0 em Guide to Chapter Eight Photosynthesis Important Terms Concepts 1 What are the important molecules that are reduced or oxidized during photosynthesis 2 The light reactions including cyclic electron transport and Fig 814 3 The stages ofthe Calvin cycle and the inputs and outputs 4 How plants deal with the problems of excess light Material That is Not In the Textbook 1 Action and absorption spectra 2 Regulation ofthe Calvin Cycle The two ways enzymes in the Calvin Cycle are stimulated by light Don t worry too much about these details Locations of photosynthetic bacteria on earth 2 Fig 811 Do chlorophyll molecules operate in groups 3 Fig 816 Distribution of PSl etc in the thylakoid membrane 4 CAM and C4 photosynthesis 5 The evolutionary history of photosynthesis l Guide to Chapter Nine Cell Signaling lmgortant Termleoncegts 1 Types of cell signaling including examples 2 Types of receptors and how they work 3 How G proteins heterotrimeric and monomeric work in signaling pathways 4 Cancer through changes in cell signaling Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 The effect of caffeine on the nervous system 2 The differences between the heterotrimeric G proteins such as Ga and the monomeric G proteins such as Ras They are structurally different and are activated by different signaling pathways 3 The discovery of the second messenger cAMP By the way the listing of information in the quotMaterial That Is Not in the Textbook sections of the chapter guides does not guarantee that the listed information will be on the exam The important termsconcepts are very likely to appear on the exam Guide to Chapter Ten Cell Form and Function Important TermsConcepts 1 Types of cytoskeletal elements their characteristics and functions 2 Types of cell junctions their components and functions 3 Motor proteins what do they bind to and what direction do they move 4 Extracellular matrix components and their functions Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Neutrophil migration video 2 Experiment with cytochalasin and amoeba Guide to Chapter 11 Cell Division Important TermsConcepts Binary fission mitosis and meiosis 1 a Similarities b Differences c Major characteristics of each stage 2 Kinetochores 3 Sister and nonsister chromatids when do they separate and how many are there for a particular chromosome at each stage of cell division 4 Cell cycle 5 Synapsis 6 Haploid vs Diploid Material That Is Not in the Textbook 1 Cohesion 2 Segregation of organelles 3 Somatic vs germ cells 4 p21 5 Factors initiating cell division growth factors for eukaryotes Discussed in Lecture 16 Don t worry about these details for Exam 3 1 Sections 114 and 115 will be covered on Exam 4


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