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Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle

by: Sarah Doberneck

Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle French 41

Marketplace > University of California - Los Angeles > French > French 41 > Au revoir les enfants by Louis Malle
Sarah Doberneck
French Cinema and Culture
Dr. Chirila

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About this Document

These are the notes from the pre-movie lecture on Tuesday, 10/20, as well as the lecture on Thursday, 10/22.
French Cinema and Culture
Dr. Chirila
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Doberneck on Sunday October 25, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to French 41 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Dr. Chirila in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 65 views. For similar materials see French Cinema and Culture in French at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 10/25/15
Louis Malle Feature lm maker Documentarist Debut in 1956 Associated with new wave characteristics such as natural light shooting on location and using odd nonactors He attended a catholic boarding school in Paris during the war Film studies Codirector on Jacques cousteaus quotthe silent worldquot in 1956 0 First time underwater cameras were used Elevator to the gallows o Directed by Louis Malle and madeJeanne Moreau famous Au revoir les enfants Inspired by malles own life 0 He believed that even though the events took place half a century earlier that people would be able to still emphasize and connect with it 0 Set in 1944 Cinematographer Director of photography 0 In charge of lming shots Chose the camera lens and lters Orchestrated the composition of the image Dictates the light of the shot Editor Chooses the arrangement or Order of the shot Poster analysis 0 Young teenagers friendship between them 0 Certain element of fear Pierre Nora A division between history and memory has occurred as we have turned to a quotpaper memoryquot to represent what we can no linger remember in our lived expe ence Caused a change from collective to individual memories each class has an individual idea of what happened 0 Idea of uni ed resistance was shattered as collective memory faded Films depicting France during WWII since the 197039s have caused a lot of division among the French because there are many different experiences from this time and no collective memory to go to A subculture re ecting the larger culture 0 The boys curse ght abuse smoke are insensitive cruel and malicious The boys use terms they used from their elders to insult one another Pans over the boys sleeping reminds us that they are children when one boy cries out 0 They almost seem like orphans 0 Europe is a dismembered family during this time o Julien takes every moment he can to hug his mother Bonnet looks at juliens mom as though he is an orphan wanting to adopt a foster family 0 The boys loneliness and lust is seen through their obsession with the piano teacher and the Arabian nights book Julien sleeps lna wet bed The director doesn39t tell us what it is so we wonder if it39s urine or semen This is related to how he is becoming a man but not quite We learn that it was urine Julien wakes up one night and sees bonnet praying over two lit candles o This leads julien to be more curious about bonnet o Julien uses paradoxes in relationships He loves his mom yet says he hates her He betrays bonnets privacy but snooping though his stuff yet protects him and wants to help Cementing of friendship Scavenger hunt ends up with the two boys getting lost 0 Anti climatic scenesboar and nazi patrol o The scene is set for something intense to happen the boys were lost bonnet asked if there were wolves in the woods it39s getting dark 0 The boar doesn39t charge them it just walks away 0 The nazi soldiers at rst act like they39re gonna arrest the boys but kindly take them back The restaurant scene 0 The real quotwolvesquot are seen when the of cers come in and demand that a well respected butJewish man leave the restaurant 0 Some people say to let him stay others say to send all the Jews to Moscow Spectrum of characters FatherJoseph went from Saint to traitor 0 Real life inspiration fatherJean headmaster of Petit College de Avon Joseph 0 Crippled abused red unfairly 0 Changes sides Jean is appalled thatJoseph is now working for the Germans Stereotypes Jews as culturally superior o Bonnet is better at piano essay writing math etc


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